Ancestors Return in October

They're Ancestors, and they just found the internet.It seems kind of quick, but as much as it exaggerates and hyperbolizes, the PR wire very rarely ever lies (except for those penis enlargement pills — what a ripoff!). Here’s the news from Tee Pee Records:

Ancestors have announced they will release the follow up their critically acclaimed debut album Neptune with Fire on October 6th. The brand new album will be titled Of Sound Mind.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Infra Sonic Sound by Pete Lyman, known for his diverse work with Mars Volta, Qui and No Age.? Ancestors, including contributions by notable Los Angeles artists David Scott Stone (Melvins, Unwound, Slug), Sera Timms (Black Math Horsemen) and cellist Ramiro Zapata have created an album truly Of Sound Mind; a refreshing and aptly named experience of incredible proportions.

Lyrically and thematically, Of Sound Mind contemplates the quandaries of human psychology and its effect on and within the development of modern society.? Although essentially conceptual in nature, the record is a blatant transition from the allegorical and mythological framework of their debut Neptune with Fire.? The 8 part, 1-hour plus album lends meaning, while actively seeking answers, much like the work of Camus or Thoreau.? Without absolution or authority, Ancestors incite a thought crusade with meaningful intent.

Ancestors, Of Sound Mind Track listing:
1. From Nothing
2. Mother Animal
3. Not the Last Return
4. Bounty of Age
5. Friend
6. The Trial
7. Challenging
8. The Ambrose Law

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