Bedroom Rehab Corporation Premiere Video for “When all You’ve Got is a Hammer”

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bedroom rehab corporation

It will not take too long into the seven minutes of “When all You’ve Got is a Hammer” before the progress in Bedroom Rehab Corporation‘s style, songwriting and performance shows itself. The Connecticut two-piece were last heard from on their 2013 debut long-player, Red over Red (review here), and having seen them only get better on stage over numerous shows the last two years or so, I’ve been somewhat anxious to get my ears on some new audio, to see if they’d be able to translate their development into a studio setting. Recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato (Elder, Black Pyramid) and finished in the cold winter hours of early 2015, the new Fortunate Some EP will be released Oct. 3 (preorders are available as of this premiere) and if “When all You’ve Got is a Hammer” is anything to go by, it will find them doing precisely that: bringing the tight heaviness and aggression of their stage show to completed studio tracks.

Bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade are each well in command of their modus throughoutbedroom rehab corporation fortunate some the song’s semi-extended course. The verses showcase an increased capacity for melody and the chorus is more aggro, but still catchy in its shout and stomp. As the first audio to be made public from Fortunate Some it bodes well in its captured energy and also its spaciousness, the middle of “When all You’ve Got is a Hammer” moving into an effects-laden instrumental section so fluidly you almost don’t know until you’re already in it working your way back, but of course they slam through with full tonal and percussive brunt to finish out. Directed by Peter Huoppi, the video takes the titular imagery head on. We see a blacksmith and a guy hammering rocks toward some unknown end out in the woods — that’s a job, right? — and both come to discard their hammers and hit the bar where Killimade and Wujtewicz happen to be playing. Somehow at the end, after a trek through the same rocky woods and what looks like the train tracks by Cherry St. Station in Wallingford, CT (actually they’re in Norwich, about an hour’s can’t-get-there-from-here New England drive away), the duo pick up both castaway hammers and make their way down the line.

There’s a lot to enjoy here for those who heard Red over Red, but even if “When all You’ve Got is a Hammer” is your introduction to Bedroom Rehab Corporation, it’s a good time to be introduced, as they’ve just brought their approach to an entirely new level to emerge as a more confident, sonically powerful band.

Video and info follow. Please enjoy:

Bedroom Rehab Corporation, “When all You’ve Got is a Hammer” official video

Bedroom Rehab Corporation – “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” from the new EP ‘Fortunate Some’ available on LP/Digital October 3, 2015.

Pre-order ‘Fortunate Some’ from BandCamp (you will receive immediate download of “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer”):

Director: Peter Huoppi
Featuring: Chris Holdridge, Clint Wright & Rich Huoppi
Live footage filmed on location at 33 Golden Street, New London, CT

Featured in live footage:
Marko Fontaine, Stephanie Johnson, Pete Egner, Ben LaRose, Bobby Crash, Tim “Grim” Riley, Suz Manning, Corina Malbaurn, Kim Zajehowski Case, Tracy Tremblay, Paul Brockett, Tracey Hollins, Sean Beirne, Greg Gates, Jim Villano, Courtney Cole, Jerrica Cole

Bedroom Rehab Corporation on Thee Facebooks

Preorder Fortunate Some on Bandcamp

Bedroom Rehab Corporation on Twitter

Bedroom Rehab Corporation on Instagram

Release Show Info

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Behold! the Monolith New Album Architects of the Void Available to Preorder

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behold the monolith

Los Angeles heavyweights Behold! the Monolith are taking orders now for their third album, Architects of the Void, which is set to release Sept. 29. The band have a bunch of different bundle deals set up for those who’d like a shirt to go along with their CD or vinyl (or both), and it’s their first outing since the death in a car accident of vocalist Kevin McDade in 2013, which is about as heavy as context gets, quite frankly.

The album was recorded and mixed by the one and only Billy Anderson, and the striking cover art is by Dusty Peterson. For more, we turn to the PR wire:

behold the monolith architects of the void

BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH to Release ‘Architects of the Void’ on September 29

Los Angeles stoner/doom metal band BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH will release new album Architects of the Void September 29 on CD, digital, and vinyl formats. The album can be pre-ordered at this location.

