Roadburn 2015: Full Running Order Announced

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roadburn 2015 banner

Time to get out those highlighters: the Roadburn 2015 running order has been revealed. And it is gorgeous.

Sólstafir into Salem’s Pot into Floor into Spidergawd into Uzala, Eyehategod into Tombstones into EnslavedEnslaved into The Heads into Undersmile, Lo-Pan into Abrahma into Anathema into The Golden Grass — as ever, this year’s Roadburn is full of hard choices and can’t-miss moments. And then there’s Wovenhand. And Skuggsja. Goodness gracious. It’s almost too much for one boy to take.

While I plot my route to and from the 013 to Het Patronaat and the Cul de Sac, here’s a load of info off the PR wire about the running order and the plethora of other stuff going on at Roadburn 2015 besides the music:

ROADBURN FESTIVAL – Running order announced, plus final details inc. side programme

With just a couple of weeks to go before Roadburn 2015 kicks off, ticket sales are still going strong. Friday single day tickets and 3-day tickets (Thu, Fri, Sat) are almost entirely sold out, which will just leave Thursday and Saturday single day tickets remaining. To view ticketing options, please click HERE.

The long-awaiting running order for Roadburn Festival 2015 has been announced. These can be viewed on the Roadburn website HERE as a .jpg or HERE as a .pdf.

As we’ve done in previous years, we’ve made sure that there’s something for Roadburn visitors to do on the Wednesday evening. So, people arriving in Tilburg on 8 April, need look no further for evening entertainment.

Following our focus to showcase the cutting edge of Belgium’s finest Roadburn-related bands, Prematory will have us feverishly thrash-until-we-crash. Their relentless neck-wreckers are nostalgic, yet fresh and energetic! Bark is leading the new pack of Antwerp stray dogs of extreme sound. Infectious, dirty riffs and a voice that will tear you apart – Bark serve their tunes raw, unpolished, gritty and dark!

Hard Rock Hideout takes place at Cul de Sac, entry is free, and it all kicks off from 8pm. For more info click HERE.

Due to the success of our side programme in previous years, we have once again lined up a good mix of non-musical entertainment to keep brains busy throughout Roadburn.

On Friday 10 April we’ll host our Music Industry panel where record label representatives and other key industry figures will be debating exactly what it is that a record label looks for in the bands that they sign these days. Click HERE for more info. Following that, we’ll have a very special Q&A session hosted by Noisey’s Editor-in-Chief, Fred Pessaro, who will be talking to Jimmy and Mike from Eyehategod before a screening of the 2014 Noisey documentary NOLA: Life, Death and Heavy Blues from the Bayou. Click HERE for more info

Saturday will see the return of Record Collectors Anonymous – an open invitation to join your fellow crate rattlers and bargain hunters as stories are swapped and confessions aired. Click HERE for more info. We will also have a fascinating panel discussion hosted by noted journalist Harald Fossberg who will be joined by Ivar and Grutle from Enslaved as they delve into the origins of Norwegian black metal and the impact it’s had on today’s musical landscape. Click HERE for more info.

Roadburn has always had a strong leaning towards art and creativity; over the years people have come to know that art – in all forms – is integral to the festivals signature aesthetic. Continuing along those lines, this year – in association with SEA Foundation – we have invited Arik Roper to exhibit at Project Space Tilburg – Gust van Dijk. We will present Brilliant Shadows: Selected Works by Arik Roper – which will be open throughout the festival and continue into May. For more information on the exhibition, click HERE.

Further artworks will be on display from CAVUM, Kim Holm and William van der Voort throughout the festival.

Bongripper, Satan Worshiping Doom Live at Roadburn 2012

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Peter Pan Speedrock to Release Buckle up and Shove It! on March 31

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peter pan speedrock (Photo by Brendy Wijdeven)

When it arrives later this month/next month, Peter Pan Speedrock‘s Buckle up and Shove It! will be the Netherlands-based trio’s first North American release since 2007’s Pursuit until Capture, leaving 2010’s We Want Blood! ripe for reissue. Self Destructo Records will have Buckle up and Shove It! out on CD on March 31 with vinyl to follow in April. The album was also released by Suburban Records in Europe last year, but as Peter Pan Speedrock have never really gotten their due from the heavy punker Stateside contingent, a separate North American distribution seems like a fair move. Maybe they’ll tour. I’ll try not to get ahead of myself.

