Creedsmen Arise Change Name to Vokonis

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Kind of a bummer to read about the troubles of Swedish newcomer riffers Creedsmen Arise, whose “certain circumstances” have led them to have to change their name to Vokonis. Not that the new name is so terrible or that the old one was so great, but clearly they were fond enough of it to use it in the first place and I know that once a group gets rolling under a given moniker, it’s not something they want to give up using lightly. Hence lawsuits over two bands called the same thing. It gets to be an issue of branding as much as anything else.

What’s more, these same circumstances have caused Vokonis to remove the Creedsmen Arise demo, Temple (review here), and the Bandcamp page on which it was hosted. Three good songs down the tubes. A cassette version of it was released by the vowel-eschewing imprint Btnk Cllctv, and they still have it up for streaming as well, but I expect once the tapes are gone — and at a meager $5 a pop, they’ll likely go — that will come down too, and the post-Sleep riffage will have to find new form in the work of Vokonis, whatever shape it might take initially still unknown.

Not the end of the world, and if it was going to happen, probably better now than when they had two albums out, but still. Good luck to Vokonis. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from them soon.

They made the announcement thusly:


This one might seem a little strange.

Due to certain circumstances there is no more Creedsmen Arise.

We’ve decided to change our name and move forward instead with completely new material.

We will continue writing music and songs under the name Vokonis. We will still deliver the same unconditional fuzz that before..

Also! If you’ve purchase a Creedsmen Arise T-shirt from us, you are entitled to a Vokonis shirt!

We’re very sorry for your inconvenience, all who have bought the Temple EP will be eligible for a free download of our new album once it’s out.

// Simon, Emil and Jonte

Praise Iommi.

Creedsmen Arise, Temple (2015)

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Stone Machine Electric Announce The Amazing Terror EP Release and Album Recording

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Reliably weird and heavy in kind, Stone Machine Electric will be releasing a new EP later this month called The Amazing Terror. As I understand the info below, the tracks on the new EP were recorded at the same time as late-2014’s Garage Tape (review here), but they also serve as the foundations for what the Texas-based two-piece of guitarist William “Dub” Irvin and drummer/Thereminist Mark Kitchens will be recording for their next full-length in December as they hit the studio with Kent Stump of Wo Fat once again at the helm.

I could have that wrong, but I don’t think I do. Either way, if you heard Garage Tape, you know that when these two cats jam, they do it right. They have a new video for “The Amazing Terror” that reinforces my stated position as regards their chemistry, and while I wouldn’t dare predict what their next full-length might hold for them sound-wise, I’m looking forward to it:

stone machine electric (Photo by Judy Stump)

Stone Machine Electric – EP Release and Studio News

Texas heavy duo, Stone Machine Electric, is planning to head into the studio this December to record their next full-length release. This go around, Dub and Kitchens will be back at Crystal Clear sound in Dallas, TX with none other than Kent Stump of Wo Fat manning the controls.

This next album will combine the raw, live feel that was presented in the Garage Tape, and mix it with the warmth and fuzzy layers present in their self-titled release.

As a way to mark this next jaunt into creation, Stone Machine Electric is releasing an EP entitled The Amazing Terror. This release contains fuzzy gobs culled from the recording session of the Garage Tape. These little chunks offer the listener a small glimpse of what is to be laid down when the band hits the studio in December.

The Amazing Terror will be release digitally and a limited run on CD on November 24, 2015. A video for the title track has been released online already, so please enjoy The Amazing Terror!

Stone Machine Electric, “The Amazing Terror” official video

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Ashes of Iron Post Stop-Motion Video for “Dances of Vanity”

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I don’t know much about anything and I know next to nothing about most things, but I do know that stop-motion animation is hard as hell. My understanding is it’s hard as hell when you have a big-time corporate budget behind you, so, like everything, one imagines it’s even more difficult for an independent band — or, in the case of UK psych-prog rockers Ashes of Iron, for guitarist Tom Hoad — to dedicate the necessary time to such an endeavor. That only makes the results in the new Ashes of Iron video for “Dances of Vanity” more impressive.

