Worship of Keres Sign to Svart Records; Heir to Fire Due this Summer

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If you head over to Worship of Keres‘ Bandcamp page, you’ll see the Californian four-piece have a few digital singles up and a three-song EP called simply Keres available for perusal. Frankly, given the professionalism of the recordings and the aesthetic have-their-shit-together-ness of the whole deal, I wouldn’t be surprised if any or all of that material showed up on the band’s impending debut full-length, Heir to Fire, which they’ll release through ultra-respected purveyor Svart Records in the coming months. Keres in particular shows a distinctive multi-genre blend taking hold between doom, traditional metal, heavy rock and a few other choice styles tossed in for flourish, and you can also stream that at the bottom of this post.

On the off-chance it’s your first exposure to them as it is mine — which mind you I doubt it is since you’re way more on top of that kind of thing than I am generally — I think you’ll find it an intriguing introduction either way. The PR wire sent word of the Svart signing as follows:

worship of keres

WORSHIP OF KERES sign with SVART RECORDS, prepare label debut

Svart Records is proud to announce the signing of Worship of Keres. The first fruit of this union shall be the band’s highly anticipated debut album, Heir to Fire, which will be released internationally later this spring/summer.

Founded in 2013 by Matthew Woods Wilhoit, Worship of Keres are a heavy metal band hailing from the Central Valley of California. Having been through many lineups since the idea was originally conceived as a side-project by Wilhoit, the curse began to grow and the Worship became the singular focus of its current lineup:

Justin (Hel) Helvete – vocals
Matthew Woods Wilhoit – guitars
Ryan Fernandes – drums
Chris Giblin – bass

Though proudly carrying the banner of heavy metal, Worship of Keres’ roots and influences are as gnarled, windy, and volatile as the area they come from, so it should be no surprise that, in a moment’s notice, they can craft a style of music that combines distinctive elements of doom, early thrash, New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and gothic hard rock. With a whole host of influences both classic and contemporary, Worship of Keres are able to weave together hauntingly dark melodies and incredibly visceral sonics into a cohesive soundscape that is all their own: unique yet inspired, brimming with bewitchingly catchy songs.

After a series of self-released EPs, which garnered an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response, a deal was struck with Finland’s fiercely independent and cutting-edge Svart Records for the release of Worship of Keres’ successive debut album. To be tiled Heir to Fire, the band’s debut LP will possess you from its first breath to its last. Taking the listener on a freefall into musical abandon, where all is possible in the pitch black – from the most vivid dreams to vicious nightmares, and beyond – Heir to Fire is a veritable love letter to everything that’s influenced the band and given it the strength to push forward with freedom of expression. Nothing is sacred in Worship of Keres’ ambitious exploration of melody and malady.

The curse of Worship of Keres will spread like plagues of wildfire, proudly carrying the torch lit by the Great Ones before them, throughout alien terrain and into your blood. Then again, words are words and talk is cheap, especially these days. So turn the volume up and listen for yourself! Cut the bullshit and begin the worship of Worship of Keres!

Release date, cover art, and tracklisting to be revealed shortly. For more info, consult the links below.


Worship of Keres, Keres (2017)

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