We turn to you, oh PR wire, with your copious informando and upcoming (European) tour dates:

peter pan speedrock buckle up and shove it

Self Destructo Records to unleash Peter Pan Speedrock in North America with the release of Buckle Up And Shove It!

Peter Van Elderen (Guitar/Vox) – Bart Geevers (Bass) – Bart Nederhand (Drums)

For the first time in a decade, the Netherlands prevalent group of balls out/motherfuckering rock n’ roll Peter Pan Speedrock will service their North American fan base in late Spring with their latest offering entitled Buckle Up And Shove It! to be released on CD and limited vinyl through Self Destructo Records.

Peter Pan Speedrock is hands down the hardest working band to come from the Dutch rock n’ roll scene. That can be said with absolute confidence on our end. The band derived their name from a condition called “Peter Pan Syndrome” (a popular psychological term regarding male social immaturity) and have a career together spanning nearly twenty years which includes 1800+ shows, eleven full lengths, a handful of E.P’s and split releases with appearances by fellow neck breakers Zeke, V8 Wankers, Batmobile, Gluecifer and Danko Jones. They’ve done transcontinental tours (Europe, Russia, Australia and USA), played to massive audiences at some of the largest festivals in the world (Pinkpop, SXSW, With Full Force, Dynamo Open Air) and organize/curate their own festival called Speedfest, which happens annually in their hometown of Eindhoven “Rock City” and draws 5,000 + from around the globe to the festival grounds. They’ve done tours with Turbonegro, Zeke, Honky (to name a few) across Europe, toured the US with Nashville Pussy and have opened up for Motörhead and Anthrax during tour stops in the Benelux. At Speedfest, they’ve shared the stage with some of the biggest names in underground hard rock (i.e. Monster Magnet, Suicidal Tendencies, The Fuzztones, Red Fang, The Reverend Horton Heat, ..And You Will Know Us By Trail Of The Dead, Doomriders, Napalm Death and TONS of others.)

Buckle Up And Shove It! consists of thirteen blistering tracks that blur the lines for anyone attempting to categorize them as a punk or metal band. Just a pure sonic assault on the ears. For 37 minutes, these cats exhibit their love for Motorhead-like heaviness, AC/DC like riff structures, the speed and ferocity of Zeke and conjure the swagger of The Damned. Recommended tracks like “Murdertruck” and “Get You High” bring out exactly what any hard rock fan wants: Illegal activity praise, POUNDING drums and down strokes on the strings on a Les Paul and Fender Jazzmaster through Eindhoven amplifiers (these dudes support as much local Nethelands business as possible). The album will be released on CD and highly limited vinyl in a first run flaming translucent beauty for North America. Buckle Up And Shove It! will be made available through Shop Self Destructo, Shop Turbojugend and wholesale through Cobraside Distribution.

As mentioned earlier, its been a decade (and countless amounts of Grolsch consumed by these lads) since a Peter Pan Speedrock album has been picked in North America for a release (last one being Pursuit Until Capture c/o Prophase Music). The last time Peter Pan Speedrock made a presence in North America was at the turn of the century with two appearances at SXSW (2001 and 2003) and a 25 date tour through the US and Canada with Georgia based sex, riff n’ whiskey thumpers Nashville Pussy. We here at Self Destructo Records have been avid fans of these guys for years and the opportunity to work alongside Suburban Records to push these guys in North America is something we’re not taking lightly, we’re proud to have Peter Pan Speedrock be a part of our roster alongside The Meatmen, The Hip Priests, Against The Grain, Razorbats and the rest of our brothers here.

