Kayleth Premiere “Forgive” Video; Colossus out Next Month

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As previously announced, Verona-based heavy rockers Kayleth will release their new album, Colossus, on Jan. 12 via Argonauta Records. Of the 12 tracks included on the Italian five-piece’s second full-length, I’m especially glad that it was ‘Forgive’ that they decided to give visual accompaniment. It’s a sensible choice, since among its peers on Colossus in hook-laden tracks like the rolling “Mankind’s Glory,” the fuzz-stomping “The Angry Man” and the atmospherically ranging “The Spectator,” it emphasizes the group’s blend of space and riff-fueled heavy rocks and the vitality with which they’re combined in some of the record’s best moments.

The synth of Michele Montanari is a prominent factor in making that happen, and it comes through on “Forgive” as well as the subsequent “Ignorant Song” just how much that’s the case. kayleth colossusWhat could easily otherwise be positioned as post-Kyuss/Dozer desert-style riffing is given an ethereal edge thanks to the fourish of keys, and as vocalist Enrico Gastaldo acts as the guiding hand through the barrage of careening riffs from guitarist Massimo Dalla Valle, the rhythm section of bassist Alessandro Zanetti and drummer Daneile Pedrollo more than capably handle the turns the riffs present, whether they might arrive in a slower-unfolding piece like “Pitchy Mantra” or in the nod-ready momentum-building opener “Lost in the Swamp,” which signals early to riff-hounds that they’re about to be in good company for the ensuing 59-minute stretch.

That’s not an insignificant run for Kayleth to make on their second LP, but like the robot walking around in the video for “Forgive,” they manage to cover an awful lot of ground in the time they have, and while there are some tracks that might reiterate a point, leading one to think that efficiency is still an emerging factor in their sound, the fact of the matter is they’re nearly a decade on from their first EP release, so it’s not like they’re an inexperienced band at this point. Maybe they just had a lot to say. That happens sometimes, and while they border on the unmanageable in the album’s stretch, the fact that later pieces like “Solitude” and “The Angry Man” offer so much punch alongside their resilient spaciousness staves off redundancy and leaves Colossus that much more fulfilling on the whole.

You can check out the premiere of the clip for “Forgive” below, followed by more info from the PR wire.

Please enjoy:

Kayleth, “Forgive” official video premiere

After the massive feedback of the deluxe edition of their latest album “Space Muffin” during the past Summer, KAYLETH are now ready to unleash their new effort. An intensive and unique blend of Stoner Rock sonorities, Sci-Fi atmospheres, stellar vocals and exciting guitar riffings, to build-up their best album to date.

KAYLETH “Colossus” will be released on CD/DD by ARGONAUTA Records and available from January 12th, 2018. Preorders run here: http://bit.ly/2hKjhFu

Kayleth is:
Massimo Dalla Valle: Guitar
Alessandro Zanetti: Bass
Daniele Pedrollo: Drums
Enrico Gastaldo: Vocals
Michele Montanari: Synth

Kayleth on Thee Facebooks

Kayleth on Instagram

Kayleth on Bandcamp

Kayleth at Argonauta webstore

Argonauta Records on Thee Facebooks

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Kayleth Set Jan. 12 Release for Colossus; Album Teaser Now Playing

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Italian heavy rockers Kayleth would have their work cut out for them in trying to go toe-to-toe title-wise with the name they gave their 2015 outing, which was called — are you sitting down? — Space Muffin, but the forthcoming Colossus brings a Lost in Space-style robot on its cover art with their logo emblazoned across its chest, and well, that’s not nothing as far as general awesomeness goes. The record is set to come out on Jan. 12 as part of a busy early 2018 schedule for countryman imprint Argonauta Records, and there’s a teaser clip that’s been posted which you can see below, highlighting the Verona five-piece’s penchant for writing unabashed hooks no less at home in outer space than the inner desert.

Colossus is available to preorder now from the label, and you’ll find that link below, along with the aforementioned cover and teaser, all courtesy of the PR wire, ever generous sort as it is.

Submitted for the digging and whatnot:

kayleth colossus

KAYLETH – cover artwork and album teaser revealed

Italian Stoner Space masters KAYLETH reveal cover artwork and video teaser of their highly anticipated new album “Colossus”.

After the massive feedback of the deluxe edition of their latest album “Space Muffin” during the past Summer, KAYLETH are now ready to unleash their new effort. An intensive and unique blend of Stoner Rock sonorities, Sci-Fi atmospheres, stellar vocals and exciting guitar riffings, to build-up their best album to date.

Absolutely not to be missed if you like ORANGE GOBLIN, 7ZUMA7, MONSTER MAGNET, but most of all good music!

