Sergio Ch. to Release New Album Aurora Next Month

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A couple years ago, Sergio Chotsourian, formerly of Los Natas and currently of Soldati, Ararat, his Sergio Ch. solo work and South American Sludge Records issued a two-song release called Aurora. It was digital-only and I’m just going to assume that the new version of Aurora due to be issued as a CD/DL next month — on South American Sludge and Pirámide Records — is built off that. The opening title track, on the 2013 original, was over 19 minutes long, an experiment in drone looping topped off with echoing vocals, creating a pretty vast space. “El Herrero,” though much shorter, kept a similar mindset, just didn’t take it to quite the same lengths, blending it instead with Sergio Ch.‘s well established memorable songwriting.

I don’t know whether Aurora — the 2016 version — will work in the same way. If I had to guess, I’d imagine it will work along reasonably similar lines to how his 1974 full-length (review here) was issued first in a sort of demo form and then built out to be a complete album. The addition of other tracks here and instrumentation gives some clue as to the overall intent toward a fuller sound, but of course we won’t actually know until it’s out.

If you don’t already keep your eye on the South American Sludge Bandcamp page (linked below), it’s a treasure trove of underground heavy in a variety of styles from Argentina and beyond that’s easily worth your time and support. Just a word to the wise.

Album info follows. It’s in Spanish, but I’m pretty sure you can figure out what “guitarra” means, even if your language skills are as limited as mine:

sergio ch aurora

Sergio Ch. – Aurora [CD] [S.A.S. 050]

01 Aurora
02 El Herrero
03 La Heroina
04 Aurora II
05 El Laud
06 El Llano

Sergio Ch. – Guitarra & Vocals
Milagros Arrom – Guitarra & Metalofon

Grabado y mezclado por Sergio Ch. en Death Studios
Masterizado por Patricio Claypole en Estudio El Attic
Artwork por Sergio Ch.
Producido por Sergio Ch.

South American Sludge Records, Pirámide Records (2016)

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Soldati Release Self-Titled EP on South American Sludge

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Led by Sergio Chotsourian of Ararat and Los NatasSoldati are a new trio whose debut EP has just been released. Offered up through Sergio‘s label, South American Sludge, it’s a four-song offering that runs a gamut between heavy and harsh, deep low end pushing air through speakers with a rawness captured through a DIY recording. Given some of the expanses Ararat has covered in their last couple records, Soldati feels like a reaction the other way; driving barebones grooves right into the listener from the start of “La Electridad del Arbol Caido” and leaving nothing to regret on any of the songs that follow, even if they can’t help incorporate some melody along the way.

Sergio Ch. is joined in Soldati by bassist Lukas Hospital and drummer Ranz, and the three-piece will make their live debut this weekend at Club Plasma in Buenos Aires. If you don’t already follow South American Sludge on Bandcamp, now’s as good a time as any. Aside from releasing Sergio‘s solo record, 1974 (which I’m still hoping to review one of these days), he gets behind a lot of cool stuff from Argentina and beyond. Here’s the announcement for Soldati and the stream of the tracks from said Bandcamp page:

soldati soldati

Soldati is the new band of Sergio Chotsourian [Los Natas, Ararat], his return to the SG guitars, to tube amps. Registered stoner, doom and sludge nacional.

Soldati represents an intense and solid ride; a concept of heavy rock taken to the extreme, with strong lyrics, dark and visceral sound; continuing anew what Natas has bequeathed. A new journey and a new experience for lovers of Argentine stoner.

Sergio Ch. – guitar/vocals
Lukas Hospital – bass
Ranz – drums

1. La Electridad del Arbol Caido
2. Whiskey Negro
3. Los Secretos de Shiva
4. El Pastor de las Hormigas

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sergio Ch. in Death Studios. Artwork by Sergio Ch. Produced by Sergio Ch. South American Sludge Records.

Soldati, Demo (2016)

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