Roadburn 2010 Report Pt. VI: In Darkness, We all Belong to Tom G. Warrior. This Means You.

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I can barely keep my eyes open to write this, and a big part of me is tempted to just leave it for tomorrow, but I want to at least get some things down before I go to bed. First and foremost is how well they’re treating me. This hotel, this venue, this festival. Everyone. It’s fucking great.

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Think about it. If there’s a group of people who know and have come to accept life under the doctrine of “shit happens,” isn’t it doomers?

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I’m getting a cold, which is a bummer. Also, my toilet won’t stop running. I don’t want to call anyone because it’s late, but man, it just keeps going, and my sinuses are pounding. It’s quite a combination.

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But don’t let me make it out to be a hardship. They were fucking incredible. They opened with “Goetia” from We want to make academic life fair and even the playing field for students who need access for top-notch We will take your document and review your language usage, including grammar, spelling, syntax, and all other aspects of proper language, to ensure you are producing a thesis in line with all English conventions. Eparistera Daimones, and did a couple iWriter: Content & Build My Resume - Buy Articles Celtic Frost tunes for good measure, even going so far as to bring Nocturno Culto (of Darkthrone; his side-project Sarke played today) on stage for a startling rendition of “Dethroned Emperor.” He had a notebook with him he was using as a cheat sheet for lyrics. It ruled.

Alright, that’s it. I’ll pick up in the morning.

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    The toilet flush dials at the Mercure tend to stick. Try just pushing yours back to the “up” position and it should stop it running.

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