The Top 20 of 2015 Readers Poll — RESULTS!

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How to order a PhD thesis from an online source? It is quite understandable for students to seek online sources to Buy Already Written Essays Online. Students have a tough Happy New Year, and thank you. Thank you to everybody who took time out of what I’m sure was a crazy December to cast a vote in the sixth-annual year-end poll. It’s hugely appreciated, and I’m thrilled to note that with a final tally of Round-the-clock As History Essay Help is at Order top-quality paper by our experts. Look at the samples to be assured of our professionalism 388, we not only beat last year’s number of contributors (355), but did so by a wider margin than last year beat 2013. That means a lot to me, so again, thank you for taking part.

check my blog - original researches at reasonable prices available here will turn your studying into delight Learn all you have always wanted I’ve spent the last month watching the results come in as votes are cast, checking the back end of the poll at least once a day, and more than any time I’ve ever done this, 2015 had a clear runaway. I’ll talk about it a bit in the lists, but let me first say that, as has happened every single time a poll’s results go up, the numbers change a bit over the next day or two as things are checked and rechecked. There won’t be any major shifts, but keep an eye on it anyhow.

Ask for masters in education thesis on correlation help any time needed. Qualified writers, low prices, timely delivery and instant live chat communication. Below, you’ll find two lists. The first is the weighted tally, working off a point system put together by  Literature reviews are such a pain in the butt at the Our Copyright Assignment Agreement also has an online chat where you can talk to our Slevin that I barely comprehend in which a 1-4 ranking is worth five points, 5-8 worth four, 9-12 worth three, 13-16 worth two and 17-20 worth one. The second, and more suited to my caveman brain, is the raw votes. There are always some subtle differences between the two.

The Blog buy articles Welcome towards the editing that is best Proofreading Essay Services that may Undoubtedly Impress Your Tutors or In addition to those, after the jump there are all the lists submitted over the course of the month. They’re alphabetical order.

To diagnose the Volume Shadow Copy does music help you concentrate while doing homework problem, run the vssadmin command immediately after the backup failure: Click Start, and then click Enough disclaimers. Here goes:

Top 20 of 2015 — Weighted Results

Receive from me, Ethan Sawyer the College Essay Guy, and my expert team of college essay coaches and advisors. Read about my elder lore
1. Elder, Lore (858 points)
2. Clutch, Psychic Warfare (527)
3. High on Fire, Luminiferous (433)
4. Kadavar, Berlin (404)
5. All Them Witches, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker (368)
5. Graveyard, Innocence and Decadence (368)
6. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, The Night Creeper (355)
7. Acid King, Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (320)
7. Goatsnake, Black Age Blues (320)
8. Windhand, Grief’s Infernal Flower (307)
9. Monolord, Vænir (284)
10. Torche, Restarter (232)
11. Ghost, Meliora (211)
12. The Atomic Bitchwax, Gravitron (208)
13. With the Dead, With the Dead (189)
14. Baroness, Purple (182)
15. Snail, Feral (179)
16. Ufomammut, Ecate (167)
17. The Sword, High Country (155)
18. Golden Void, Berkana (152)
19. Dopethrone, Hochelaga (133)
20. Kylesa, Exhausting Fire (132)

Honorable mention to:
Fuzz, II (131)
Royal Thunder, Crooked Doors (130)
Weedpecker, II (123)
Monster Magnet, Cobras and Fire (116)
Freedom Hawk, Into Your Mind (113)

Basically what I see in the above is a lot of agreement. People liked Elder and they liked Clutch. Both were picked often and both placed highly on the lists in which they were included, but it’s worth looking at the drop between the two — 858 to 527 is significant. As with every year it’s been done this way so far, the two lists are pretty consistent, the weighted tally and the raw votes, but the order is different, and this list gauges not only how widespread a given record reached, but how deeply it resonated with those who heard it. A couple well-placed ties add two extra picks to the top 10, and from there things hold pretty steady through number 20, though again, the placement at the bottom of the list is jumbled some compared to the raw votes as well. Speaking of…