The track comes from the band’s upcoming EP. When that’s expected out, I don’t know. What’s it called? How many songs are on it? Self-release? Physical pressing? I don’t know. I told you, not much about anything. But “Dances of Vanity” is the first audio from the Sunderland five-piece since the single “Idiot” followed up their self-titled debut in 2012, and while their moniker is deathcore-confrontational, or at very least ultra-dudely-doom, a progressive psychedelic rock pervades the track itself, smoothly textured and engagingly atmospheric across a six-plus-minute span as we see a body come together in the video to likewise hypnotic effect.

More to come on the Ashes of Iron EP when I hear it, but if you don’t know the band, the clip came out the other day and is a suitable introduction. As always, I hope you enjoy:

Ashes of Iron, “Dances of Vanity” official video

Ladies & Gentlemen, Many 100s of hours in the making and something us all in Ashes Of Iron are very proud of creating.

Please take a moment to wrap your eyes & ears around our new song and video from our forthcoming EP.

Dances Of Vanity is off our forthcoming EP. Video created by Tom Hoad. Thanks to Neil “The Beast” Bassett for recording & mixing and Tom Fletcher for playing the Lapsteel.

Ashes of Iron on Thee Facebooks

Ashes of Iron on Bandcamp

Ashes of Iron on Twitter

Ashes of Iron website

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Super Witch Post Video for “The Need”; Debut Album Released

Posted in Bootleg Theater on November 5th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

super witch

Memphis heavy punkers Super Witch seem to have an affinity for the video-making process. Their first album, Super Witch has Risen, was just released the other day, but “The Need” is already the third clip to come from it after one earlier this summer for “House of Warlocks” and one that was first posted last year for “Army of Werewolves.” Their prior EP, The Sun, also produced a video for “Tales of Madness” that was posted here, so “The Need” is more like the latest in an ongoing series than a standalone release unto itself. That said, it is the first one they’ve done since Super Witch has Risen came out, which, again, was just the other day, so that makes a difference as well.

The record, self-released, is available digitally through Super Witch‘s Bandcamp at a name-your-price rate, which makes it priced to sell. It was recorded half at Rocket Science Audio and half (give or take) at M.A.P. Studios, both in Memphis, and the video for “The Need” captures a pretty live-in-studio feel. I don’t know if it was filmed as they were making the album or not — my sense is not, but you never know — but it has that vibe, anyway. If you’re somebody sensitive to things like quick cuts and flashing lights, you might want to keep your hand on the mouse, since they get down with some of that, but the song’s worth checking out in any case, so if you need to pop open another window, fair enough.

It goes a little something like this:

Super Witch, “The Need” official video

Super Witch Music Video for “The Need” off the new full length album “Super Witch has Risen”. Recorded at The Mighty Aw Poots studio and Rocket Science Audio in Memphis, Tn.

Super Witch on Bandcamp

Super Witch on Thee Facebooks

Super Witch on Twitter

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Blue Snaggletooth Announce Fall Live Dates

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blue snaggletooth

Ann Arbor, Michiganers Blue Snaggletooth released their Beyond Thule album last year and continue to support the release regionally in the Midwest this fall with an assortment of shows prior to the arrival of 2016. I guess the highlight of the bunch is probably the Dec. 10 hometown gig opening for The Sword and Royal Thunder, but they’re sharing the stage with an assortment of kickass contemporaries throughout, so plenty worth keeping up with either way.

Background on the band and the current show dates follow, courtesy of the internet and the PR wire, respectively. Dig:

blue snaggletooth tour

Blue Snaggletooth fall tour schedule.

Taking their name from a minor character (and a highly collectible action figure) in the Star Wars universe, Blue Snaggletooth were formed in 2009 by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Chris “Box” Taylor. Blue Snaggletooth released their first album, Dimension Thule, in August 2011. While Dimension Thule was enthusiastically reviewed and fared well enough to sell out its initial press run, personal commitments led to the band splintering not long after the album was released. Undaunted, Taylor soon assembled a new lineup that’s even heavier and more impressive than the first – featuring Casey O’Ryan on guitar, Joe Kupiec on bass, and Mike Popovich on drums.