Legendary producer Billy Anderson has expertly harnessed the band’s smoke-belching locomotive style, while the songwriting is the most captivating of the quartet’s career. Guitarist Matt Price had this to say about the results:”It’s a relatively dark album, which is probably fitting. A few of the riffs and ideas had pretty much coagulated right before Kevin’s accident, and most of the others were colored by it, so yeah it feels kinda heavy and dark to me. I hope I don’t sound like a high falootin’ artisté, but it felt personal for me and Chase, so it wound up being more than just stringing riffs together, ya know? That being said Cas and Jordan came in and kicked ass and brought their own stamp to the sound. So it’s a bit different, but I think it captures the essence what Behold! The Monolith is all about!”

Architects of the Void follows critically acclaimed 2012 release Defender, Redeemist and marks the debut of vocalist Jordan Nalley who took the reigns following the tragic 2013 death of Kevin McDade in a car accident. The album will also be the first for new bassist Jason “Cas” Casanova (SASQUATCH). The album artwork was created by Dusty Peterson (Bloodbath, Six Feet Under, Oceano).

Jordan Nalley – Vocals
Matt Price – Guitar
Jason “Cas” Casanova – Bass
Chase Manhattan – Rhythm and Lead Drums

Produced by Billy Anderson and Behold! The Monolith

Behold! The Monolith, Live in Los Angeles, March 18, 2015

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Sonora Ritual Working on New Album Dust Monument

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sonora ritual

German heavy psych four-piece Sonora Ritual have announced that their sophomore outing, to be titled Dust Monument, is currently in progress. That could mean any number of things, really, from the earliest writing sessions to mixing and mastering, but the point is that they’re somewhere in the process and that’s better than nothing. Their warm-toned psychedelia was last heard from on their 2013 debut long-player, Worship the Sun, and they have done shows along the way with Wight and Bushfire and appeared at the Stoned from the Underground festival in their native Germany.

The debut earned a pretty fervent response, and reasonably so. It was enough either way to get Sonora Ritual picked up by Kozmik Artifactz, who first announced their signing last year and has had a vinyl release for Worship the Sun listed as coming soon more or less since. No word on whether Dust Monument will be issued through the label as well, but Sonora Ritual were featured on Kozmik Artifactz‘s Home of the Good Sounds Vol. 2 comp (streamed here) last month, so presumably they’re looking to continue the association past this upcoming issue of their first release.

Word was quick from the band, but the cover art has also been revealed, and it looks like this:


We’d like to announce our new album we are working on. It’s called ‘Dust Monument’ and is going to be some sort of concept sequel. Join the hermit once again continuing his journey. Stay tuned for tracklisting, artworks and other stuff.

Sonora Ritual is a band of different influences and styles of heavy music. No overblown adjectives that describe the sound of these guys. It’s up to you, to make your own opinion.

Grab a beer and enjoy the ride.

Fartface Johnson – Lead Vocals/Guitar Franklin D. Boozewell – Bass Wifebeater McKenzie – Guitar Snuffy O’Brian – Drums

Sonora Ritual, Worship the Sun (2013)

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Serpents of Secrecy Announce Al “The Yeti” Bones as Vocalist

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serpents of secrecy

Ontario-based singer Al “The Yeti” Bones brings a considerable measure of pedigree to the lineup of Serpents of Secrecy. That band, which already boasts three of the four members of the recently-defunct Sixty Watt Shaman and also count Foghound and King Giant on their collective resumé, can add lines for Bones‘ (né Alex Petrovich) experience in Gypsy Chief GoliathMister Bones and underrated bruisers The Mighty Nimbus to that mix. He also released a solo album (track stream here) in 2014.

The group’s debut full-length is underway now, being recorded with the venerable J. Robbins, as the PR wire informs. Normally I’d say congratulations either to the band or to Bones himself, but I think this time it’s worth congratulating both, as everyone here seems to win out. Looking forward to that record:


SERPENTS OF SECRECY: Reactivated Southern Doom Pioneers Welcome Al Yeti Bones To The Vocal Position; Full-Length Album Underway

After weeks of auditions, reactivated southern doom bringers, SERPENTS OF SECRECY – featuring ex-Sixty Watt Shaman members, bassist Rev. Jim Forrester (Foghound), drummer Chuck Dukehart III (Foghound) and guitarist Todd Ingram (King Giant) — are very pleased to welcome current Gypsy Chief Goliaths/former Mighty Nimbus frontman, Al Yeti Bones, to the mic.

