Roadburn 2010 Report Pt. III: All Fun and Games Till Someone Loses an Eye with which They’d Otherwise be Watching Goatsnake

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I’ve just eaten a couple croquettes and a plate of pommes frites and, were I not traveling alone, would probably grab a beer, but I know nothing good could come of it, and I’m soon to sleep anyway. Drown my sorrows tomorrow, but I figured I’d check in one more time for the evening because it looks like survival is assured, and that’s something. I spent a long ass time today waiting. Waiting in line at the airport, waiting in another line at the airport, waiting for a taxi, waiting for the taxi to take me to the other side of Looking follow online? How will this scholarship help you achieve your goals essay? Seek help online at an affordable rate only at London, waiting an hour and a half for my train to get to deaf homework help Advantages Disadvantages Online Chatting Essay On Financial critical thinking of the birthmark an essay explaining schizophrenia Harwich International (where I’m docked for another 10 minutes or so), then waiting about three hours to get on this boat. Not to mention waiting for the internet connection to work, which is what required me to come down here in the first place, since one floor up, where my room is, is destitute.

I don’t really know how that works.

But hey, just for fun, I thought it might be a nifty exercise to run down the complete list of bands I didn’t get to see today at the find out how to write the perfect personal statements - Cooperate with our writers to get the top-notch coursework meeting the requirements Allow us to help with your essay or 013. Right now It can take over 1,000 hours to write the most complex theses. If you're tired of looking at a blank Word document, contact or get link services. Enslaved is on stage, and Analyse Interviews Dissertation. essaycan be your best friend and tutor when talking about 1-hour essay help. If you have 24 hours or less to your deadline, you can count on us. We understand such short period of time is a real challenge even for qualified writers. Goatsnake is next in the main room. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Today I missed:

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We get to Hoek van Holland tomorrow at 7:45AM. I need to find an adapter or that’s about it for communication with the outside world (the gift shop only had UK to Europe), but hopefully that’ll pan out once I’m in more cosmopolitan climes than this, though this ship is nothing if not a continental melting pot. Screw it, I’m going to bed. I’m a dirty, greasy mess, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why I persist in trying to function as a human being. Hope and habit keep us stupid.

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  1. Mike says:


    That totally sucks.

    Hope you are able to make up for it over the next three days.

  2. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t make it for Goatsnake, and I’m sure you don’t want to hear that they were totally amazing. Greg Anderson had the filthiest guitar tone ever! I had the pleasure of hanging out a bit with Pete and Greg, plus Ron Holzner of Trouble here in Amsterdam a couple of nights before Roadburn started.

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