KAYLETH “Colossus” will be released on CD/DD by ARGONAUTA Records and available from January 12th, 2018. Preorders run here: http://bit.ly/2hKjhFu

01 – Lost in the swamp
02 – Forgive
03 – Ignorant Song
04 – Colossus
05 – So Distant
06 – Mankind’s Glory
07 – The Spectator
08 – Solitude
09 – Pitchy Mantra
10 – The Angry Man
11 – The Escape
12 – Oracle


Kayleth, Colossus album teaser

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Epitaph Announce New Album Claws out Sept. 22

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Granted, the back end of September is getting pretty crowded with new releases as everyone tries to pack in their wares before things quiet down for the winter (as much as they ever really quiet down), but you might want to hold a spot the week of Sept. 22 for Italian classic doomers Epitaph. The Verona-based outfit who formed in 1987 and didn’t release their first album until getting back together ahead of 2014’s Crawling out of the Crypt will issue their much less it-took-decades-to-make-this-happen sophomore long-player that day in the form of Claws on High Roller Records, and it’s a five-track/41-minute slab of Pentagram/Sabbath/Vitus-style doomery that’s preaching righteously to the converted. Doom for doomers, man. Sometimes nothing else will do.

The PR wire brings a heads up:

epitaph claws

EPITAPH – Claws – High Roller Records

Release date: 22.09.2017
Distribution: Soulfood

More than 30 years after the birth of EPITAPH, the Italian Doom masters from Verona unleash their brand new full-length album »Claws« via High Roller Records. In the eighties and nineties, Italy spawned a big black mass of great doomy bands, as the underground flourished with illustrious names such as Death SS, Black Hole, Sacrilege, Zess or Abysmal Grief… Epitaph were an integral part of this glorious movement, having close bonds with other legendary acts, namely Black Hole and Sacrilege.

In the guise of »Crawling Out Of The Crypt« EPITAPH had made a new start in 2014 with a record that was mostly made up of old compositions and ideas.

However, the band’s brand new studio album is entitled »Claws«. Original drummer Mauro Tollini explains: “»Claws« is our little warped, insidious creature. It’s the first release of ours to be ascribed to the current line-up, in its scope and not just in execution. It’s a harder and perhaps more demanding listen. In most respects it’s a genuine EPITAPH album. We’re not giving up on riffs, melodies and a pinch of the horrific! It also sports illustrations for each track, thus continuing the grisly gallery we had started with the ‘debut’ album.”

The main riff in “Waco The King”, surely one of the key songs on this exceptional album, has a certain Tony Iommi feel about it, very dark, very heavy, and quite rocky… “That’s undeniably true,” says Mauro. “We grew up in the eighties, listening to the generally reviled incarnations of Black Sabbath of that time, as well as to their older classics (we’re glad to hear that the late period of Sabbath history is finally getting more recognition!). Their sharper riffing surely influenced the band, and has stuck since then.”

After the release of »Claws«, EPITAPH will be out on the road for a lengthy European tour with their label mates Procession.

Epitaph is:
MAURO “Tolly” TOLLINI: drums
NICO (the doomer) MURARI: bass
EMILIANO (il confessore) CIOFFI: vocals


Epitaph, “Ancient Rite” official video

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3 Mexicans From Gorma, G.O.R.M.A.: There are Cowboys in Verona

Posted in Reviews on May 10th, 2011 by JJ Koczan

It’s worth noting immediately that no one in the band 3 Mexicans From Gorma is actually Mexican. They’re Italian. The band hails from Verona and its three members – Luigi Calzavara on vocals/guitar, Marco Dal Molin on bass and Igor Lanaro on drums – make their debut on G.O.R.M.A. (Go Down Records), a narrative concept album that tells the story of a cowboy who wanders into a ghost town and gets trapped there by demons and forced to stay for eternity, and in case you’re wondering about style, as it says on the back panel of the jewel case artwork, “3 Mexicans From Gorma plays ONLY FUCKING hard Mexicans stoner music.” So right away, we know they are definitely not not fucking.

G.O.R.M.A. – the name of the town in the plot said to be derived from the band members’ names (I can see it with Lanaro and Dal Molin, though I don’t know how you account for Calzavara in that) – has several sketch interludes, complete with windy backdrop, heavily-accented speech and old-time radio sound effects of horse hooves and opening and closing doors. There’s one in the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end, and between them, the trio riff rocks their way through songs mostly derivative of the desert/stoner mainstays without adding too much to the mix in terms of their own individuality. As I listen though, I almost wish both the sketches and the lyrics to the songs – we open with “Preface/Back to the Desert…” before “Intro” and “Intermission” take hold, so yes, it’s a while before the album gets going – were in Italian, and that there was more of a Western feel in the music. 3 Mexicans From Gorma touches on that, but with Italy’s rich history in the film genre of the Western – not to mention the accompanying music and incredibly influential work of Ennio Morricone – it feels like there’s an opportunity that Calzavara, Dal Molin and Lanaro are letting slip through their collective fingers. Our hero meets a mariachi later into the album, a two-and-a-half-minute acoustic interlude ensues that sets up the Kyuss-esque instrumental “Wah Wah,” and there was another acoustic interlude earlier in the form of “First Day, Jen… When I See You…” but that hardly feels like it’s all 3 Mexicans From Gorma could have done to play with the aesthetic they’ve taken on, and with all the interludes, sketches, intros and outros, there’s never really a flow established on G.O.R.M.A. from one song to the next.

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