SERPENTS OF SECRECY was initially forged in 2013 but ultimately put on hold while Rev. Jim, Dukehart III, and Ingram participated in the reformation of Sixty Watt Shaman. However, following two years of performances including DesertFest Berlin and London, the increasingly difficult challenges related to schedules and logistics within the Sixty Watt camp led to the revival of SERPENTS OF SECRECY.

Recording of a full-length album is already underway in Baltimore, Maryland at Magpie Cage Studios with J. Robbins (Clutch, Wino, The Sword etc.). The first round of tracking is complete and additional sessions are planned in the coming weeks. “We were working with several candidates and heard some great vocalists but Al’s demos had the attack, passion and feel that best matched the music we’re writing,” said Ingram of the decision to bring in Yeti Bones. “His performances were the first ones where all three of us thought, ‘yep, this is our guy.’ And his enthusiasm for this project has truly been impressive. He sent us vocal takes less than twenty-four hours after receiving the rough tracks.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this band,” says Yeti Bones. “It’s been nearly a decade since I’ve been involved with anything stateside, and the name SERPENTS OF SECRECY truly spoke to me. Fitting for what we are doing and the road we travel down, which is one that has been relatively silent to the public waiting for the right time to strike by unleashing this beast unto the world.”

“The songs cover a lot of ground musically and emotionally,” elaborates Forrester of the forthcoming tunes. “Much of the material was written and even recorded in a very despondent atmosphere. So the songs range from a palpable anger and aggression to very somber in tone.” “And there are some head nodding, all-consuming anthems in there as well,” adds Dukehart.

SERPENTS OF SECRECY plans to release the album in late 2015/early 2016. Further info to be announced in the coming weeks.

Al “The Yeti” Bones, “I’m so Tired”

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Atala West Coast Tour Starts July 22

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atala (Photo by Alyssa Herrman)

After touring their way north early last month, Coachella Valley-based Atala recorded an EP with none other than Billy Anderson in Oregon reportedly to be titled Euphony of Enchanted Chaos that will serve as the follow-up to their 2014 self-titled debut (review here). I’m not sure what the occasion is for the week of dates that kick off July 22, that is, if they’ve got something going in Sacramento after the last show or if they’re just going home, but if they’re pushing new material on the road, that’s really enough of an excuse in itself to get out.

And just in case your life wasn’t complicated enough, Atala are not to be confused with Attalla, from Wisconsin. Chew on that for a bit.

Dates and info follow off the PR wire:

atala tour dates

ATALA Announces Week Tour Stint in Various Western United States brought to you by ADHD Entertainment.

Giving the Hi-Desert a sound of its own!

After a grueling, week-long recording session for their sophomore release with heavy music pioneer Billy Anderson (Sleep, the Melvins, Mastodon), Southern California Hi-Desert natives Atala plan to hit the road in various states on the west. They seek to level each place they visit with their unique, massive sound that channels their energy through harmonious dissonance and reserved aggression.

Atala “Summer is Doomed” Tour Dates
7/22 – Bisbee, AZ @ The Quarry Bisbee
7/23 – Scottsdale, AZ @ The Rogue Bar
7/24 – Farmington, NM @ Studio 18
7/25 – Denver, CO @ The Toad Tavern
7/26 – Salt Lake City- UT @ Metro Bar
7/27 – Boise, ID @ The Shredder
7/29 – Sacramento, CA @ The Press Club

Atala consists of Kyle Stratton (Rise of the Willing, Domiculumn) John Chavarria (Rise of the Willing, A’rk, Sons of Serro) and Jeff Tedtaotao (Forever Came Calling). With fall of Stratton and Chavarria’s previous band, Rise of the Willing, Atala began its slow mold to what it is now today. John would later join to complete the band, both musically and mentally. Together, they pursue their future endeavors day by day with a strong sense of passion and clarity.


