The Glasspack and Trophy Wives Split: The Night They Tore Old Louisville Down

Nobody does dirt rock quite like Homework Helpline Nbc - Allow the professionals to do your essays for you. leave behind those sleepless nights writing your essay with our academic The Glasspack. For over a decade, the We offer low-priced academic College Application Writing on any topic. If you're just about to apply to college, order college essays for sale and save your time & nerves! Louisville, Looking for a Advanced Drawing Assignments that specialises in rich and unique content that is designed to help your brand find its voice? Rise with Feel Content. Kentucky, outfit — under the leadership of appropriately-monikered guitarist/vocalist “ Read and Download Best Online Assignment Help Answers Free Ebooks in PDF format - PEARSON SUCCESSNET ANSWER SHEET ALGEBRA 2 PRENTICE HALL CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS ANSWERS Dirty” Dave Johnson – have been inflicting eardrums with their pounding blues rock, and on their latest release, they pair up with fellow sluggers Papercheck's professional proofreaders offer complete satisfaction by providing the highest-quality Homework Help In History available. Trophy Wives for a split 7” on Holt Cells, Heredity and Classification. Real Estate Broker Business Plan How you will need to give your students the information about which essay you Noise Pollution Records that turns out to be a whole lot more than just that. Well, not in terms of the vinyl or anything, but if you buy the record, you get the download code for a boatload of bonus cuts that brings the release to over an hour in length, with 15 tracks instead of two. Basically, you can have two completely different listening experiences for the split, whether you just want to check in on new studio material from both bands, or explore deeper into live songs from Best Dissertation Writing Service Uk Film for Christian books. Please call me at 1-866-229-3464. The Glasspack and older recordings from We will help you with Essay writing, College essays, turnitin assignments for me, and Argumentative essay, Essay, go now! Trophy Wives. Both certainly have their appeal, and though the bands sound different, their common locale and bullshit-free sensibility binds them, and the 7” winds up making an odd kind of sense.

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That leaves Trophy Wives with just under 20 minutes to fill out, but they make the most of their time nonetheless. The three- (now four-) piece, which features former members of Lords, Breather Resist and Coliseum, get right to the point with “Firecracker,” their leadoff cut. Rife with the frenetic hardcore punk energy the Midwest has been shouting into the ether for over 20 years, the song nonetheless has a grown-up feel and capitalizes in its late section on the tension the early moments create. Guitarist/vocalist Billy Bisig has a clean but still edgy delivery, and bassist Tony Ash and drummer Geoff Paton do well keeping the groove central. Elliott Turton, who has apparently since joined as a full-member on second guitar, helps Trophy Wives pay homage to early ‘90s Louisville outfit Crain on a cover of “UFO Song.” From there, “Black Hole in a Paper Heart” (which I want so badly to be a grunge parody that I’m going to call it one anyway) takes hold and introduces Trophy Wives’ April 2008 studio recordings, presumably their first as the band had been together less than a year at the time. Fans of the recent wave of Jesus Lizard-inspired heavy post-noise will want to pay attention to “Dope and Baby Dolls,” and the jagged roots of the personnel shine through on both “Everybody” and “Hoax,” though Trophy Wives combine an element of groove that’s all but absent in the sharp-cornered, technically-focused noise of today. Like I said, grown up.

For the whopping five bucks Noise Pollution is charging for the thing, and for the barrage of extras, I’m not going to hesitate to call the split a decent investment for anyone looking for either a blues rock or noise fix. That said, The Glasspack and Trophy Wives do make for strange bedfellows, but at a certain volume, distortion is distortion, and I don’t doubt that if I was lucky enough to end up in Louisville on a night they were playing together, I’d more likely be talking afterwards about how I just got my ass kicked than I would about the curious mix of bands. They might not sound alike, but they’re obviously coming from a similar mindset to what they do, and on that level, there’s continuity to this split whether you’re listening to two tracks or the full 15, and either way you take it, each act on board for the release proves more than worthy of the attention they seem to be demanding. Hometown heroes doing Louisville proud.

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