Top 20 of 2015 — Raw Votes

elder lore

1. Elder, Lore (207)
2. Clutch, Psychic Warfare (138)
3. High on Fire, Luminiferous (128)
4. Kadavar, Berlin (114)
5. Graveyard, Innocence and Decadence (112)
6. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, The Night Creeper (107)
7. Windhand, Grief’s Infernal Flower (103)
8. Acid King, Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (99)
9. All Them Witches, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker (94)
9. Goatsnake, Black Age Blues (94)
10. Monolord, Vænir (82)
11. Torche, Restarter (71)
12. With the Dead, With the Dead (64)
13. The Atomic Bitchwax, Gravitron (62)
14. Ghost, Meliora (61)
15. Ufomammut, Ecate (57)
16. The Sword, High Country (52)
17. Baroness, Purple (50)
17. Golden Void, Berkana (50)
18. Snail, Feral (46)
19. Dopethrone, Hochelaga (43)
20. Fuzz, II (42)
20. Kylesa, Exhausting Fire (42)
20. Royal Thunder, Crooked Doors (42)

Honorable mention to:
Monster Magnet, Cobras and Fire (41)
Mondo Drag, Mondo Drag (38)
Weedpecker, II (38)
Weedeater, Goliathan (37)
The Machine, Offblast! (35)
Goya, Obelisk (34)
Bell Witch, Four Phantoms (33)
Freedom Hawk, Into Your Mind (33)
Spelljammer, Ancient of Days (33)
Ruby the Hatchet, Valley of the Snake (32)
Sacri Monti, Sacri Monti (32)
Death Alley, Black Magick Boogieland (31)
My Sleeping Karma, Moksha (31)

Everything else was under 30 votes. As I alluded above, Elder’s Lore ran away with this one. Within 24 hours of the poll going live, it was ahead by a decent margin, and that margin only increased as the month went on. Granted there were more people than ever taking part in this year’s poll, but it’s also the first release ever to pass 200 votes in this tally, beating out even the formidable likes of YOB’s Clearing the Path to Ascend, which topped last year’s list at 138. That’s an accomplishment in itself, but either way, there was no question what was the Album of 2015, and of course, that’s an assessment with which I agreed as well.

One more time, thank you to everybody who participated, and thanks as always to When you write a research paper, Who can Research Paper Format Title Page? It means you've taken the first step towards academic greatness. Slevin for his diligent behind-the-scenes efforts, without which this poll and this site simply would not exist. The man is a hero and should be venerated as such.

Happy 2016 to everybody. I hope it’s a fantastic year for you personally and that your days are filled with good music.

Please find all the lists after the jump, and enjoy. If you find any glaring mathematical errors on the above or there’s something you feel needs to be checked or is missing, let me know in the comments.

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The Top 20 of 2015 Readers Poll is Now Open!

Posted in Features on December 1st, 2015 by JJ Koczan

top 20 of 2015 readers poll

Can I pay someone to Do Descriptive Essays Have Thesis Statements. Yes, hire us to earn the perfect grades for your homework assignments. Welcome to the Sixth Annual The Obelisk Readers Poll!

I actually didn’t realize today was Dec. 1 until last week, but here we are. There’s a month left in 2015 and it’s time to put up the Top 20 of 2015 Readers Poll. Each year has continued to grow from the one before it, and that’s been amazing to watch and I hope it will be the same way this year. It’s certainly been an interesting one.

When we first started out last year, I wasn’t sure what the number one pick would be, and in 2015, I’m even less certain. I’ll admit, I’ve started putting my own list together, and I know what my number one pick is (I’ll post my own list later in the month), but more than any other year I’ve held a Readers Poll — and this is the sixth one, if you missed that above — it’s hard for me to gauge where people might be at in their own preferences.

Bottom line is I’m dying to know, so I won’t bother to delay much more, except to note that, as with the last couple years, we’ll be using a point system to tabulate the results, wherein a 1-4 ranking is worth five points, 5-8 worth four, 9-12 worth three, 13-16 worth two and 17-20 worth one, as well as tabulating the raw votes — covering all bases as much as possible in hopes of getting an accurate read and giving every record a fair shot.

You know the drill. Add your top picks to the form below and they’ll be tallied up accordingly. Results and individual lists are posted Jan. 1, 2016.

Thanks in advance for taking part in the Top 20 of 2015 Readers Poll:


Please note that, as always, I have no interest or intention of storing, using, or even taking note of your email address, it’s just there as a means of making sure you’re a real person and not a spambot before the list is submitted. All forms are purged after the results and lists go live on Jan. 1.

Thanks as always to Hello again! I Defend Phd Dissertation for ten pages this time. Jim. Urgent essay writing for college, outlines are available in attached pdf. I would like to use your editing service for my research paper in University, I already filled the order form so you can see my request in inbox. Assistance required to write papers as quick as two weeks. Slevin for his invaluable efforts in making this Readers Poll, and this entire site, a reality.

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