Down’s Diary of a Mad Band Available for Preorder

I have my issues with Southern metal supergroup Down, but there’s no denying they kill it live. Do I remember the first time I saw them? No I do not. It’s that kind of epic.

Documenting their first European tour (which they booked to escape from the wrath Hurricane Katrina had recently wrought on their New Orleans home) and beyond, Diary of a Mad Band is slated for release next month, but you can preorder it now at the band’s webstore. The PR wire has the goods on the tracklist and whatnot:

New Orleans, LA’s Down is pleased to announce three killer pre-order bundles, available for purchase now in preparation for their upcoming three-disc (2CD plus DVD) release, Diary of a Mad Band, hitting stores on Oct. 5, 2010. All pre-orders include an instant MP3 download of “Stone the Crow” live in Dublin.

Diary of a Mad Band features a 2CD full concert, live in London! The DVD highlights documented footage marking the 2006 return of Down from the practice room through their first European tour, and a bonus behind-the-scenes featurette, Tyrades and Shananigans. The DVD closes in at a blistering 130 minutes! See below for a complete tracklisting of the set:

DVD: Diary of a Mad Band
w/ Bonus featurette Tyrades and Shananigans
1. Lysergic Funeral Procession
2. Lifer
3. Losing All
4. Rehab
5. New Orleans is a Dying Whore
6. Ghosts along the Mississippi
7. Learn from this Mistake
8. Underneath Everything
9. Temptation’s Wings
10. There’s Something on My Side
11. Hail the Leaf
12. Lies
13. The Seed
14. Eyes of the South
15. Jail
16. Stone the Crow
17. Bury Me in Smoke

2CD: Live in Europe
1. Losing All
2. Lifer
3. Lysergic Funeral Procession
4. Rehab
5. Temptation’s Wings
6. Ghosts along the Mississippi
7. Learn from this Mistake
8. Hail the Leaf
9. New Orleans is A Dying Whore
10. Lies, I Don’t Know What They Say But…
11. Underneath Everything
12. The Seed
13. Eyes of the South
14. Jail
15. Stone the Crow
16. Bury Me in Smoke

If that isn’t enough for a rabid fan, a 180 Gram triple vinyl version with a bonus DVD will be available on Oct. 26.

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3 Responses to “Down’s Diary of a Mad Band Available for Preorder”

  1. Nick A. says:

    good heads up…but i think i’d be more interested to read what your issues with down are.

  2. Nick A. says:

    (perhaps I should clarify…I dont mean in a salacious, messageboard bashing interest…just genuinely curious as i have my own thoughts-and reservations-about Down)

  3. whiskypriest says:

    Down 3 sucking would be a reservation of mine. Still though, an amazing live band and I’ll always love those first two records. What the hell they were thinking with number 3 I’ll never know.

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