The Other Sun Premiere “Stalking the Stalker” Video; Debut EP Available Now

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Pressed to tape in an edition of 150 copies through Lapis Niger Productions and released today, Horizon Between the Eyes is the debut EP from Swedish outfit The Other Sun. And though its members might be recognizable from bands like Nuclear Spells and Saturnalia Temple, their formative collection speaks to a different kind of vibe, blending modern cultistry with a surf rock sound that gives an impression as much fresh as it is familiar. Sleek-sounding guitar and semi-spoken vocals commune with dark atmospheres to give a brooding and urbane feel to what’s presented nonetheless with an intricacy of rhythm and craft. Thanks in no small part to their echoing guitar tones, “Fifth Sun,” “Stalking the Stalker” and “Horizon Between the Eyes” carry a significant spaciousness but there’s an early-rock influence to them as well, as shown in structures used and periodically cast aside.

the other sun horizon between the eyesFrom “Fifth Sun” onward, there’s a sense of restraint one can hear in the material that, to me at least, speaks to a metallic root on the part of project-founder Fredrik Eytzinger. The Other Sun is not metal — willfully, directly not — but as Eytzinger and co-conspirator Tommie Eriksson play toward different levels of tension, a bit of holding back an explosive impulse can be heard. Instead of shooting up, though, “Fifth Sun” spreads out, and that method works in kind of diffuse the finale title-track. Somewhat shorter and more direct in its swing, “Stalking the Stalker” doesn’t seem to want its tension shunted, and while capping off its surf vibe in wisps of floating guitar, the distorted vocals still maintain a particular threat of violence that lends weight as well to the song’s title.

The plan as I understand it from the info below is for The Other Sun to go back and create a full-length from the foundation laid with Horizon Between the Eyes. After that, the future will be what it is, of course, but the particular stylistic niche into which Eytzinger and Eriksson have inserted themselves is yet-uncharted, and the EP only piques interest as far as curiosity to know what they might be able to do with a complete album’s reach. For now, the lesson seems to be that darkness can and will lurk just about anywhere.

You can see the premiere of the “Stalking the Stalker” video below, and stream the full EP at the bottom of this post.

Please enjoy:

The Other Sun, “Stalking the Stalker” official video premiere

Second track from debut EP ‘Horizon Between the Eyes’ by The Other Sun. Released by Lapis Niger Productions in 2019.

Horizon Between the Eyes is the debut release from Swedish band The Other Sun formed by guitarist/singer Fredrik Eytzinger (Nuclear Spells, ex-Masugn) known as writer of Solomonic Magical Arts (Three Hands Press).

A three track EP is released on cassette and in digital format through Tommie Eriksson’s (Saturnalia Temple, Eldhamn etc) Lapis Niger Productions. Tommie is also drummer and guitarist in The Other Sun. Mastered by Esoteric founder Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios. The artwork, a painting called Yak’Ab Balam was made by fine artist Davis Herrerías.

“We wanted a sound that embodied both the curious spirit of the 50’s and captured the feeling of walking through an endless desert towards a setting sun at the horizon. Having lived in Mexico, I guess I have been very inspired by the vibes and rhythms of Latin America, and while I have my roots in Sweden it has been very interesting to explore the mystical relationship between these two enchanted landscapes,” Fredrik says and adds that the outpouring is a result of a continuous spiritual exploration of himself, the world and the otherness.

“Otherness is everything that has not yet been defined. It can be basically anything, but deals essentially with the exploration of uncharted territory, either related to your shadow, your own notion about reality, or it could be something completely objective. That’s why thresholds, borders and passages are generally interesting to explore both musically and spiritually.”

Currently working on a full-length album, The Other Sun is hoping to dive even further into uncharted territory and bring back yet another psychedelic, uncanny release.

The Other Sun, Horizon Between the Eyes (2019)

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