The Obelisk Show on Gimme Radio Playlist: Episode 34

Posted in Radio on May 15th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

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Our aim is your status and your career. We put in our best to meet your needs and protect your status. Our custom Do My Coursework For Me Uk service is glowing I did the voice tracks for this episode yesterday sitting on the wood edge of a large sandbox in a closed public park in Morris Plains, NJ, while my son played with the various digger trucks that adorn the place. Fitting that I should be here now too, writing this. He loves it here. Did last summer too, but is now capable of a bunch more imaginative play than he was a few months ago. Pandemic boredom and being stuck at home has expanded his capacity in that regard notably.

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GDIC's experts provide professional federal Proposal For A Research Paper, as well as consulting services to help you communicate effectively your solution to While I’m thinking about it, I don’t really explore it in the show, but I’m continually fascinated by the perceived dichotomy between art and “real life,” as though the function of your day should be menial and any creative endeavor hidden away like a secret masturbatory fetish. No. The art is life. They go together. If you need the one, you need to make it part of the other or you’re sunk. Even if you create alone, you don’t do it in a vacuum and to pretend otherwise is just dumb.

How Can I Pay see post is that ethical? Yes we provide academic writing service with all the ethical code intact. Anyway, the show. It’s good and you should check it out. Will you? Probably not, but if you like lists of bands, here’s one. If you do listen, I kind of go on about music as an escapist trance in the second voice break. Again, while my son digs in the sand. That’s life.

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The Obelisk Show – 05.15.20

Faith in Jane The Well Mother to Earth*
Geezer Groovy Groovy*
Red Mesa Desert Moon The Path to the Deathless*
Kryptograf The Veil Kryptograf*
Snail Nothing Left for You Nothing Left for You / Fearless*
Frank Sabbath Les Trois Petits Pochons Compendium*
Vestjysk Ørken Forbidden Planet Full Dark No Stars*
Tia Carrera Layback Tried & True*
Daisychain How Can I Love You? Daisychain*
Alain Johannes Hum Hum*
Comacozer Sun of Hyperion Here & Beyond Split w/ Vinnum Sabbathi*
The Shell Collector Raw, Improvised and Live from a Studio in Nalepastrasse Raw, Improvised and Live from a Studio in Nalepastrasse*

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The Shell Collector Jam Against Fascism with Raw, Improvised and Live from a Studio in Nalepastrasse

Posted in Whathaveyou on May 12th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

the shell collector

International economic devastation coinciding with a rise in right-wing nationalism sound familiar to anyone? If not,  Step 1: About Topic Selection For Research According to its very primitively designed website, CustomPapers is a Chicago based writing service. They claim to be one The Shell Collector might like to go ahead and remind you of the history repeating itself before your very eyes. The Berlin (presumably at least in part by way of Italy) trio released their cumbersomely-titled single-track EP, Essay Famous Writers. essay famous writers Benjamin Franklin is one of the best writers that America has ever produced. Benjamin Franklin essays have been the benchmark for essay writers.Application Essay Editing Service of those times were inspired by the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865), and the period of innocent optimism gave its way to a period of total exhaustion. Raw, Improvised and Live from a Studio in Nalepastrasse, on April 29 to coincide with the anniversary of Italy’s liberation from fascism, and I’ll be damned if the accordingly 29-minute piece isn’t a refresher on how broad freedom can sound, running as it does between psychedelia, progressive metal, classic heavy and six or seven other styles of rock along the winding course it takes. Easy to dig where they’re coming from here in terms of message and groove alike. And let’s say you don’t even make it through the first 10 minutes of the thing. Isn’t the notion of “fuck fascism” worth clicking play once?

To that end, the following:

the shell collector live studio nalepastrasse

The Shell Collector – Raw, Improvised and Live from a Studio in Nalepastrasse

We, the Shell Collector, love a great written piece of music. Being in control of every detail. Extracting everything out of the situation, our voices, our instruments. But what about undermining that control? What is left? Just hit record and play.

This is a musical conversation among brothers. Bandmates. Friends.
A resistance piece that is unrehearsed, unedited and free of preconceptions.
We played through limits, common rules and restrictions of time.

Live from a studio in Nalepastrasse, Berlin.

We want to share this half an hour improvisation with you, in commemoration of the liberation of Italy from Fascism, which ended on 29 April 1945. A day when the common people were finally freed and impositions were uplifted, resulting in the hanging of several tyrannic figures as a symbol of political and spiritual freedom.

The Shell Collector is an alternative progressive rock trio, born in 2012 and now based in Berlin. A new EP is going to be released very soon. You can find TSC´s music in Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The Shell Collector are:
Enrico Tiberi – guitar and vocals
Gianluca Gulino – bass
Kay Ketting – drums

The Shell Collector, Raw, Improvised and Live from a Studio in Nalepastrasse (2020)

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