The Maple Forum Update: Roareth Soon to be No Moreth

It’s one thing to put out an awesome CD — which Roareth did in the form of The Obelisk‘s in-house label The Maple Forum‘s first release, Acts I-VI — sell out of it and not make any more. It’s another thing to put out an awesome CD and then break up, and of the two, Roareth (ballsy as ever) seems to have gone with the latter option. They played their first show June 18, and they’ll play their last Oct. 24 in Seattle. I won’t ever have gotten the chance to see them.

The band checks in with the following:

Our guitarist, Aaron Edge, was offered the Product Manager position at Southern Lord Records in Los Angeles… a job he simply cannot pass up. He and bass player/wife (Rachel) move to California on Nov. 1. Pam, Ben and Aaron have been playing music together for over three years now, most of that time in the thrashy punk band, Requin (in which Pam wrote most of the material). Roareth was started in order to have a method of release for Aaron‘s slower material that didn’t fit into Requin‘s bag of tunes. The three musicians found it easy to just change the style of music between Requin and Roareth, keeping the same band members and practice space. It is with great sadness that the band disbands, but all good things must end.

Roareth has two remaining Seattle shows:
10/14 The Rendezvous w/ Via Vengeance and Sod Hauler
10/24 The Comet w/ Physical Demon, NoiseATron and Shining Ones

Roareth‘s Acts I-VI CDs are all sold out, however, the digital download of MP3s is available here:

Roareth‘s Acts I-VI Revisited is an interesting remix of the CD, with extra layered instruments, limited percussion and different samples. The digital download of MP3s is available here:

Aaron and Rachel have started a new band down in the Los Angeles area called Raw Umber. They are seeking a drummer to complete their new group. Aaron has also been working on a series of recordings with different vocalists (Eshas w/ Rob of 108, Stilled w/ John of Himsa and Les Gants w/ Greg of Trial), all to be released before the year’s end. He also continues to write and record his solo project, Hellvetika. Pam has started a noise band called Scyphozoa. Ben plays with Mark Sparkles and Shit Gets Smashed. There is no doubt in any of the band member’s minds that Ben and Pam will start a new, heavy project as well.

The group wishes to thank each other for months of great shows, friendship and the creative outlet that was Roareth. Many hugs go out to the bands and stages shared, friends who lent an ear-plugged ear at shows and those who made the whole band’s life so amazing. Special thanks to JJ and The Maple Forum for support and the release of the Acts I-VI CD.

A final shirt design (see pic) will be available at the last shows, and if not sold out, online as well.

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