Takes a Band from Virginia to Make Me Wish I Was in Massachusetts in January

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Because I’m jealous, here’s the flier. Dig its informative minimalism:

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6 Responses to “Takes a Band from Virginia to Make Me Wish I Was in Massachusetts in January”

  1. The Acheron says:

    If you’ve never heard of Tournament or Pollution, you must have been hiding under a rock. Tournament has been thundering through the Brooklyn music scene for nearly a decade, pummelling out heavy, psych-meets-melvins riffs. Maybe you missed them supporting BARONESS or TORCHE. Pollution, featuring members of Unearthly Trance, put out one of the best hardcore records of 2010, “Smut”. They are the craziest, most unusual hardcore band out there today. This Saturday’s show at the Acheron is an all-star lineup. Since you’re not familiar, Perhaps it’s worth showing up.

  2. JohnArz says:

    Take Monday off and you can sleep on my couch.

  3. Chuck says:

    More like, The insultingness of a smug scenester coupled with the boredom of a poorly written one-sheet. Hey, want to feel really out of the loop and/or completely apathetic about Brooklyn, come live in Iowa :D

  4. Skillit says:

    What Chuck said, that comment was way too rehearsed. “thundering through the Brooklyn music scene for nearly a decade” doesnt mean crap to anyone not living in Brooklyn, its not the center of cool or the world.

  5. goAt says:

    Shit dude, any time you need to crash, I live a few miles out of Boston/Allston/Cambridge all that hipster shit.

    I just sit at home and drink in my pajamas mostly and let the stereo go.

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