Groan, The Sleeping Wizard: In the Forest with the Fuzz and Magic

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So it’s self-aware, it’s riffing, it’s rocking, and it’s got just enough going on upstairs to be a fascinating listen. Centerpiece cut “Deadly Omens” – coming on between “Psychedelic Demons” and “The Martyr King” – is probably The Sleeping Wizard’s doomingest moment. The pace slows and Thor’s Hammer gives his cymbals a workout while The Riff Wizard keeps holy the Sabbath in pure stoner fashion. That’s what Groan are, in essence: a stoner band, and unlike much of the generation of stoner rockers preceding them, I doubt very much they’d mind the designation. One does not riff in the manner of Groan without a love of the genre — the head-bopping up-tempo groove of “Sleeping Wizard” being another firm example of their sonically weedian proclivities. Mazzereth, riding atop the groove like he was surfing it, leads us as we follow him following the riff, and as The Forest-Dwelling Fuzz Creature’s bass starts The Sleeping Wizard closer, “Ancient Space (Master of Time),” it’s hard not to be reminded of earliest Orange Goblin, who seemed once to also delight in this kind of subspace chicanery (remember “The Man Who Invented Time?”). Not to say Groan are destined to grow into Orange Goblin’s pattern of development or anything, but right now, it’s clear they’re having fun with these songs. So am I.

If acts like Groan, Alunah and Trippy Wicked are going to mark the rising tide of British heavy/doom rock, I’m more than happy to get caught in the undertow. The Sleeping Wizard makes no bones about its love of stonerizing, and as these guys are really just getting started, it’s hard not to be excited about their potential. Groan make an excellent and unpretentious debut here, doing right by themselves and by Doomanoid Records in keeping it simple and to the point, and one hopes they find room to develop within the sound they’re beginning to establish. Nod-worthy riffs, psychedelic vocals and enough groove to stretch 26 minutes into an hour, Groan’s The Sleeping Wizard indulges little and pays off big. Lovers of the riff take note.

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