Sounds of the Heavy Fest Lineup Confirmed for May 24 in Yucca Valley, CA

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One might think of Sounds of the Heavy next weekend in Yucca Valley, California, as a complement to the Planet Desert Rock Weekend that kicked off last night in Las Vegas and runs until this coming Sunday. Sure enough, the international contingent of bands — Saturna, Kaiser, Omega Sun and Green Desert Water — will I guess be hanging out in the desert for a week in between the two events. Could be worse, I’m sure. They’re joined by House of Broken Promises — whose guitarist, Arthur Seay, is among the organizing principals of the seven-band lineup, along with Vegas Rock Revolution — as well as Here Lies ManDiesel Boots out on the patio and The Battery Electric who hail from my beloved Garden State, which might as well be on the other side of the planet from Yucca Valley.

I’m not certain how it all came together, but if you’ve got the capacity to get yourself to the desert next weekend, it seems like a no-brainer good time will ensue.

Here’s the info and ticket links:


Vegas Rock Revolution & Arthur Seay Presents: Sounds of the Heavy

Vegas Rock Revolution & Arthur Seay Presents: Sounds of the Heavy on Friday May 24th at Gadi’s Bar & Grill in Yucca Valley

House of Broken Promises from Indio featuring both Arthur Seay and Mike Cancino (Both with Unida / DEATH in Pretty Wrapping) along with frontman Joe Mora (Street Drugs DTLA) will be melting faces.

Here Lies Man / RidingEasy Records comes over from L.A. with their fuzzy psych afrobeat style. Super exciting to have them as part of the event!

The Battery Electric from Asbury Park New Jersey drops in as well as 4 up and coming European heavy rock bands.

Kaiser —Finland
OMEGA SUN — Slovenia
Green Desert Water — Spain

Just might add 1 more band…….

Party starts around Happy Hour !

$12 now / $20 Door

A Vegas Rock Revolution Production

House of Broken Promises, “Tornado” official video

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Dandy Brown Posts Video for “This World”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on February 28th, 2018 by JJ Koczan

dandy brown

From what I’m told, the new Dandy Brown video for the track ‘This World’ relates to the last one from guitarist/vocalist Dandy Brown and his band, which was for “The Bees” (posted here). Fair enough. If you go back and watch it, “The Bees” has the same young lady hanging out while the band plays and with the progression from downing booze in the earlier video to sleeping on the couch in the new one, well, I guess the narrative at play is easy enough to put together. Fortunately Dandy Brown and company aren’t making too much of a ruckus with “This World.”

Indeed, like much of Scattered Days, which is the Dandy Brown album on Taxi Driver Records on which the track serves the pivotal role of centerpiece, “This World” is an unpretentious and laid back slice of desert rock chill. There’s nothing overblown about it. It’s not overly laid back in terms of “oh the song got high and wandered off” — that is, it has a structure and sticks to it — but Brown commands the song with a lighter hand and lets the tones do the work of reinforcing a sense of heft while his own vocals recall some of the melodic styling of Hermano bandmate John Garcia while also still retaining their own identity.

Scattered Days finds itself nestled into classic rocking moments on tracks like “The Sleeper” and closer “The Swimmer,” acoustics and electric guitars commingling amid a residual sense of ’60s psychedelic influence, but “This World” represents the album well nonetheless. You’ll note the samples in the beginning and end of the video that don’t seem to be on the album, and that in addition to the return of the woman on the couch, we also see Brown don makeup and take on the role of some kind of figure who seems to be outside the sphere looking in on “This World” itself. In appearance I was reminded of Chris Goss circa the last Masters of Reality album. In concept, it was more The Watcher from the Marvel Comics What If…? series. Sometimes the mind goes strange places, my friends.

Anyway the song rocks, and you’ll find the Tyler Geeson-directed video below. Scattered Days is a gem and it’s out later this year on Taxi Driver Records.


