audiObelisk EXCLUSIVE: Hour of 13 – New Singer Demos Now Available for Streaming

No one seems to be at liberty yet to discuss who this mysterious new singer for Hour of 13 is, but if you want to make your best guesses, go for it in the comments. If not before, I guess we’ll all find out when the trad-doom forerunners come back to New York on March 5 for a show at the Cake Shop.

Until then, 313 Inc. Artist Management granted permission for The Obelisk to host the following rehearsal demos featuring said nameless figure, who, as you can hear on the three tracks below, sounds killer. Whoever he is, he’s giving these songs their due.

Dig it:

Hour of 13, “The Gathering/Call to Satan”

The Gathering/Call to Satan

Hour of 13, “Submissive to Evil”

Submissive to Evil

Hour of 13, “Grim Reality”

Grim Reality

The second Hour of 13 album, The Ritualist, has been reissued and is now available on Earache Records.

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11 Responses to “audiObelisk EXCLUSIVE: Hour of 13 – New Singer Demos Now Available for Streaming”

  1. damocles74 says:

    KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sixpiece says:

    (it’s chad)

  3. Virgil Tate says:

    That is Mr Ben Hogg!!

  4. MC says:

    Yep Ben Hogg – BBTP, etc.

  5. Charlie Lee Beasley says:

    this came out great for a demo on Ben’s secound practise.

  6. Soggy Bob says:

    Big shoes to fill! And boy did he fill them!

  7. Doomster says:

    Previous singer fit music much better, in my opinion. But this new also is not bad

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