Atala, “Broken Glass” official video

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Giza Premiere “Cenotaph” from Migration

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Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the quiet opening of “Cenotaph” — or better yet, do. Go ahead and let the dreamy drift of the first 40 seconds or so carry you along at a comfortable pace, minimal, contemplative, maybe just a little foreboding. All the better to let the slam into full weight tonality that follows catch you off balance, Seattle trio Giza launching their third outing, Migration, softly enough but soon giving way to a lumbering groove drawn in part from the post-Neurosis school, but given just a touch of YOB-style kosmiche, the lead line that emerges in the midsection calling to mind some of the fellow Pacific Northwesterners’ mystical ways.

It’s a steady diet of rumble that Migration feeds the listener, the subsequent “Hashteroid” fleshing out trades between airy acoustics and further crushing atmospheric sludge, a chug underlying a dense mix of layers that almost fools you into thinking it’s done before finally deconstructing itself in a momentary freneticism of giza migrationguitar that nods at some of Russian Circles‘ payoffs while retaining its own identity as well, drummer Justin Rodda stepping forward from Richard Burkett‘s guitar and Steve Becker‘s bass to finish the track with a vicious flurry of snare. Impressively, “Strawberry Caviar” changes methods, building up from a hypnotic, soft guitar line to a more ambient wash, feedback only helping to set the mood.

That feedback ends “Strawberry Caviar” cold to make way for the opening bells of 13-minute closer “March of the High Priests,” which is the only non-instrumental piece of the four included on the 32-minute full-length. Vocalist Irene Barber tops the building rollout and instead of ultimately fading behind the wall of riffing that Giza construct, as one might expect, remains for the duration, giving the song a spacious presence somewhere between Ides of Gemini and Pallbearer, but again, not wholly indebted to anyone over the concoction of their own making from the various stylistic ingredients, huge-sounding crashes finishing out by giving way to a last, sustained rumble cut short. Clearly, Giza‘s work here is done.

Giza release Migration on Aug. 1 as the follow-up to last year’s I am the Ocean, I am the Sea, and I’m pleased today to be able to host the premiere of “Cenotaph” for your streaming pleasure. Please find it on the player below, and enjoy:

GIZA’s newest effort finds the band in its most creative/heavy/mild-melting/amp-worshiping effort to date. It’s also the bands first foray into added musicians. “Migration” boasts two guest appearances by Bryce Shoemaker (Bronze Fawn, Jules, Vermillion) on guitar on “Hashteroid” and Irene Barber on vocals (Dust Moth, XVIII Individual Eyes) on “March of the High Priests.”

* Album art by Ryan Frederiksen

“Migration” Track List:
1. Cenotaph
2. Hashteroid
3. Strawberry Caviar
4. March Of The High Priests

US live appearances coming soon.

Giza on Bandcamp

Giza on Thee Facebooks

Giza on Twitter

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Greenbeard Release Debut Album Stoned at the Throne

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And now, a play:

Officer McWhitey: Uh, do you know why I pulled you over?

Me: Nope.

Officer McWhitey: You were driving erratically. Swerving all over the place. What’s that you’ve got there?

Me: Oh, it’s a CD by this band from Austin called Greenbeard.

(Officer McWhitey, as portrayed by the douchiest buzzcut-looking motherfucker you can find, takes the CD, examines it.)

Officer McWhitey: Stoned at the Throne, huh?

Me (Looking at Officer McWhitey and realizing he’s at least eight years my junior): Yup.

Officer McWhitey: Step out of the car, sir.


I hope you enjoyed this original play. I bet you didn’t know I wrote plays. I don’t. Greenbeard, however, write riffs, and that’s even better. The Austin, Texas, four-piece list July 10 as the release date for their full-length debut, Stoned at the Throne, but you can stream the thing now and since you can, you probably should.

Background follows, culled from the internets:

greenbeard stoned at the throne

We present to you, “Stoned at the Throne”! Our first full length album. This collection of music represents everything we stand for. 8 tracks of blistering riffs, heavy grooves, hard hitting beats, and tastefully meticulated song writing. We urge you to sit back, clear your mind, turn up the volume, ready the rig, and get stoned at the throne with us. Enjoy!

