Megaton Leviathan Ready Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell for Release on Seventh Rule

Posted in Whathaveyou on August 5th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

If you didn’t hear Megaton Leviathan‘s Water Wealth Hell on Earth (review here) when it was released in 2011, you’re probably going to want to stop reading this sentence immediately and get to whatever outlet will allow you to put it in your ears the fastest. An all-consuming wash of psych-doom experimentation that called forth black metal’s buzz but expanded the scope beyond genre confines. There were times throughout that album where it was simply too much to take, but wow, what a sound.

Band spearhead Andrew James Costa Reuscher has had a few limited releases out since then, and there was first discussion of an allegiance with Seventh Rule — now also based in Portland, OR — back in late 2012, but not much word has come out of a new album since. Enter Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell as the first Megaton Leviathan full-length in three years and mark me down as on-fucking-board. As you can see in the live clip below, the drone wash is in full effect, and Megaton Leviathan offer all the ritual with none of the “cult” silliness of many of their contemporaries. Much as they have any.

Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell is out Sept. 9:

MEGATON LEVIATHAN: Psychedelic Doom Masters Release Sophomore Full-Length Via Seventh Rule Next Month; Summer Live Performances Confirmed

The only constant is change. Standing in stark contrast to the droning, gorgeous slabs of psychedelic and atmospherically infused doom that comprise the aural output of MEGATON LEVIATHAN, the band itself has been in a constant state of flux since its inception in 2007. By the end of 2012, despite the official announcement of a new album, not only that album, but the fate of the entire project itself were positioned beneath a very precariously dangled sword. Circumstance and internal conflict nearly saw the band’s next major release a specter with no corporeal form. However, after a redoubling of effort, a reshuffling of the deck and some inevitable missteps along the way, MEGATON LEVIATHAN’s second full length album, Past 21: Beyond The Arctic Cell, has emerged from the chaos of its birth pangs, prepared to thoroughly swath a blazing path through the dense forest of the modern musical landscape.

Mixed by Mort Subite (V.I.I.R.L., Alfheimr, Benighted in Sodom live), MEGATON LEVIATHAN’s newest resident thaumaturgist, Past 21 is a near lethal dose of solemn audio narcotic, shifting the listener somewhere outside the realm of space-time for the duration of its dissociative transduction from speakers to brain. Glacial, yet burning with divine fire, Past 21’s spell is simultaneously whispered in a hallowed chapel, and torn from a throat rent by the gnashing of teeth.

Past 21: Beyond The Arctic Cell Track Listing:
1. Past 21
2. The Foolish Man
3. Arctic Cell
4. Here Come The Tears

In April of 2014, MEGATON founder and lone original member, Andrew James Costa Reuscher and Subite took Past 21 on the road for a first round of West Coast dates as a one man show/performance piece, featuring heavy visual elements, Reuscher the unifying human component, and Subite as the hidden hand, mixing live audio. MEGATON LEVIATHAN later tapped V.I.I.R.L. drummer Markus Covello to join the onstage lineup. With Reuscher handling vocal and guitar operations, and Subite continuing his live audio duties, this revamped, three-man cast will form the core of the MEGATON LEVIATHAN live experience for the duration of the forthcoming West Coast dates surrounding Deadfest in Oakland where the band will perform alongside the likes of Ephemeros, Connoisseur, Augurs and more. See confirmed dates below.

8/09/2014 Megaton House (cassette release show) – Portland, OR
8/14/2014 Ink Annex – Eureka, CA
8/15/2014 Dead Fest – Oakland, CA
8/16/2014 Rock Shop – San Jose, CA
8/17/2014 Starlight Lounge – Sacramento, CA
8/24/2014 Hive Portland, OR * LP Release Show
8/30/2014 TBA – Bozeman, MT
8/31/2014 Black Sparrow Tattoo Club – Billings, MT
9/02/2014 TBA
9/03/2014 Quarters – Milwaukee, WI
9/04/2014 Ghost House – Bloomington, IN
9/05/2014 5th Quarter Lounge – Indianapolis, IN
9/06/2014 TBA
9/07/2014 Acheron – Brooklyn, NY
9/08/2014 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
9/09/2014 The Crown – Baltimore, MD
9/10/2014 Static Age – Asheville, NC
9/12/2014 Springwater – Nashville, TN
9/14/2014 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
9/15/2014 TBA – Austin, TX
9/16/2014 TBA – Dallas, TX
9/18/2014 Bar Bar – Denver, CO

Past 21: Beyond The Arctic Cell will be released via Seventh Rule Recordings on September 9th, 2014. Further info including track teasers to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Megaton Leviathan, Live at First Church of the Buzzard, April 19, 2014

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Graves at Sea and Sourvein to Release Split on May 13

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 27th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

So you take the reignited Graves at Sea, and you put them in the studio with Billy Anderson. Right? Fucking brilliant. Then you take Sourvein, now past the 20-year mark, and you put them in the studio with C.O.C.‘s Mike Dean. Also, fucking brilliant. Then you take the results of these sessions, slap some badass war-wolf art on it, press it to CD and LP, and presumably take the rest of the day off, because I don’t care what else you come up with, you’re just not gonna top that idea.

And I’m not saying I’ve heard any of this material yet or anything, but you’re in for a surprise if you think you know what to expect from Sourvein.

The two bands start a European tour April 10 at Roadburn, and Seventh Rule has the split out on CD and LP on May 13.