Guitarist Casey O’Ryan and bassist Joe Kupiec are rock & roll prodigies steeped in hard rock and classic boogie – as Taylor says, “They’re not brothers, but they should be,” and they give the band groove, energy, force, and powerful commitment. With Mike Popovich bringing the heavy behind the kit and Taylor wailing and laying down rhythm licks up front, this new edition is a hard rock dream machine, ready to take your mind and your ears deep into the cosmos.

After the new edition of the band honed its chops with live work, Blue Snaggletooth returned to the recording studio in early 2014, and in the following fall, the band unveiled its masterful sophomore album, Beyond Thule.

We have a bunch of shows coming up in November / December. Can’t wait to play some new stages and melt some new faces.

Blue Snaggletooth 2015 Fall Tour Schedule!
Nov. 13, Chicago, IL, The Burlington Bar with Thee Arthur Layne and BoneHawk
Nov. 14, Milwaukee, WI, Club Garibaldi, with The Architects of the Aftermath, IROCK-Z, BoneHawk
Nov. 20, Cleveland, OH, Grog Shop, with Album, Contra, Blackwater
Nov. 21, Detroit, MI, The UFO Factory, with Stone Ritual, DIRTWOLF
Dec. 10, Ann Arbor, MI, Blind Pig, with The Sword, Royal Thunder
Dec. 12, Ft. Wayne IN, Skeletunes, with BoneHawk

Blue Snaggletooth, “Ahamkara”

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Reign of Zaius Release New Single “Farewell to Arms”

Posted in Whathaveyou on October 30th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

I’m not sure how Brooklyn stoner riffers Reign of Zaius knew I was thinking about setting up an Evil Dead marathon this Halloween (whether or not it materializes is another concern entirely, but I was thinking about it) but good on the four-no-wait-five-piece for keeping up with my half-formed intentions. I’m not really a big Halloween guy, actually — did you know people get dressed up for that? — but one thinks of these things. Clearly I wasn’t the only person thinking of Bruce Campbell, as Reign of Zaius have just released a new single called “Farewell to Arms” that takes its theme from the cult Sam Raimi trilogy of films, and I guess by extension from the new tv arm of the franchise, Ash vs. Evil Dead, which also premieres this weekend.

The song itself I remember from when the band played Worcester, MA, over the summer (review here) — watch out for getting your soul swallowed — and “Farewell to Arms” follows their last single, “Power Hitter” (posted here), and finds them welcoming guitarist Vlad the Inhaler back into the fold. Details follow:


Reign Of Zaius release Evil Dead themed song “Farewell to Arms”

Brooklyn-based stoner rockers Reign of Zaius have released a new single: “Farewell to Arms”, a musical tribute to the classic cult-horror film Evil Dead 2.
The song is available as a free download at the band’s website:

“Farewell to Arms” arrives just in time for the Halloween premiere of “Ash vs. Evil Dead”, the latest installment in the Evil Dead franchise, produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell for the Starz network.

Like their previous single “Power Hitter”, the song “Farewell to Arms” was recorded independently by Reign of Zaius at their secret headquarters in Brooklyn. This is the band’s second recording with vocalist Leon “Space” Chase and guitarist Mike “Creepy Mo” O’Neil. The single also marks the official return of guitarist “Vlad the Inhaler”, who left Reign of Zaius under mysterious circumstances a year ago but has now officially re-joined the band full-time.

In response to allegations that “Farewell to Arms” might actually contain ancient incantations capable of unleashing real-life demons into the homes of its listeners, Chase said only this: “As long as nobody plays it backwards, we’ll all be fine.”

Reign of Zaius, “Farewell to Arms”

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Young Hunter Premiere New Single “Nothing Shakes the Void”

Posted in audiObelisk on October 26th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

young hunter (Photo by Kendra Oakes Ferguson)

It has been almost two years since Young Hunter first unveiled their Embers at the Foot of Dark Mountain EP — which at surfaced on its own initially and then served as the band’s half of a split tape with Ohioan (review here) last year — and a busy two years at that. Guitarist/vocalist Benjamin Blake relocated from Tucson, Arizona, to Portland, Oregon, and at least in concept, brought the band with him. Young Hunter as they appear on the new single “Nothing Shakes the Void” have a new lineup in the form of Blake, Sam Dean, Grant Pierce, Sara Pinnell and Erik Wells, and the shift in personnel is manifest in the song’s breadth, pulling a broad range of influences together so that the beginning seems to owe its unfolding to Pallbearer-style doom while the ending melody, served up duet-style with Pinnell and Blake feels tagged from Nirvana‘s “Something in the Way.”

