On the Radar: Gandhi’s Gunn

They’ve shared the stages with stoner heavyweights like Los Natas, Acid King, Church of Misery, Brant Bjork, Clutch and their Italian countrymen Ufomammut, yet I can’t find a single post about Genova riff rockers Gandhi’s Gunn on this site. Goes to show there’s always more bands out there than you think, and with a thoroughly European stoner rock sound behind them, Gandhi’s Gunn are definitely worth checking out. How one opens for so many killer acts while still putting out one’s first record is a mystery to me (no, seriously, someone please tell me how to do it), but Gandhi’s Gunn‘s first full-length, Thirtyeahs, was released in April in a vinyl/CD pressing of 300 on Taxi Driver Records, so there you go.

There are three tracks posted for previewing on the Gandhi’s Gunn MySpace page: “Lee Van Cleef,” “Overhanging Rock” and “Going Slow.” None of them really do anything outrageous with the stoner rock form, but they’re all well-written enough to get past any accusations of being overly generic or boring stylistically. The bass shines on “Lee Van Cleef” as much as the guitars on “Overhanging Rock,” and throughout all three of the songs, the vocals (in English) are a highlight. Though I’d put Thirtyeahs in the “hope to check it out sooner or later” category rather than the “I’m going to fly to Italy so I can hand them the money personally” file, it’s still a cool vibe they’ve got going on and I thought I’d pass the word along in case I wasn’t the only one interested in seeing what Gandhi’s Gunn are up to.

Incidentally, if you do head over either to their MySpace or their Facebook and find yourself looking at their photos, make sure you check out their many awesome posters, apparently drawn for the most part by former bass player Kabuto. There are some really killer designs there that match the music well, and go a long way to telling you what the band are all about, as does the clip of “Going Slow” below. Dig that too.

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