Top 20 of 2010: Five Albums I Didn’t Hear that Might Have Made the List

Look, I did the best I could, but there was no way I was going to hear everything that came out in 2010. I thought, before I reveal The Obelisk‘s #1 album of 2010, it would be prudent to mention some of the records that might have affected the list one way or the other had I heard them in time. Kind of a procedural thing on my part, but here’s an alphabetical list of five:

Agalloch, Marrow of the Spirit

Electric Wizard, Black Masses

Grand Magus, Hammer of the North

Sahg, III

Suma, Ashes

Now, you might recall the Electric Wizard was actually number 20, the first post I did that started the countdown. Well, as I said then, I included in the last spot just because I knew it should be on the list but didn’t know where, and with the ensuing month I’ve had to spend with the album, I can tell you it would be higher than it currently is. So maybe it didn’t get counted the way it would have if I’d heard it more. Hence it’s listed here.

I actually own copies of Suma and Agalloch. The former I bought and the latter is a promo waiting to be reviewed, but I still haven’t had the chance to listen to either, and it’s been little more than the threat of import prices and/or the Euro-to-dollar exchange rate and the drive to buy other things instead that’s kept me from picking up either the Grand Magus or the Sahg records.

But I know I’ve enjoyed the past work of both bands, as well as Suma and Agalloch — both of whose new albums are amazing, from what I’m told, and both of which I’m looking forward to hearing — and I thought it worthwhile to consider the possibility that they might have played into the top 20 if I’d had the chance to hear them. Maybe I’ll feel fancy one of these days and drop some cash for Sahg and Grand Magus too, but definitely not before 2011 kicks off, so for now, here they are. Mentioned honorably.

#1 revealed tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Top 20 of 2010: Five Albums I Didn’t Hear that Might Have Made the List”

  1. The Klepto says:

    I have to say that I ran into this same problem. Although I saw it coming at the beginning of December, so I created a list of albums (ended up being close to 30) that I HAD to hear before the end of the year (and before I could finalize my lists). On that was Agalloch, High on Fire, Electric Wizard, Wino, and several others (obviously). A few of these made my list (the aforementioned) but most didn’t (again obviously), but I felt like I had to get it all done to make a decent list.
    I’m finally done with it all now though (finished 2 days ago) so I’ve been taking this time to re-visit those that made my Top 20, to let the sounds wash over me once again and reassure myself thatI made the right decisions. So far so good…

  2. UKGuy says:

    Have you heard Drudkh’s “Handful of Stars”? It’s in my top 10.

    I would also recommend Amplifier’s “The Octopus” if you haven’t heard that.

    (Currently listening to Agalloch’s new one; it is indeed excellent.)

    Looking forward to your #1. Thanks for putting me onto several awesome albums this year, including Asteroid and especially UFOmammut (how I missed these guys I don’t know).

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