audiObelisk Transmission 010: The Southcast


I set myself a couple rules for this one: No farther west than Texas, nothing north of Virginia and if a band features members of Down, they’re out. That means no Crowbar, no C.O.C., no Eyehategod or any of their other offshoots. Those are great bands, don’t get me wrong, but you get into that territory and next thing you know the whole podcast is full — ditto had I included Maryland — and I think once you take a look at the tracklist, you’ll see I was aiming for something else entirely.

When the idea was originally suggested, it was an exploration of the new Southern metal, bands like Baroness and their post-Mastodon Southern prog ilk. Later it was expanded to include a wide breadth of Southern rock and metal old and new. Well, the first was a little too narrowly focused (there just aren’t 30 bands — yet — playing Masto-prog), and the second was a little too wide ranging, so I took a middle course between them. You still get the bands like Baroness, Torche, Mastodon, and Zoroaster, and you also get some more straightforward rock-type stuff from the likes of Texas acts SuperHeavyGoatAss, Amplified Heat and Orthodox Fuzz.

I’m pretty sure you’ll agree it’s a killer mix of bands, and that it covers a wide ground, from the humid sludge of Sourvein and Ol’ Scratch, to the wide-eyed psych bliss of Tasha-Yar. All but one of the included tracks are from the latter half of the last decade (I’d argue the song from 2004 and the album from which it came were a big inspiration for many of the other bands present), and that was definitely on purpose, since this is a vibrant scene happening right now. I tried to be as timely with it as I could.

In that spirit, you’ll find new music included from Torche, Kylesa (finally found Spiral Shadow at an FYE; let the record show I tried two legitimate indie stores first), Elliott’s Keep, US Christmas, Kin of Ettins, Orthodox Fuzz and The Crimson Electric. To honor readers Josh and Jason who first presented and then expanded the idea, we start off with Weedeater, who are possibly the most Southern band on the planet.

Click here or the image above to get the file, or stream it on the player above. Full tracklist with timestamps and years of release is after the jump. I hope you enjoy it.

0:00:06-0:04:30 Weedeater, “God Luck and Good Speed” from God Luck and Good Speed (Southern Lord, 2007)

0:04:30-0:09:22 Ol’ Scratch, “Redneck Deity” from The Sunless Citadel (OSSR, 2009)

0:09:22-0:14:54 Zoroaster, “Odyssey” from Matador (E1, 2010)

0:14:54-0:19:32 Karma to Burn, “Forty-Three” from Appalachian Incantation (Napalm, 2010)

0:19:32-0:24:02 The Crimson Electric, “Three Day Bender” from Shake the Dead/Three Day Bender (Self-released, 2010)

0:24:02-0:28:01 Sourvein, “Imperial Bastard” from Imperial Bastard (Candlelight, 2008)

0:28:01-0:31:04 Black Skies, “Nomad” from Hexagon (I’m Better Than Everyone, 2009)

0:31:04-0:37:07 Torche, “Out Again” from Songs for Singles (Hydra Head, 2010)

0:37:07-0:46:05 Ketea, “Alchemystery” from Alpha (Self-released, 2009)

0:46:05-0:49:41 Orthodox Fuzz, “Black Goat” from Various Artists, Cowbells and Cobwebs (Planetfuzz, 2010)

0:49:41-0:53:48 SuperHeavyGoatAss, “Ice” from Nemesis (Arclight, 2008)

0:53:48-0:58:03 Kin of Ettins, “Snake Den Time” from Doomed in Dallas (Red Hare, 2010)

0:58:03-1:03:44 Valkyrie, “False Dreams” from Man of Two Visions (Noble Origin, 2008)

1:03:44-1:09:40 Hail!Hornet, “He Who Walks behind the Rose Bros.” from Hail!Hornet (Dwell, 2007)

1:09:40-1:23:10 Mastodon, “Hearts Alive” from Leviathan (Relapse, 2004)

1:23:10-1:26:47 Stinking Lizaveta, “Zeitgeist, the Movie” from Sacrifice and Bliss (At a Loss, 2009)

1:26:47-1:30:47 Throttlerod, “Beggar’s Blanket” from Pig Charmer (Small Stone, 2009)

1:30:47-1:36:45 Caltrop, “Dr. Motherfucker” from Caltrop (Self-released, 2006)

1:36:45-1:43:06 Mala Suerte, “The Monks of Medmenham” from The Shadow Tradition (Illwill, 2009)

1:43:06-1:50:48 US Christmas, “Deep Green” from Run Thick in the Night (Neurot, 2010)

1:50:48-1:55:01 Baroness, “Jake Leg” from Blue Record (Relapse, 2009)

1:55:01-1:59:07 Lord, “Master of Custodial Arts” from Under the Sign of the Maker’s Mark (Self-released, 2006)

1:59:07-2:04:56 Gritter, “Deep Roller” from Sour Mash and Spanish Moss (Self-released, 2010)

2:04:56-2:11:23 Cough, “288 Years of Sin” from Sigillum Luciferi (Forcefield, 2008)

2:11:23-2:19:07 Elliott’s Keep, “Shades of Disgrace” featuring John Perez, from Sine Qua Non (Brainticket, 2010)

2:19:07-2:26:20 Rwake, “Leviticus” from Voices of Omens (Relapse, 2007)

2:26:20-2:34:44 Deadbird, “The Riverbed” from Twilight Ritual (At a Loss, 2008)

2:34:44-2:38:42 Kylesa, “Distance Closing In” from Spiral Shadow (Season of Mist, 2010)

2:38:42-2:49:56 Tasha-Yar, “An Unobstructed Door” from First Landing (Underwater Analog Colonies, 2010)

2:49:56-2:52:45 Amplified Heat, “Amplified Boogie” from How Do You Like the Sound of That (Arclight, 2007)

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6 Responses to “audiObelisk Transmission 010: The Southcast”

  1. greenskeeper says:

    Stinking Liz is from Philly!

  2. I won’t tell if you don’t. That song sounded too good coming out of “Hearts Alive.”

  3. greenskeeper says:

    Deal – let’s just say they’re from Pennsyltucky.

  4. PostmanDan says:

    Some other notables from “down south”:Gonzales, Las Cruces, Sons of Tonatiuh, Dove, Dixie Witch, Dark Castle, Delicious, RPG, Axehandle, Beaten Back To Pure, Molehill to name a few!

  5. Jason Clemins says:

    Awesome playlist! I’m calling my moonshine hookup before listening to another minute.

  6. MC says:

    No Freedom Hawk or ASG?? Wow… but, fantastic mix regardless.

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