Dandy Brown, “This World” official video

Dandy Brown (Hermano, Orquesta del Desierto) has just published the second single, “This World”, from his upcoming new album “Scattered Days” (Taxi Driver Records, 2018).

It’s the sister-piece to the first single “The Bees”, following the same story thread and shot by same director, Tyler Geeson.

Both new songs are included in “Scattered Days”: born in the high desert of southern California, the album is Dandy Brown’s final collection of songs written and recorded in the Morongo Basin. What began with the release of the Hermano and Orquesta Del Desierto collections, “Scattered Days” is the final phase of Brown’s desert writing sessions.

Written and produced by Dandy Brown
Engineered by Paul Francis
Mixed and Mastered by Paul Francis
Get Right Recording, Yucca Valley, California

Video directed and edited by Tyler Geeson

Dandy Brown website

Dandy Brown on Thee Facebooks

Taxi Driver Records webstore

Taxi Driver Records on Thee Facebooks

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Dandy Brown Posts “The Bees” Video; Touring Next Month with Fuzz Evil

Posted in Bootleg Theater on March 9th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

dandy brown

Dandy Brown‘s first single for Taxi Driver Records doesn’t exactly play it light on the desert ambience. And neither should it. The guitarist known for his work in the John Garcia-fronted Hermano and Orquesta del Desierto comes to the fore on “The Bees,” which arrives with a new video ahead of tour dates for Brown‘s band alongside Arizona’s Fuzz Evil next month. The two acts shared the bill last year in Fuzz Evil‘s native Arizona at Borderland Fuzz Fiesta (review here), and there as in “The Bees,” Dandy Brown‘s unpretentious groove seemed purely driven by desert-minded impulses. No reason the clip for the song shouldn’t work on that level as well.

One can easily hear the songwriting style at root in Hermano in “The Bees” too. That band’s last outing was 2007’s viciously underappreciated …Into the Exam Room, and there has been persistent word of a new Hermano release in the works — they played new stuff at Hellfest in France last year (posted here) — though nothing solid as far as “it’s been recorded” or “it’s coming out on such-and-such date and such-and-such label.” Brown, in the interim, notes below that a full-length from his solo band will be out this Winter through Taxi Driver, though at this point Spring/Summer seems much more likely — unless he’s talking about December and giving himself time to finish. I guess we’ll see when we get there.

But his hitting the road with Fuzz Evil is good news, and the song has laid back, catchy charm, so you won’t hear me complain. I don’t know exactly when the single will be out on Taxi Driver, but if you want to catch onto the vibe of “The Bees” ahead of its arrival — and why not? — you’ll find the video below, followed by more info from Brown‘s website.

Chill out, tune in, and enjoy:

Dandy Brown, “The Bees” official video

During a few days of the most recent high desert winter, we grabbed a camera, a couple of suits, a handful of flowers, booze bottles, some lingerie, guitars, amps and microphones, and set out to make this video for The Bees. Our mission was aided by some fantastic folks: a terrific crew, Nicole Serrano and Dawn Rich . . . a fantastic female lead, the beautiful Tee Marie . . . one of the finest new talents in southern California, our director, Tyler Geeson. We can’t say thanks enough to those folks.

Shot at various locations in Joshua Tree and Morongo Valley, California, The Bees is the first single for DB on Taxi Driver Records (Italy). A follow-up full length LP is expected in the winter of 2017.

Come and see us this spring with Sierra Vista, AZ’s own Fuzz Evil.

Dandy Brown & Fuzz Evil
I-10 Extravaganza 2017

Saturday, April 15, San Diego, CA, Tower Bar
Tuesday, April 18, Joshua Tree, CA, The Beatnik Cafe
Wednesday, April 19, Palm Desert, CA, The Red Barn
Thursday, April 20, Phoenix, AZ, Yucca Tap Room
Friday, April 21, Sierra Vista, AZ, the horned TOAD

Dandy Brown website

Dandy Brown on Thee Facebooks

Taxi Driver Records webstore

Taxi Driver Records on Thee Facebooks

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