First Impression: Fu Manchu, Signs of Infinite Power

[NOTE: There’s a full review to come, of course, but I got the record today, listened to it once, and thought I’d spew out some quick notes. Hence “Whathaveyou” and not “Reviews.” Take it for what it’s worth.]

Hmm....I seem to be on a kick lately of records with orange and yellow covers. Wonder why that is (looks at site header and scratches head).

This is definitely the Fu. Sounds just like ’em. Maybe a little more metal than We Must Obey, still Cali hardcore too, and still fuzzy and catchy as all hell. Hard to believe they’ve been doing this for 19 years.

These guys kind of hit their stride with California Crossing and never really stopped. Tried to get commercial with Start the Machine, and that wasn’t very good, but are back on track. Drums on this sound heavy. Big snare, big toms.

Might pass on a couple songs, but like the last record, some memorable winners too. “Bionic Astronautics,” “Webfoot Witch Hat,” “Eyes x 10.” Don’t really care about “Gargantuan March,” but even that has a decent riff.

Heard much worse from these guys. Album could be a big time grower.

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