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Hey, there's Scott Reeder!Easily memorable cuts like “Floating” and “Desert Dogs” — the latter featuring a research methods qualitative check over heres order system thesis cotton dissertation Mario Lalli ( Acadustri provides expert Engineering Thesis Help and solutions including training and consultancy for pharmaceutical and academic research institutions. Fatso Jetson) guitar and spoken word contribution — epitomize the vibe that pervades throughout Wedding Planning Business Plan - Quick and trustworthy writings from industry best company. Entrust your essays to the most talented writers. Only HQ writing services Full on Dunes — and that is one of a band simply having a good time with their friends. Alongside Lalli and Reeder, who in addition to producing guests on bass for the anti-establishment “Can’t Catch Me” and the purely desert catchy “Floating,” visitations from Joe Dillon (Hot Beat Pussy Fiend) and Capt. Sean Wheeler (Throw Rag, Sun Trash) assist in conveying a laid back, anything-goes feel, as much manifest in the music as anything else.

It is a casual record, clearly meant to be experienced on that level, and so I will spare the excessive description. Suffice it to say that Full on Dunes, recorded over four days May 2-6, 2008, successfully builds atop the rudimentary desert rock groundwork it lays, not innovating so much as pursuing a well-trodden path with deeper footprints. For the Fu Manchu fuzz fan there is closer “Aqua-Fuzz” (seriously, it’s all pretty up front), and for the more melancholy Orquesta del Desierto aficionado, there’s the acoustic John Lee Hooker-styled “Cheap and Portable.” As the album centerpiece, this track portends the satisfying structural gameyness that riffy, longest cut “Floating” delivers, and is affirmed by the laser-fied roots aridity of “Full On.”

Dali’s Llama could hardly be called innovators, but the true desert scene could hardly exist in 2009 without them. Likewise, Full on Dunes doesn’t push the limits of what desert rock conveys, but, taken as is, it should satisfy any willing devotee seeking something comfortable but new. They may not be the ones to push the genre headfirst into its next generation, but they’re definitely helping to bridge the gap. And hey man, leave king platypus alone. It doesn’t get much more charming than that.

Dali's Llama, including new guitarist Joe Dillon.

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