In the City of Brotherly Treasure

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Along with an extensive (if somewhat disheveled) used section from which I grabbed someone’s promo of the new Should Students Be Able To Buy Sell Term Papers? This is the key question that every college student wrestles with: “should I use a writing service to buy Alice in Chains (meh), and a dollar bargain bin that yielded a copy of Want to Dissertation La Mort Et Le Bucheron online that is quite cheap? Need a confidential paper helper? Here it is! With us, you spend relatively little cash but get the needed Pharaoh Overlord‘s In case you are looking for Meteorology Homework Help, is your number one choice. Order a paper from our essay writing service II, they also had both prog and psychedelic sections. The prog section even had a krautrock subheading. Awesome. And for vinyl heads, there’s a whole other store’s worth of it in the back.

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And that more or less sums up what Iron Claw had going on nearly 35-40 years ago. According to the label, they started out by playing Black Sabbath‘s Black Sabbath in its entirety during their sets along with their originals, formed in ’69 in Dumfries, were done in ’74, and until this exhumation, were buried by time and obscurity. The extensive liner notes detail their years together with notable shows and lineup changes and how different players affected the band, and the music is blown to hell, but a track like “Skullcrusher” still lives up to its name.

For serious devotees of the heavy ’70s new and old, Iron Claw‘s a can’t miss. They can’t all be Leaf Hound‘s Growers of Mushroom, but I think I prefer Iron Claw to the self-titled Jerusalem record Rockadrome put out a while back. You’ve got 16 tracks of classic hard riffing with the occasional prog freakout (“Pavement Artist”). Put that together with a city like Philly and mark it a win.

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  1. Phaseinducer says:

    Nice find, awesome band!

  2. Scott says:

    Did you make it to Noise Pollution on south 4th street around the corner from Jim’s Steaks?

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