Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean Premiere “Confusion Hath Fuck His Masterpiece” from Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress

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Sludge extremists Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean are set to release their debut album, Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress Sept. 15 through Howling Frequency Records. Beyond that, the tracklisting and the fact that the band is based in Springfield, Massachusetts, precious little is known about the band or the record, and by “precious little,” I mean basically nothing. Who the band is, how many of them there are, from the lineups of which other of the Bay State’s many extreme pummelers that membership might be drawn, I’ve no idea. There isn’t even a picture to go from. Hence the art above.

But they’re really fucking heavy, really fucking nasty and as is the case with the best of New England’s bands, you can hear the legacy of claustrophobic Puritan paranoia and the changing of the leaves in the opener “Confusion Hath Fuck His Masterpiece”chained-to-the-bottom-of-the-ocean-decay-and-other-hopes-against-progress from the record, so at least there’s that to go on. Following in the sludgy methods of masters like GriefChained to the Bottom of the Ocean adds formidable and ambience heft to this misanthropic legacy of critique and aural brutality, and while they clearly have a thing for cumbersome titles, their message comes through with cruel efficiency in the key line, “Beware: a fire is coming to blow away your chains.” It is a warning that feels as much about a greater human situation as about the record itself.

I still haven’t heard the full album, so I can’t speak to what the rest of it might have to offer, but along with that anchoring lyric, “Confusion Hath Fuck His Masterpiece” works in two parts, so as you make your way through the premiere below and it cuts to silence at about three and a half minutes into the total 6:44, rest assured, there’s more onslaught to come. Echoing screams, vicious plod and tones of depth enough to earn the band’s moniker pervade, and however much the rest of Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress might follow suit in atmosphere and form, “Confusion Hath Fuck His Masterpiece” makes a terrifying first impression. “Beware: a fire is coming.”

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean had some comment on the social theme of the song in appropriately strong image, and you’ll find that under the player below, as well as the aforementioned tracklisting and links so you can keep up heading into the Sept. 15 release.

Please enjoy:

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean on “Confusion Hath Fuck His Masterpiece”:

“The song is about peasant revolts. It’s about putting every king’s head on a pike and getting out from underneath corruption, false leaders, and the failures of government (democratic or not). It’s about the necessary hostile disarming of today’s world powers.”

1. Confusion Hath Fuck His Masterpiece
2. The Mutes Have Begun to Speak
3. Four Cubits and a Span
4. The Dead Who Climb Up to the Sky
5. Hollow Feeds the Emptying Death
6. Escape! Harmony is Disclosure

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Titanis to Release Celestial Aggression Debut EP April 26

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Thickening up thrash riffs can be a tricky proposition, but Massachusetts foursome Titanis find a niche somewhere between doomed plodding and more aggressive metallurgy on “Hyperion,” the rough mix of which is the first audio to surface from their forthcoming Celestial Aggression EP, which will release at the end of April. To mark the occasion, Titanis have a gig booked with Cortez and others at JJ’s Tavern (no relation, unless they’re looking to sell) in Florence, MA, as well as a handful of other gigs over the spring and summer.

Details and introductory whathaveyou barreled down the PR wire thusly:

Western Mass natives/newcomers TITANIS announce their debut EP “Celestial Aggression”, set for release April 26th. Featuring thirty minutes of new, original music across three tracks, the sounds heard here pull from all types of influence: from doom, thrash, early hardcore, progressive, instrumental, post rock and more.

Thematically based on a various concepts of ancient society (including ancient Greece), and written over a 7 year period, this marks the debut effort of each musician, as TITANIS is the first release featuring guitarist/vocalist Niko Galanis, bassist David Willoughy, rhythm guitarist Brett Miller and drummer Patrick O’Neill.

An album release show is set for April 26th at JJ’s Tavern/13th Floor Music Lounge in Florence, MA – featuring Boston stoner rockers Cortez, Buffalo NY’s Super Killer Robots, and Easthampton’s Problem with Dragons – whose front man Robo recorded TITANIS’ debut at his studio, LOUDville, in Feb 2014.

With dates spanning across New England in the coming months, check for more information.

Below is a rough, unmixed preview of what is to come on the album!

Track listing:
1: Hyperion (12 minutes)
2: Horus the Red (8 minutes)
3: Europa (10 minutes)

Live dates:
4/26 JJ’s Tavern, Florence MA w/ Cortez, Problem with Dragons, Super Killer Robots
5/2 Maximum Capacity, Chicopee MA w/ Vacant Eyes, Thunderforge, When the Deadbolt Breaks, Black Absence
6/5 Ralph’s Rock Diner, Worcester MA w/ Mockingbird, TBA
6/20 Cherry Street Station, Wallingford CT w/ TBA

Titanis, “Hyperion (Rough Mix)”

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