Greenbeard assembled to honor and celebrate all things heavy, riff driven, stoner, desert, and above all else, rock and roll. “Greenbeard” was recorded in the spring of 2014. Chance Parker, Alex Smith, and Buddy Hachar collided visions to manifest a sonic liquification of heavy riffs, dark grooves, and hypnotic beats.

“Greenbeard” dove deep into the blueprints of heavy rock. Tracks like “Sludgito” will melt your mind with their never ending slow roasting bass groove. “Eris” shuffles through the Texas desert soil with driving riffs and hard hitting drums.

Desert rock from the sun stricken soil of Austin, TX. Greenbeard brings prolific vibrations to the universe via drums, bass, and guitar.

Stoned at the Throne comes in a CD jacket with custom artwork by Headbang Design of France. Stoned at the Throne was mixed by Adam Hamilton (Brian Jonestown Massacre/Counting Crows/LA Guns), and mastered by Paul Tavenner (Cleopatra Records). Recorded at Ohm Recording Facility and engineered by Chico Jones. Produced by Alfonso Gonzalez.

Chance Parker: Vocals/Guitar
Ethan Thayer: BG Vocals
Buddy Hachar: Drums
Marc Maddox: Bass

Greenbeard, Stoned at the Throne (2015)

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Stoned Jesus European Tour Starts this Week

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stoned jesus

Kiev-based three-piece Stoned Jesus head out tomorrow on the beginning turn of their European tour to support their third album, The Harvest (review here), released earlier this year. They’ll do festivals this weekend and sporadically all the way into September, at which point they’ll pick up for a run alongside Swedish heavyweights Greenleaf that, well, is a show I’d very much like to see.

I won’t be so fortunate, but you might be, and so to help you mark your calendar if need be (though I think I might be the only one who still does that kind of thing), here are the tour dates off the PR wire:

stoned jesus the harvest tour

STONED JESUS: European tour to kick off this week at Stoned From The Underground fest!

Ukrainian stoner rock frontrunners STONED JESUS are all set to hit the European highways this Thursday, for an extensive summer tour in support of their rocking third album “The Harvest”.

09.07 – ERFURT (De) Stoned From The Underground Festival
10.07 – PLESZEW (Pol) Red Smoke Festival
16.07 – ANYKSCIAI (Lit) Devilstone Festival
17.07 – STOCKENBOI (At) Woodstockenboi Festival
15.08 – RODATYCHI (Ukr) Zaxid Fest
28.08 – VALADA (Pt) Reverence Festival
05.09 – KAMINETS-POLDILSKIY (Ukr) Respublica Fest
11.09 – CHEMNITZ (De) Ajz Talshock
12.09 – BERLIN (De) Cassiopea
15.09 – SALZBURG (At) Rockhouse
16.09 – ZAGREB (Cro) Vintage Industrial
17.09 – BUDAPEST (Hun) Kvlt
18.09 – BELGRADE (Ser) Bozidarac
20.09 – LJUBLJANA (Slo) Klub Gromka

STONED JESUS is a trio hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, which has been one of the biggest bands to emerge on the Eastern Europe stoner scene these past few years. Formed in 2009 by guitarist and vocalist Igor, they first toured Russia and Ukraine extensively, after what they released their highly-anticipated debut “First Communion”.

2011 saw STONED JESUS kept exploring and changed direction with the “Stormy Monday” EP, but it is mostly with their second full-length “Seven Thunders Roar” that the band really drew attention , pushing their songwriting to another level. Less doom, more psychedelic, the album peaks with 16-minute long epic « I’m The Mountain », which remains the most progressive and ambitious song the band has written so far.

After a slight lineup change and a couple of more material released, STONED JESUS returned in 2015 with their third album to date, « The Harvest ». One thing is for sure: it didn’t leave the fans indifferent, by getting away from the trio’s psychedelic roots to offer a more fun and straightforward approach. From its catchy hooks and compelling vocals to its darker auspices, « The Harvest » can be seen as a red hot rock’n’roll meteor, probably the most ardent album STONED JESUS has ever released. It will prompt you to jump in the pit asap, and mosh as if it was your last night on Earth. Louder!

Igor Sydorenko – Guitar & vocals
Sergii Sliusar – Bass
Viktor Kondratov – Drums

Stoned Jesus, The Harvest (2015)

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