Release Date and formats for North America
Digital – March 24
CD – March 31
Vinyl – April 21

2015 Tour Dates
2/13 – Victorie (Alkmaar, The Netherlands)
3/6 – Mezz (Breda, The Netherlands)
3/14 – Helling (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
3/20- Gebr, De Nobel (Leiden, The Netherlands)
3/28- Nitrofest (Hannover, Germany)
4/3 – 4/5 – Paaspop (Schijndel, The Netherlands)
4/11 – Manifesto (Hoorn, The Netherlands)
5/7 – Schabule (Kiel, Germany)
5/8 – Mavericks – Club Sin (Tampera, Finland)
5/9 – Beta (Copenhagen, Denmark)
5/16 – Duycker (Hoofddorp, The Netherlands)
9/25 – Paard (Den Haag, The Netherlands)

Peter Pan Speedrock, “Get You High!” official video

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Shaking Godspeed Post Hand-Drawn Video for “She’s Young”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on March 5th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

shaking godspeed

I feel like 25 years ago I definitely wouldn’t have needed to point out that the animation in Shaking Godspeed‘s video for “She’s Young” is hand-drawn, but then again, 25 years ago I’d be watching it on tv while flipping back and forth between after-school cartoons, blowing off my second-grade homework and waiting 20 minutes to download illicit jpegs on AOL — even then, I was a multitasker. And come to think of it, Shaking Godspeed would probably be too young to hold guitars. Times change, is the point, but it’s admirable that though it would’ve probably been easier and cheaper for the video’s Paris-based director, Alice Seay, to work in digital design, she went with hand-drawn images, resulting in a natural feel.

That suits the song “She’s Young” and the vibrant feel Shaking Godspeed bring to the track, which comes from their 2014 Suburban Records long-player, Welcome Back Wolf. There’s a jangly kind of swing to it, but crisp and definitely a studio vibe. You can hear the organic-sounding room echo in the vocals of guitarist/vocalist Wout Kemkens, who takes the lead here backed by guitarist/vocalist Rocco Ostermann, bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Alex van Damme and drummer Maarten Rischen, and though it’s all clear sounding, there’s nothing missing for heft either as the track plays out its self-consciously lovelorn feel.

Shaking Godspeed provide some background on Seay‘s work and on the song itself in the PR wire info following the video below:

Shaking Godspeed, “She’s Young” official video


To the people who are convinced that there is no room for some old-fashioned manual crafting among the contemporary digital copy-paste era, meet visual artist Alice Saey. The Parisian artist spent the last six months designing and coloring in over 2000 individual handmade images. After it all got digitally animated, her work subsequently transformed in to the psychedelic tripvideo for Shaking Godspeed’s song She’s Young.

Even though there is no lack of female presence in the clip – from sensual long-haired temptresses to heroic amazons in a fierce battle with the elements- the lyrics come down to one lady in particular, singer/guitarist Wout Kemkens’ muse. “She’s Young is a homage to a girl. It’s mainly about the time when she still was a complete mystery to me. A sheer act of idolatry.This is the only, and last, love song I shall ever write”.

Alice Saey’s work is known for being a quirky mix of graphic design, illustration and animation. Her portfolio contains magazine- and poster designs, videos, artwork, VJ-work and animations. Her first animated short film Celui Qui Manea Un Œil De Poisson got awarded with a Pflimlin-prize in 2014. Shortly after that she received degree in Graphic Arts at The School Of Art in Straatsburg. She currently works as an independent designer in Paris and Rotterdam.

Shaking Godspeed on Thee Facebooks

Shaking Godspeed’s website

Shaking Godspeed at Suburban Records

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Cigale Post New Song “Steeplechase”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on March 5th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster


Netherlands-based psychedelic newcomers Cigale continue to tease the prospect of their upcoming self-titled debut — reportedly due out sometime this or next month — by streaming the track “Steeplechase” via YouTube. “Steeplechase” is the second slice of audio to come from the album, following behind the haunting “Harvest Begun” (posted here), and it unfolds in a somewhat similar vein in establishing a serene melodicism that meets later on with shades of heavier psych. Once more the guitar tone of Rutger Smeets — one of two former members of Sungrazer in Cigale, along with drummer Hans Mulders — is recognizable in an emergent jam in the second half, but is ultimately only one factor distinguishing the band’s sound from the bulk of psychedelic rock. “Steeplechase” is driven all the more by its underlying rhythmic fluidity and vocals.

