New Keepers of the Water Towers Take it to the Danes

I looked up how far it is from Log-Islet, from whence beastly rockers New Keepers of the Water Towers (MySpace here) hail in Sweden, to Odense, Denmark, where they’re starting their week-long tour of that country, and it’s about eight and a half hours if you take E4 and E20, according to the Go-oogle. Maybe the band knows a shortcut, but that’s a pretty decent ride — not too terrible, doable in a day, but long enough. Good thing when they show up they’ve got plenty of monster heaviness to unleash all their frustration. They’re calling it the Chronicles of the Massive Tour. Here are the show dates:

March 4th. Kansas City Odense
March 5th. Huset Esbjerg
March 6th. Rock Nielsen Aalborg
March 8th. Bryggervej Aarhus
March 10th. The Rock Kopenhagen
March 11th. Gimle Roskilde

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