Fluid interplay of varying moods and styles could easily be considered a holdover from Young Hunter Mk. I, but “Nothing Shakes the Void” — which is set to appear on the upcoming Doomed and Stoned regional compilation, Doomed and Stoned in Portland — pushes young hunter nothing shakes the voidfurther into a cohesive blend, so that as the slow progression of the opening gives way to a chug that seems to nod simultaneously at ’80s metal and goth rock, Young Hunter retain their sonic identity and overarching sense of purpose to the whole affair. That is to say, it’s not just that the band are bringing contrasting sounds together, which is something they’ve been doing since their 2012 debut, Stone Tools (discussed here), but that they’re bringing them together for a reason, and that reason is creating something of the band’s own from them. “Nothing Shakes the Void” is not without a sense of drama, and neither were the tracks on Embers at the Foot of Dark Mountain — which I still keep on regular rotation — but Young Hunter offer songcraft enough to easily sustain any and all theatrics so that they too seem to be serving the overriding listening experience.

After successfully raising funds through a Kickstarter, Young Hunter will release their second album in March 2016 on vinyl. More on that to come as we get closer, but for now, you can check out the premiere of “Nothing Shakes the Void” and get some background from Blake on the song below.

Please enjoy:

Young Hunter’s Benjamin Blake on “Nothing Shakes the Void”:

Since the recording of Embers at the Foot of Dark Mtn, I moved to Portland and restarted the band. A YH v2 of sorts, with some incredible people who I feel deeply fortunate to be working with. We’ve been playing together for almost two years-writing new material, making this album, and playing often in Portland, honing our craft as a live band.

One interesting aspect of this song is that the quiet ending part was sort of the seed for the rest of the song, and it came to me in a dream. I was able to write down the lyrics when I woke up and recall the melody later, and then it grew into what it is now. That’s the only time that’s ever happened to me.

Young Hunter on Thee Facebooks

Young Hunter on Instagram

Young Hunter on Bandcamp

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Are Swarm of the Lotus Reuniting?

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If the question is whether or not Swarm of the Lotus might be getting back together, I guess the short answer is “I hope so.” The Baltimore crushers have been out of commission for almost exactly five years, and it was five years before that that their second and final studio album, 2005’s The Sirens of Silence, was released. That record came out on Century Media, and like its 2004 predecessor, When White Becomes Black (which was on At a Loss), it was an absolute monster. Nobody was ever quite able to blend a post-hardcore bombast with weighted atmospherics like Swarm of the Lotus seemed to be able to do, and while members have continued on in other groups, it’s never been quite the same since Swarm of the Lotus called it quits. To wit, “Call to Abandon” from The Silence of Silence or “From Embers” from the debut. Devastating.

Yeah, posting a previously unreleased studio demo isn’t exactly announcing a world tour when it comes to reunion potential, but it’s more than has been heard from Swarm of the Lotus in an awfully long time, and the track in question, “Plagued by Ritual,” captures a lot of the bombastic groove that their best moments offered, and so, if you don’t know them, doesn’t actually make a bad way to get introduced. I remember seeing them play upstairs at The Pyramid, back when shows happened in Manhattan. It’s not every band that can elicit a windmill headbang out of me, but Swarm of the Lotus did so with no trouble whatsoever.

In addition to the post that follows here about the new-ish “Plagued by Ritual,” Swarm of the Lotus recently posted instrumental demos from their two albums and said that if Meatjack did a reunion show, they’d entertain the idea of following suit. I wouldn’t mind seeing that bill.

Dig it:

swarm of the lotus plagued by ritual

And now, I give you something I’m most excited about. Not exactly NEW music but essentially is to those that never knew, which is almost everybody save the band members and a small handful of people that may remember us playing it live….a very long time ago. I bestow upon you a sleeping giant, may she awake now from her slumber………

Peter Maturi-guitar/vox
Chris Csar-bass/vox
Cole Crickenberger-guitar
Jon-John Michaud-drums

Swarm of the Lotus, “Plagued by Ritual”

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