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Vocalist/guitarist The list of the student Creative Writing Homework Tes you can find in this review is credible, time-tested, and affordable. One of the best examples of the online Andy Beresky gives some background on the song:

“We had ‘Stormbringer’ done, and were working on the B-side. I had a bunch of riffs worked out, and it was a matter of getting them all to flow together. That’s really what we were going for, a song that didn’t really have a typical set structure, but just flowed from one part to the next, almost like a meditation. So the title, and the lyrics, they refer to a book on Western meditation, that takes an almost more Eastern approach to it.

“Obviously, it’s our own take on it, I took the religious aspects out and made it more about personal reflection and how we deal with the growing darkness and doubt within our lives, so that we may eventually overcome the concepts of good and evil altogether. Musically, I think it’s also ambitious, but because it retains that flowing, meditative nature throughout, it draws you inside the cloud, and once you’re there, totally obscured by it, everything somehow becomes clearer.”

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  1. Damocles74 says:

    Another masterpiece!

  2. I feel some synergy here!

    The doctrine of the Cloud of Unknowing has been a large part of my prayer for many years, and when I heard “No Life King’ on WMBR earlier this year, I instantly became a Black Pyramid fan. Thanks for the post and the song!

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