Ufomammut Finish Recording New Album, Announce Release Date

Now that’s the kind of headline I can get down with. Italian psych-prog-doom maestros Ufomammut have finished recording their new, massive, one-track album, Eve, and have set a May 5, 2010, release date for the CD and deluxe vinyl editions through their own Supernatural Cat label. They’ve also posted the cover for the album and numerous in-studio videos and updates over at their website.

If your eyeballs are within reading range of this page and you’ve never yet experienced Ufomammut, understand that now is the time. Their last album, 2008’s Idolum was as devastatingly heavy a piece of psychedelia as you’ll ever hear, and their work prior to it speaks for itself. Operating under the graphic arts alias Malleus, the band are essentially a DIY doom machine, working in-house to provide some of the most tripped out sounds on the planet. Eve is a sure bet highlight of 2010. Unless they decided to become a ska band or something (they didn’t), it’s a can’t miss.

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