Fen Leave Footprints Along Trails Out of Gloom

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There’s no shortage of drama in the nine tracks of Trails Out of Gloom, which is perhaps another reason I keep comparing them to European bands, but they have more rocking moments as well. “Through the Night” nods in the direction of the first OSI album and proves to be one of Fen’s high points for the record, and Harrison’s in terms of delivery. Perhaps having heavier guitar behind him is enough to make the difference; certainly there are instances where I find myself begging for more, thicker guitar to come through, closer, “In Your Arms” included. I’m not saying I want Harrison and Levin to break out the Sunn amps and start dooming out. It’s a mixing issue. The sounds are already there, it’s just a question of what’s proportional to what. More “loud,” please. Is there a way to turn up the “loud?”

Because it’s prog, I feel like a certain amount of self-indulgence has to be a given, and to their credit, Fen — rounded out by the capable, not flashy, rhythm section of bassist Mike Young and drummer Randall Stroll — never really offend in that regard, where they just as easily could have. If part of the mindset of prog is to be ever-progressing (which in the ideal, it is), Fen show on Trails Out of Gloom both that their will in this regard is headed in the right direction and that they indeed still have some maturing to do. For now, their fourth album is sure to win many friends among prog-heads out there looking for something in a wistful, contemplative vein, and while Fen might require a grain or two of salt, there are plenty of listeners for whom that’ll be a small price to pay for the band’s strengths.

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