On the Radar: Denizen

Oh yes they’re a new world samurai… and although how a group of people could come together and be a single samurai eludes me, I think you get the point. The point is that the impetus behind French four-piece Denizen seems to be to binge on older Clutch‘s style and then purge themselves in the form of their new Whispering Wild Stories full-length. The songs are energetic and just the right amount of sloppy, the cover has owls on it who look like they’re about ready to do battle, and they cover “Sunshine of Your Love.” That’s good enough for me.

Some kindly representative from Denizen posted the link to their Bandcamp page on the forum, and since the songs were just the thing to pick me up from my afternoon’s doomed rut, I figured I’d pass them along. Thoroughly unpretentious, but a little snotty in the punk rock tradition, and still riff-led enough to call it stoner, Whispering Wild Stories is a fun fix. I don’t think I’d make an heirloom out of it (okay, I’ll stop with the Clutch references), but there’s good times to be had, so go ahead and have them:

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  1. lowdaddy says:

    digging it. reminds me of early throttlerod.

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