Like “Harvest Begun,” however, “Steeplechase” presents a decidedly memorable hook in subtle and understated fashion. While there’s heft to it ultimately, or at least for a time when the guitar and bass come forward in the second-half jam, it shows again that Cigale are comfortable being quiet, the melody of guitar and voice smoothly flowing across its five-minute span. Unpretentious and engaging, its layers prove more intricate with repeat listens, and it builds gracefully toward that instrumental exploration, Mulders signaling the change, but at no point is overblown or more weighted than the song warrants. The prevailing spirit remains psychedelic, warm and peaceful, evocative of sunshine and just a bit wistful.

Cigale played their first live show this past October, but will take part in Desertfest Berlin 2015 at the end of next month, playing alongside such heavyweights as Orange GoblinUfomammutToner LowBrant BjorkLo-Pan and others. There are some other more psychedlic bands on that bill as well — My Sleeping KarmaMoaning Cities, etc. — so either way, Cigale should be in good company and turn more than a few heads in their direction. Hopefully by that time the album will also be out and will have made an impression of its own. Until then, here’s “Steeplechase,” compliments of the band.


Cigale, “Steeplechase”

Cigale on Thee Facebooks

Cigale on YouTube

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Eindhoven Psych Lab 2015 Announces Lineup; Earth and Moon Duo to Headline

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Looks like a pretty far out lineup for this year’s Eindhoven Psych Lab, which though it’s going head to head with Freak Valley in Germany, seems to be hitting into more of an indie vibe than heavy rock. Does it still count as a conflict if the fests are happening in different countries? Not being fortunate enough to head to either, I’ll leave the philosophy out of it. In any case, if you were wondering what Earth were up to that weekend, they’re headlining at the Effenaar in gorgeous Eindhoven on a bill that also includes the formidable likes of The Cult of Dom Keller, Kikagaku Moyo and Portuguese jammers Black Bombaim.

Info follows, hoisted from the PR wire:

eindhoven psych lab banner

Eindhoven Psych Lab (5 + 6 June) announces Moon Duo, Earth as headliners, full line up Trouble in Mind stage and many more


Eindhoven’s Effenaar music venue and Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia are thrilled to announce Moon Duo and Earth as headliners for this year’s festival, alongside the already announced The Soft Moon. The Trouble in Mind stage is now complete with the additions of The Limiñanas , The Soft Walls, Ultimate Painting and Klaus Johann Grobe. But that’s not all; The Telescopes, Kikagaku Moyo, Hey Colossus, K-X-P, The Lucid Dream, zZz and Dead Rabbits are also added to the bill.

Full line up so far:
Moon Duo + Earth + The Soft Moon
Trouble in Mind Stage: Morgan Delt + Jacco Gardner + The Limiñanas + Doug Tuttle + Soft Walls + Ultimate Painting + Klaus Johann Grobe
The Telescopes + The Cult of Dom Keller + Kikagaku Moyo
K-X-P + Black Bombaim + Pow! + Hey Colossus + Pauw + The Lucid Dream
+ zZz + Teeth of the Sea + Dead Rabbits

Visual Happenings
Three amazing visual happenings in the form of an expo by Glenn Peeters (Radar Men From The Moon) and Pernilla Ellens, Ed van der Elsken’s 80’s photographs of the Natlab in Eindhoven and the ‘Waterballet’ universe of Kamiel Rongen, situated in the Research Module will run during the festival as well.

More to be announced.

Weekend tickets: € 67.50
Day tickets: € 37,50
Weekend including hotel for two people € 275,-

Earth, Primitive and Deadly (2014)

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The Obelisk Radio Adds: Yama, Bellhound Choir, Atala, Astralnaut & Weed Priest, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard

Posted in Radio on February 25th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

the obelisk radio

I’ve been listening to a lot of The Obelisk Radio this week, so it seemed only fair to do a round of adds to the server. Might just be what came up in the selection process, but it’s seemed pretty off the wall of late. Yeah, there’s plenty of heavy riffs and whatever else, but a lot of sludge and noise stuff too. I like that because hopefully it appeals to a wider variety of listeners, though part of me thinks I should cut out everything that isn’t Goatsnake, Kyuss, Electric Wizard and two or three of the stoner-flavor-of-the-month types and just let it roll with that. One tries to quiet the cynical impulse. You know how it is.

