Tekhton: Movers of Earth

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Soft, acoustic tones permeate the cryptically titled centerpiece track “031045” (which some quick Radical Change In Ba - Enjoy the benefits of professional custom writing assistance available here receive a 100% authentic, plagiarism-free Wikipedia research reveals is the day America firebombed Tokyo during WWII, using the US month/day/year — if they’re going with the European day/month/year, it’s the start of the Tigers/Cubs World Series), but that respite and some other atmospheric movements like that ending side B cut “There be Giants” aside, Summon the Core is bent on weathering monuments to dust and forging in their place a landscape pockmarked with huge three-toed footprints. Boldly opening with the longest tracks, “Oxen of the Sun,” Tekhton set out aLogo! stoner metal challenge: dare you to make it through this. A test of their audience. Very doom.

Focus!That being the case, and cuts like “Terror the Whale” and “It is Death” offering a darker, colder take on post-Sleep riffnosis (that’s riff-induced hypnosis, in case you were wondering), Summon the Core is an easy album to get lost in, but the only question is whether that’s because it’s eating you whole or because all this has been heard before. At least partially acknowledging the second, Tekhton has me leaning toward the first and knowing full well they’ll have no trouble finding like-minded purist zealots among the stoner faithful, I’ll happily take closing track “Apocalypse Machine” as another example of this genre’s enduring vibrance and all the room it leaves for expression and the creation of atmospheres wholly unique and otherwise. Or maybe I just like bands that put a ‘k’ next to an ‘h’ (Drudkh walk by and wave).

It sounds huge. If you want big-ass riffs and all the comforts of home, Tekhton are good to go.

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Doom Dealer/The Church Within

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