Serpent Throne Lead with the Leads on White Summer/Black Winter

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A track like the later “Four Winds” demonstrates the natural flow running throughout White Summer/Black Winter, both between the nine component songs and within them. Serpent Throne’s tempo changes, even when the music drops to one or two instruments, are natural, and that’s essential for this kind of heavy classicism, since the vibe the two Fentons, Argott and Smith are trying to capture is warm, analog and reliant on the personality of the players. They give a good showing of that on “Four Winds,” allowing Fenton a drum solo that, were this actually the 1970s, would probably be at least three minutes longer, before the guitars and bass kick back in. Anyone who’s never experienced Serpent Throne either live or on record should know there’s a lot of Black Sabbath in what they do, but their sound is complex enough (more Sabotage than Master of Reality) to hold the interest of the discerning doomer for most of White Summer/Black Winter’s 45-minute duration. Just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s not good.

A mellotron sound (whether from an actual mellotron or a synth, I don’t know) that made an appearance on “Pagan Eclipse” shows up two cuts later coupled with soothing guitar and soft tom hits on “Mushroom Cloud,” which acts as the first half of the closing duo and the lead-in for “Last Spark of the Sun.” Aside from acting as a suitable summary for White Summer/Black Winter, “Last Spark of the Sun” also has the album’s slowest riff as the intro from which the song builds, and some of Serpent Throne’s most pleasing leads. The course of the band’s other two albums seems to have been leading to this kind of confident performance from the six-string Fenton and Argott, and if that’s the case, it was worth the two-album wait to get to White Summer/Black Winter. They probably won’t blow minds when it comes to assessing their originality, but Serpent Throne’s music is more about homage than stylistic revolution, and their songs are molten with retro heat but not at all boring or redundant.

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