In all seriousness though, at some point I’m going to have to trim down what’s on there. It’s only a three terabyte drive and I have neither the know-how nor the cash to expand it further, so yeah. But that’s not this week. This week, 11 new records joined the playlist — see them all at the Obelisk Radio Playlist and Updates page — and that includes those that follow here.

The Obelisk Radio adds for Feb. 25, 2015:

Yama, Ananta

yama ananta

While definitely rooted tonally in heavy rock, there’s an underlying current of metal flowing through Yama‘s debut long-player, Ananta. The four-piece, who hail from the home of Roadburn in Tilburg, the Netherlands, offer plenty of driving riffs and nodding grooves on songs like the opening title-track and the slower centerpiece “Migraine City,” nonetheless take a sharper approach than some to the style. It comes through in the vocals, which get pretty gruff by the end of the aforementioned “Migraine City,” but also over ascending notes of classic metallic soar late in “Ruach Elohim” — a song that, it’s worth noting, also starts out with harmonica — and push the John Garcia impulse to more guttural range on “Hollow” and “Swordsman of the Crossroads I.” The latter also kicks into some blastbeats, to further the metallic edge. Still, Yama – the four-piece of Alex Schenkels, Peter Taverne, Joep Schmitz and Sjoerd Albers – wield the blend well throughout and keep a solid balance. “Swordsman of the Crossroads I” and the subsequent “II” are the arguable pinnacle here, but the acoustic-led closer “Vy” seems to hint that Yama haven’t quite yet shown all their cards. Yama on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

Bellhound Choir, Stray Screech Beast

Bellhound Choir Stray Screech Beast

As per the immortal words of Monty Python: “And now for something completely different.” Bellhound Choir is a solo-project from guitarist/vocalist Christian Hede Madsen, also of Copenhagen-based rockers Pet the Preacher, but there’s little in common between one and the other, and Bellhound Choir‘s debut release, Stray Screech Beast, finds Madsen exploring folk and particularly country stylizations, a sense of brooding pervasive throughout the album’s eight tracks. It’s a dark vibe that pervades “Stuck (Old Song)” and the electrified, spacious blues bombast of “Bless Me,” and as a later, relatively minimal cut like “Black Spot” shows, Madsen isn’t afraid of delving into guy-and-guitar singer-songwriterism. His voice and playing is strong enough to carry the material, though one wonders how he got that Southern twang, and Stray Screech Beast doesn’t overplay its hand at 27 minutes. There may be fire and brimstone beneath, but Madsen isn’t quite there yet in bringing it out for righteous proclamations, though I wouldn’t be surprised to find him taking on a preacherman quality on subsequent outings, as well as pushing into more complex arrangements as the experiment continues. Some rocker heads might be put off by the country vibe, but I suspect plenty will feel right at home amid the moody atmosphere and plucked guitar of “God’s Home.” Bellhound Choir on Thee Facebooks, on Soundcloud.

Atala, Atala

atala atala

Desert-dwelling trio Atala recorded their self-titled/self-released debut with Scott Reeder (Kyuss, The Obsessed, Fireball Ministry, etc.), and its eight songs break easily into two halves — the end of each signaled by a cut north of the 10-minute mark — of raucous, occasionally surprisingly aggressive heavy rock. Opener “Broken Glass” positions Atala somewhere near Fatso Jetson sonically, but less punk in their roots, guitarist/vocalist Kyle Stratton and bassist John Chavarria having previously played together in metallers Rise of the Willing while drummer Jeff Tedtoatoa is a former member of punkers Forever Came CallingStratton‘s vocals veer into sludge-metal screams from cleaner territory and seem comfortable in the back-and-forth, and that, blended with the fullness of sound, and pop in Tedtoatoa‘s snare — a hallmark of Reeder‘s production; see also Blaak Heat Shujaa — makes the meandering jam in “Labyrinth of Mind” seem all the more like a standout moment of varied impulses working to find their balance. By the time they get down to the chugging “Virgo Moon” and the ebbs and flows of closer “Sun Worship,” Atala seem to have it worked out for the most part, and while there’s still growth to be undertaken, the chemistry between the three players comes across as plain as the sands they call home. Atala’s website, on Thee Facebooks.

