Telephonular Adventures with Phil Anselmo

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One Response to “Telephonular Adventures with Phil Anselmo”

  1. Mike says:

    This is actually pretty cool. Adding to your growing credibility within the industry and reaffirming why your audience keeps growing.

    I was so into Pantera back in the day. Especially when Cowboys From Hell and Vulgar Display of Power (which was probably my favorite metal album of the ‘90s) came out. The first time I saw Pantera live in was at the hole in the wall Fastlane’s II in Asbury Park during their touring cycle for Cowboys From Hell late 91 or early 92. I remember them tearing shit up and being fuckin’ crazy, especially Phil. Dave Wyndorf was there too. I think Wrathchild America opened, but I’m not sure.

    Phil was also my inspiration to shave my head in the 90’s……still doing it today….for so many more reasons.

    Anyway, congratulations.

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