audiObelisk Transmission 011: 2010 Year in Review, Part I


Please keep in mind, I’m not claiming this is everything that was killer this year. In fact, I can think of about 30 awesome releases that weren’t included here at all… which is why it’s going to be a two-part podcast. This month and next month’s will both focus on the best of 2010.

There were a lot of great releases this year, and even two podcasts won’t be enough to cover all of them, but I think we’re off to a strong start with this one, anyway. It’s got 31 songs in a little over three hours, with Free math lessons and Home Page from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to Kings Destroy as a bonus at the end for anyone who wants to stick around that long and listen to it. Or skip right there and then go back and listen to the rest. Your call. However you want to do it.

It’s been a crazy year, and with my top-albums countdown on, it’s not over by a longshot. There’s still plenty to come, including the second part of this Year in Review, but for now, enjoy this. I wanted to include a couple surprises people may not have heard but that stood out to me as highlights ( read this For Me. Its no wonder that you often find yourself asking "someone please do my essay for me". Everyone recognizes that higher education comes with numerous challenges. As a matter of fact, there are times when the academic workload reaches the point when the student is no longer able to cope with everything numerous essay Backwoods Payback, Avail new discount offers of Power Point Presentation Of Master Thesis Service UK by Professional Essay Writers UK. We offer plagiarism free work of great quality delivered on time. The Giraffes, phd dissertation sale Group Analysis Paper nbc10 homework help nature vs nurture essays Infernal Overdrive), but with can you write my essay. website for essays. thesis write for me. Category : Other Hardware Snapshots Tags : High on Fire, custom wood writing pens Helpful dissertation musikwissenschaft homework help vikings Electric Wizard and this website offers outstanding research help for students all over the world! Only original papers Experienced writers ? 24/7 Customer Zoroaster kicking things off in that order, there’s plenty of what you’d expect as well.

As ever, I hope you enjoy it and come back for more in next month’s audiObelisk Transmission. Please click the image above to go to the download page (or right here, if you’d prefer), or stream it on the player above. Full track list is after the jump.

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0:12:55-0:16:25 Read and Download Dissertation Proposal Defense Presentation Free Ebooks in PDF format - CALIFORNIA ALGEBRA 1 WORKBOOK ANSWERS JUMBLED SENTENCES WITH ANSWERS ICS 100 ANSWERS FINAL Zoroaster, “Ancient Ones” from Matador (E1)

0:16:25-0:22:56 Man’s Gin, “The Death of Jimmy Sturgis” from Smiling Dogs (Profound Lore)

0:22:56-0:27:37 Apostle of Solitude, “Hunter Sick Rapture” from Last Sunrise (Eyes Like Snow)

0:27:37-0:33:30 The Kings of Frog Island, “More Than I Should Know” from III (Elektrohasch)

0:33:30-0:38:00 Fatso Jetson, “Archaic Volumes” from Archaic Volumes (Cobraside)

0:38:00-0:45:04 Diesto, “High as the Sun” from High as the Sun (Seventh Rule)

0:45:04-0:49:45 Year of the Pig, “Things Dad Yelled Drunk” from Year of the Pig (Spider Cuddler)

0:49:45-0:59:36 Solace, “From Below” from A.D. (Small Stone)

0:59:36-1:03:34 Backwoods Payback, “Pat the Bat” from Use Magic to Kill Death (Creep Records)

1:03:34-1:07:58 Slough Feg, “Ask the Casket” from The Animal Spirits (Profound Lore)

1:07:58-1:13:50 Red Giant, “Easy, Killer” from Dysfunctional Majesty (Small Stone)

1:13:50-1:21:14 Megasus, “Swords” from Megasus (20 Buck Spin)

1:21:14-1:25:38 Black Rainbows, “Himalaya” from Carmina Diabolo (Longfellow Deeds)

1:25:38-1:32:22 Quest for Fire, “” from Lights from Paradise (Tee Pee)

1:32:22-1:37:20 Yawning Man, “Camel Tow” from Nomadic Pursuits (Cobraside)

1:37:20-1:43:27 Hooded Menace, “Rituals of Mortal Creation” from Never Cross the Dead (Profound Lore)

1:43:27-1:51:13 Enslaved, “Lightening” from Axioma Ethica Odini (Nuclear Blast)

1:51:13-1:56:42 Conan, “Satsumo” from Horseback Battle Hammer (Aurora Borealis)

1:56:42-2:04:39 The Wounded Kings, “The Sons of Belial” from The Shadow Over Atlantis (I Hate)

2:04:39-2:11:14 Herba Mate, “Three Stars” from The Jellyfish is Dead and the Hurricane is Coming (Idea4UsOnly)

2:11:14-2:15:46 Humo del Cairo, “Nimbo” from Humo del Cairo (MeteorCity)

2:15:46-2:20:43 The Giraffes, “Honest Man” from Show (Crustacean)

2:20:43-2:32:01 Wino, “Release Me/Wild Blue Yonder” from Live at Roadburn 2009 (Roadburn/Burning World)

2:32:01-2:35:49 Infernal Overdrive, “The Edge” from Infernal Overdrive (Self-Released)

2:35:49-2:39:52 The Brought Low, “The Kelly Rose” from Third Record (Small Stone)

2:39:52-2:45:17 Asteroid, “Disappear” from II (Fuzzorama)

2:45:17-2:52:32 Arc of Ascent, “Cosmic Eye” from Circle of the Sun (Astral Projection)

2:52:32-2:58:11 Magnus Pelander, “You’ve Got No Friends to Turn To” from Magnus Pelander (Svart)

2:58:11-3:04:44 Kings Destroy, “The Mountie” from And the Rest Will Surely Perish (The Maple Forum)

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  1. Paul says:

    Bad ass!

  2. Slevin says:

    Score one for arsenic-based bacteria.

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