Astralnaut & Weed Priest, Split


Irish outfits Astralnaut and Weed Priest team up for a split single, and while it’s just one song from each, there’s plenty of substance between them. Thick, gooey substance, if their tones are anything to go by. Both Astralnaut‘s “Parasitic” (9:20) and Weed Priest‘s “Graveyard Planet” (7:42) are big, lumbering riffers marked out with a sludgy feel, but there are subtle differences between them as well, the former being more forward vocally and meaner in-tone and the latter more fuzzed-out and obscure in a kind of Sons of Otis-via-Electric Wizard fashion. No real mystery why they’d pair up, though, with geography and a penchant for riffy bludgeoning shared, and their split should make a fitting introduction for anyone who might be running into either band for the first time, or maybe caught wind of Weed Priest‘s lumbering 2013 self-titled debut (review here) or any of Astralnaut‘s prior short releases. First timer or not, “Parasitic” and “Graveyard Planet” tap into amp rumble and slow-motion nod that should please any riff-worshiping head looking for a sample of the bands’ wares, Astralnaut spacing out a bit in the second half of their selection as though to smooth the path into Weed Priest‘s heady, darkened roll. For the converted, a reminder of why and how they got that way. Astralnaut on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp. Weed Priest on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Nachthexen


I’ll give the UK stoner surge one thing: It wins on band names. I don’t think per capita there’s any country in the world with more stoned-as-fuck monikers than Britain. To wit, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. The Wrexham unit make a churning debut on Tape Worship Records with the half-hour-long “Nachthexen,” a single-song EP that moves smoothly between droned-out space exploration, crush-prone doom riffs and stoner metal gallop. The latter comes to the fore just past the midsection of this mammoth, weedian, wizardly bit of bastardism — one wonders how they got their name in the first place — but by then, “Nachthexen” has already careened through cosmic doom psych-osis early on, like roughed-up YOB with droney underpinnings, and teased a thrash influence in their Slayer-style interplay of chugging guitar and ride cymbal. Of course, the most satisfying build is the last one, which builds over the song’s final seven minutes from ambient noise and sparse guitar strum to suitably huge and suitably doomed payoff. This is the kind of shit that if you played it for actual human beings, they’d look at you and wonder just what the fuck species you belong to, and that’s clearly the idea. For their psychedelic elements, I can’t help but wonder if a more colorful artwork approach isn’t called for next time out, but beyond that, there’s little about Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard‘s take that brooks any argument whatsoever, instead drowning it out in deep low end and otherworldly, malevolent vibes. Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp, Tape Worship Records.

Like I said, this is less than half of what was added to the server today. Recently-covered records from Mansion, Stoned Jesus, Blut, Skunk Hawk and others also went up, hopefully adding to the diversity of sound and overall strength of the playlist. For the full line on everything that went up, check the Playlist and Updates page. If you wind up checking out any of this stuff and take the time to dig in, I hope you enjoy.

Thanks as always for reading and listening.

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Death Alley to Release Black Magick Boogieland May 19 on Tee Pee Records

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 11th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

death alley

Kudos to Amsterdam-based proto-punkers Death Alley, who will make their full-length debut in May on Tee Pee Records with the righteously titled Black Magick Boogieland. The four-piece got themselves off to a raucous start with the Over Under/Dead Man’s Bones 7″ (review here) that came out last year on Ván Records, and they’ve found themselves a suitable home on Tee Pee, whose love of heavy ’70s revivalism once led them to put out the self-titled debut from a nascent Swedish band called Graveyard. Somehow, as Death Alley tap into a slightly different, somewhat rougher retro edge, that comparison seems relevant here.

