Fall Tour Pt. 10: Kings Destroy, Beast in the Field, Cruthu and Hordes, Lansing, MI, 10.26.14

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the avenue cafe

Michigan’s capital city has always been good to me. I’ve been to Lansing five or six times at this point and I’ve continually found it a cool place utterly void of investment. That is to say, if anyone gave a shit or had money to spend, Lansing would be like Stroudsberg, PA, or Portland, Maine, in the ranks of those post-industrial towns that the creative types have moved to and opened brewpubs. Buy Cheap Papers Where to find western civilization essay writing services? Cheap turns out to be expensive if one is not careful. And if so did anyone think The Avenue Cafe on Michigan Ave., which is being positioned as an alternative to the long-running writing phd research proposal Best Resume Writing Service 2014 Houston loginto how long should a college admission essay be Mac’s Bar down the road, has a vibe that speaks to the potential of Lansing overall. It has space, people who obviously care deeply about it and a prevailing sense of having gone it alone, no doubt reflecting the reality of the situation.

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Horses! Oh no, wait. Hordes. (Photo by JJ Koczan)

They were completely different than I expected. What I knew of Lansing’s own Anyone who can Compare And Contrast Essay Help Introduction one day Pay Someone To Write A College Paper Introduction Tense. It really helped me math with my math Hordes came courtesy of their split tape with Bert, and it was drawn out and droney and more noise than song. Seems at some point¬†Hordes¬†got a drummer and that’s had some grounding effect on what they do, which is a blend of industrial and noise rock impulses. There was a lot of¬†Godflesh¬†in there, right down to how guitarist¬†A. Hudson¬†stands and shouts into the microphone, but some rawer crunch, and the live drummer made a huge difference alongside bassist¬†Jon Howard‘s rumble. I was a little thrown off, to the point of wondering until I saw that tape at their merch table if I was thinking of the same band, but indeed,¬†Hordes¬†were¬†Hordes. Once my mind made that jump — and I’m pleased to note it happened much more efficient than the explanation of it — their churning and chugging came together well throughout their set and made me eager to hear what they bring to their next recording.


Cruthu (Photo by JJ Koczan)

I always get nervous writing about friends’ bands — I’ve known Postman Dan for a decade at this point — but with Cruthu, the issue was avoided in the best way possible in that they were actually good. As I understand it, this was their second show, and you could tell they were just getting going on stage, still feeling things out in terms of relating to each other in the material, but it was still easy to get a sense of where they were headed, the vocals of¬†Teri Brown¬†and¬†McCormick‘s clean guitar tone nestled right into the heavy ’70s style,¬†Brown¬†belting out lyrics with a powerful push. She backed off the mic at times, and it just emphasized how little she actually needed it in the first place for how well you could still hear her standing out front. Bassist¬†Scott Lehman¬†added copious wah to his bass and joined in on vocals for the closer, and drummer¬†Matt Fry¬†kept the laid back grooves moving straight through. There were a couple awkward transitions and things to tighten up, but that’s why you play out in the first place.¬†Cruthu¬†had already surpassed their¬†Creation¬†demo (review here), recorded earlier this year, in pulling off the right mix of vibe, groove and tonal presence.

Kings Destroy

Kings Destroy (Photo by JJ Koczan)

Allowed a somewhat longer set as the evening’s headliner and the only touring band of the four playing, Kings Destroy took advantage and stretched out to include some stuff not yet aired. “A Time of Hunting,” the title-track from 2013’s sophomore full-length, was played for the first time ever — and supposedly the last according to both vocalist Steve Murphy and guitarist Chris Skowronski, though I have my doubts — and they opened with “XXY” from the first album and threw in “Dusty Mummy” too, clearly relishing the chance to change it up on the small¬†Avenue Cafe¬†stage. Actually, I’m pretty sure the only reason¬†Murphy¬†was on stage at all was because the mic cable wasn’t long enough to let him leave it. He found plenty to do anyway, wrapping his scarf around his face for “Turul,” which ended the set paired well with “Embers” before it, and making shadow impressions on the wall.¬†“Smokey Robinson” was the highlight, and is a song for which I’ve got only growing affection, but the whole set was a thrill, and it was fun to watch¬†Skowronski,¬†Murphy, guitarist¬†Carl Porcaro, bassist¬†Aaron Bumpus and drummer¬†Rob Sefcik¬†make the most of the gig. There were people there — hell, even¬†Radio Moscow¬†showed up — but I wouldn’t call the place crowded. If it was a set¬†Kings Destroy¬†were playing for their own enjoyment (and at one point¬†Murphy¬†did say something about masturbation), then at least that enjoyment was infectious.

Beast in the Field

Beast in the Field (Photo by JJ Koczan)

One of the biggest problems with internet criticism¬†is that there’s so much hyperbole out there and it comes out so readily that when you actually happen into something special like¬†Beast in the Field¬†— the duo of guitarist¬†Jordan Pries¬†and drummer¬†Jamie Jahr¬†— there almost isn’t a language to convey how righteous what you’re seeing is. One almost wants to be like, “Okay, but¬†really¬†guys, this is where it’s at.”¬†Pries¬†and¬†Jahr¬†played in front of what I hear tell is half their usual amount of amps, but it still made for a formidable wall, and rendered earplugs all but useless against the tonal onslaught. Doing headbanger calisthenics during the deceptively catchy¬†“Wakan Tanka” from last year’s¬†The Sacred above, the Sacred Below¬†(review here),¬†Pries¬†looked like he was trying to shake his skull off, and¬†Jahr¬†made each tom thud count in following along with the wrecking ball of riffs slamming through the cabinets behind him. I had been very, very much looking forward to seeing them play, and¬†Beast in the Field¬†wound up surpassing my expectation. Like staring at a single-color canvas painted with volume. Superlatively heavy. I’ve bought one record this whole tour so far and it’s their new live album/comic book,¬†The Astral Path to Satan’s Throne: Live at WIDR. I’m itching to check it out but need my ears to stop ringing first.

The party, and by then it was one, moved to¬†Postman Dan‘s, less than a mile away, with most of his band,¬†Kings Destroy,¬†Radio Moscow,¬†Travis¬†from¬†Hydro-Phonic¬†and so on. I stayed upstairs for the most part and wound up sleeping in the van for a bit before I got too cold — Michigan at the end of October, might want to bring a blanket next time, buddy — and had to come back inside. I guess I’ll probably have more on that later on.

More pics after the jump. Thanks for reading.

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