On the Radar: Gniyrg Gnaarg

As for pronunciation, I’ve been going with “neerg nahrg,” but across the board, Finnish stoner metallers Gniyrg Gnaarg make it clear from the outset that they don’t care how you say their name. The Helsinki trio are a band worth noting for everyone out there who’s sick and tired of the influx of guitar/drum-only duos. Not one, but two bass players, and a drummer. Needless to say, the four cuts that comprise their From Mother Sun self-released full-length aren’t lacking for low end.

They’re also not lacking for vocals. The songs, the shortest of which is a little over nine minutes long (that’s closer “Big Bang”) and the longest 10:56 (“Earth Fire”), have a dark, dank atmosphere that Gniyrg Gnaarg rightly refers to as “dungeon.” Even better that they come on with some classic metal elements, but the only issue is that the vocals are so high in the mix you very nearly can’t hear the bass. It’s almost as though From Mother Sun was mixed with room left for the guitars that were never going to be there.

Put that aside if you can, because the suitably dungeon-centric “Enter the Dungeon” — which you can hear with the other tracks on the band’s MySpace page — easily justifies investigating, as you can also see on the live clip of the song below, where the vocal thing isn’t so much of an issue.

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