Also, Black Magick Boogieland is right up there with Black Rainbows‘ Hawkdope among the best album titles I’ve heard this year. Some of y’all need to up your game.

The PR wire brings good news:

death alley patch

DEATH ALLEY Sign to Tee Pee Records

Amsterdam Heavyweights to Unleash Debut LP Black Magick Boogieland May 19

Amsterdam’s heavy, punked-out, proto-metal outlaws DEATH ALLEY have signed to NYC’s Tee Pee Records. The ferocious four piece will let loose the full length LP, Black Magick Boogieland, on May 19. The album is the highly anticipated debut from the underground band featuring former The Devil’s Blood guitarist Oeds Beydals and ex-members of Gewapend Beton and Mühr.

The sound of DEATH ALLEY has been described as “an unorthodox cross contamination of MC5, Captain Beyond, Blue Öyster Cult, Motörhead and Black Sabbath” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll played with metal finesse and a pitch black psychedelic soul”. In 2013, DEATH ALLEY released the limited 12″ split vinyl single, “Peter Pan Speedrock vs. Death Alley”, which announced the group’s formation with a vengeance. The band’s debut 7″ — Over Under b/w Dead Man’s Bones — dropped last year via Van Records and was hailed as “a serious musical Rock ’N’ Roll statement.” DEATH ALLEY followed the release of the 7″ with an appearance at the 2014 Roadburn Festival and month-long European tour with new label mates, The Shrine.

“It’s thrilling to release our first full-length on Tee Pee, to become part of a family of bands whose music inspires us and with people we know well,” says DEATH ALLEY front man Douwe. “It’s about time Tee Pee opens the gates to Black Magick Boogieland.”

More information on DEATH ALLEY’s Black Magick Boogieland, including new music, will be issued soon. Stay tuned to for breaking news and updates.

Death Alley, Over Under/Dead Man’s Bones (2014)

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Desertfest Berlin 2015 Adds Cigale to Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 4th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

DesertFest Berlin

I expect that for many who attend, Desertfest Berlin 2015 will serve as the introduction to Dutch dream rockers Cigale, whose airy tones and sweet melodies will make a recorded debut — their song “Harvest Begun” was premiered here — later this year. Their lineup features guitarist Rutger Smeets and drummer Hans Mulders, both formerly of fuzz jammers Sungrazer, but Cigale seem to be on a different wavelength, and what I’ve heard so far has certainly piqued my interest to hear where they go with their first album, for which a teaser can be heard below.

But first, the announcement from DesertfestDesertfest Berlin 2015 runs from April 23-25 at the Astra Kulturhaus, which one of these days/years I’d very much like to see for myself:

CIGALE DesertFest Berlin

We are proud to announce today a band you may not know yet, but that you are going to love very quickly: Cigale!!

CIGALE was born about a year ago from the ashes of Sungrazer, and features 2 former members of the trio (Rutger and Hans). Still in the nymph state in 2014, CIGALE stayed pretty quiet, composing and polishing their songs. But they have now finished to develop, and are ready to take-off and get themselves heard!

And for what we’ve heard so far, CIGALE just sound incredibly hypnotic! They have managed to capture their atmospheric sounds and dreamy lyrics combined with a dose of heaviness on their selftitled debut-album, to be released in March and celebrated at DesertFest Berlin in April!

We can only encourage you to like their page, check-out the teaser they published yesterday and succumb to the CIGALE’s song!

Tickets on! (85€ + taxes)

DESERTFEST BERLIN #4 – APRIL 23th, 24th, 25th 2015

Red Fang + Orange Goblin + Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band + Acid King + Ufomammut + My Sleeping Karma + Conan + Black Pyramid + Karma To Burn + Brutus + Dopethrone + The Atomic Bitchwax + Lo-Pan + The Picturebooks + Toner Low + Dirty Fences + Heat + Mountain Witch + Mother Engine + The Sun And The Wolf + Cigale + Riff Fist + Travelin Jack + more

Cigale, Cigale album teaser

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