Megaton Leviathan, Water Wealth Hell on Earth: Delivering the Drone

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With “Water Wealth Hell on Earth Pt. II,” Megaton Leviathan – who take their name from a Judas Priest lyric – are more or less testing your endurance as a listener. The closing two minutes are inflicted with a high pitch frequency that’s literally painful at high volumes, and piercing to the point where, once I’m snapped out of the trance the prior 10 minutes put me into, I just skip ahead to “Guns and LSD,” the shortest track on Water Wealth Hell on Earth at 5:21 and a return to more direct riffing from Costa and Beug. There’s still no shortage of background noise (maybe some of those extra string elements from Beug as well, buried under the guitar), but it’s nonetheless a clear shift in modus operandi on the part of the band. Costa’s vocals still sound like Dead Meadow played at half-speed, but there are words buried in there somewhere. I’m almost sure of it. For all Megaton Leviathan’s shirking accessibility and/or willing adoption of abrasiveness, the tone of “Guns and LSD” is remarkably warm and enjoyable for its repetitive aspect and uncompromising spaciousness. In headphones, it is all the more engulfing.

The two sides vaguely meet on “A Slow Death in D Minor,” but the swirls, the drones and the untethered side definitely wins out as the track extends to its already-noted 33:33 runtime. In the opening movements, Costa provides slow running notes atop ringing out bass from Beug. Drums don’t start until well after eight minutes in, and even then, Joy keeps to cymbal touches and chimes for a stretch before some more solid riffing takes over after the halfway mark. The song more unfolds than develops, and it’s an excruciatingly slow process. Megaton Leviathan capitalize on the stillness they create, though, luring the listener into semi-consciousness with the droning and far-off sound of the drums, so that as the heaviness is ramped up (gradually, of course), there’s little choice but to follow it. Beug brings in the violin/viola/cello shortly after 24 minutes, and it’s a satisfying turn for the song to take and something I hope Megaton Leviathan both return to in the future and can maintain the not-overused feel they have here, adding more layers to the wall of noise and cutting through to welcome affect, but not dominating the doomed plod staged by Costa and Joy or standing out enough to prove obnoxious. They close Water Wealth Hell on Earth with a subversive melodicism, adding to a yellow-hued brightness that’s been present all along and enriching the psychedelia rather than detracting from it with pretentiousness.

Some of Megaton Leviathan’s best-portending moves are made in the second half of “A Slow Death in D Minor,” which feels sonically rich and bold in its execution, topping of the full-length in suitably massive form. The stylistic interplay of Water Wealth Hell on Earth might be what enables Megaton Leviathan to so readily unleash tectonic chaos, but their sound relies more on just balancing shoegaze droning and doom riffs. These songs have a distinct cohesion to them that one expects will give Costa and Beug – as well as whomever they’re working with on subsequent offerings – a solid (maybe gelatinous) basis to work from going forward. As noted above, they clearly knew what they were aiming for on this debut. It stands to reason they would be able to learn from it as they move ahead, and keeping an eye on these kinds of concepts is a skill all too many in the psych realm let slide in favor either of unhinged jamming or a general lack of structure. Provided Megaton Leviathan can hold it down as much as they let it go in terms of their development, there’s no reason they can’t accomplish something markedly their own during their time together. After multiple return visits to Water Wealth Hell on Earth, I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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