Ender Would Appreciate it if You Downloaded Their Album

You know they're artists because it's cloudy. No true artist ever depicted the sun. Ever. It never happened.Middle Earth resident Jonathan Dakers sent me a very polite email this morning that went like this:

“I’ve released an album with my band Ender and I’m trying to get more people to hear it. If you’re interested in checking it out, it can be downloaded from here… If you like it, please consider putting it up on your blog! Feel free to post part or all of it as MP3.”

Gosh, an album for me, all the way from New Zealand. Dakers went on to say there’s a physical CD version available through his own Darkroom Recordings, and he included a Rapidshare link to the record, which after long consideration, I’ve decided to share below in case anyone else feels like hearing something new.

Click here to download Ender, Ender.

The sound is a kind of psychedelic post-rock — entirely instrumental with a few spacey flourishes. Some crushing riffs, some echoey ambience, four tracks, none of them named. Pretty artsy fartsy, but not enough to be a pain in the ass. Easily worth the price of admission.

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  1. Aaron Edge says:

    ? Thanx for sharing the info and download url, my wife and I really like this band’s material, and for free? Amazing!

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