Check out the PR wire, telling it like it is:

GRAVES AT SEA And SOURVEIN Unite For A Release Of Ultimate Amplifier Worship; Preorders Available This Friday

Two of doom metal’s mightiest of feedback-laden riff worshippers – Portland’s GRAVES AT SEA and Cape Fear’s SOURVEIN – have united in sound, mind and spirit for the ultimate split of earth-smoldering amplifier worship.

GRAVES AT SEA, whose contributions leave an eerie aura complete with tortured vocals, foreboding composition, and a general sense of dread, occupy Side A. Recorded by Billy Anderson, (Melvins, Sleep, Neurosis) “Betting On Black” and “Confession” finds the all-consuming sludge for which the band is notorious, flooding in amongst the tortured howls and shrieks of vocalist Nathan Misterek.

SOURVEIN, who’ve now existed for two decades of distortion, damage and total doom, solidify Side B. With three songs produced and recorded by Mike Dean Of Corrosion of Conformity, these odes of heavy combine toxic riffs, grooves and just the right amount of psychedelic appeal.

Track Listing:
1. GRAVES AT SEA – Betting On Black
2. GRAVES AT SEA – Confession
3. SOURVEIN – Driffter
4. SOURVEIN – Equinox
5. SOURVEIN – Follow The Light

Both sides were mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Beastmilk, Nails) at Audiosiege Engineering and will be released via Seventh Rule Recordings on both CD and LP on May 13th, 2014 during the two bands’ duel conquest touring Europe and prior to their appearances at this year’s edition of the illustrious Maryland Deathfest. The first pressing of the LP will be limited to 1000 copies and come available on 160-gram black wax with an included download code. Recommended for fans of Eyehategod, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, and all things loud and fuzzy.

Preorders will be available THIS FRIDAY (3/28) at THIS LOCATION.

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Seventh Rule Recordings Celebrate a Decade with Vinyl Giveaway

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 9th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Kudos to Seventh Rule Recordings on their 10 year anniversary and the badass way in which they’ve chosen to mark it. The respected purveyor of innovative underground heavy will be giving away one copy of each and every vinyl they’ve released. Some of it it brand new this year, and some of it — I’ve got my eye on you, Buried at Sea — has been out of print. You know, I’ve got some space on my shelf and this would look awfully nice filling it. Won’t help my chances any encouraging you to enter, but some stuff is just too cool to try to keep to yourself.

Good luck to all and congrats to whoever walks away with the prize. Dig it:

10 Years Of Seventh Rule, Win Our Entire Vinyl Discography!

Seventh Rule has been around for 10 Years now, and its been a beautiful blur. We’ve seen highs and lows, but are happy and thankful to all the people who continue to support us through the years. Such a milestone deserves a contest of epic proportions, so we decided that in honor of our 10 Year Anniversary, we will be giving away our vinyl discography to one lucky person. More than 1/2 of the records listed before are out out of print!

The 10 Year Glitch Prize Package includes one of each of the following:

Sweet Cobra – Praise LP (Red Vinyl)
Akimbo – Elephantine LP (180G Vinyl)
Buried At Sea – She Lived For Others But Died For Us | Single Sided / Etched LP (Swirl Grey Vinyl)
INDIAN – The Unquiet Sky 2xLP (BLOOD RED#11 and EASTER YELLOW#2 AsideBside Vinyl)
The Makai – The End Of All You Know LP (Grey Marble Vinyl)
INDIAN – Slights and Abuse LP (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)
INDIAN – The Sycophant LP (Bloody Sun Vinyl)
Sweet Cobra – Bottom Feeder | Single Sided / Etched LP (Black Vinyl)
Wetnurse – Invisible City 2xLP (#7 Green / Black Splatter Vinyl)
Light Yourself On Fire – Intimacy LP (Yellow / Black Nuclear Style Vinyl)
Millions – Gather Scatter LP (Crystal Clear Vinyl)
Coffinworm – When All Became None LP (Bong Load Green Vinyl)
The Swan King – Eyes Like Knives LP (180G Vinyl)
BATILLUS – Furnace LP (180G Vinyl)
Atriarch – Forever The End LP ( Crypt White Marbled Vinyl)
Thergothon – Stream From The Heavens (Reissue) LP (180G Orange Vinyl)
Wizard Rifle – Speak Loud Say Nothing LP (Vinyl Bong Random Colored Vinyl)
Author & Punisher – Ursus Americanus LP (Grey And White Marbled Vinyl)
Stoneburner – Sickness Will Pass LP (Blood Marbled Vinyl)
Atriarch – Ritual Of Passing LP (Rozz Williams Red Vinyl)
Author & Punisher – Women & Children LP (White #1 with Black Splatter Vinyl)
Gnaw – Horrible Chamber LP (SILVER P19 with RED#3 Haze Vinyl)

To win all you need to do is email us your name and address to

The entry deadline is December 31 at Midnight PST. The winner will be drawn shortly after.

Only one entry per person and PLEASE make sure to use a legitimate email address we can contact you with in case you win. And yes, we will cover the shipping charges.

And while you are waiting in anticipation, make sure to visit our online store and harness our 33% off $20+ sale with coupon code “10YRFTW”.

Good luck!

Seventh Rule

Wetnurse, Invisible City (2008)

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Gnaw to Release Horrible Chamber Oct. 15 on Seventh Rule

Posted in Whathaveyou on August 14th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

New York-based ambient horrifiers Gnaw have announced they’ll return Oct. 15 with a new full-length. Horrible Chamber — which I can only assume is what it feels like you’re trapped inside while you’re listening, because, seriously, Gnaw are fucked up sounding — will serve as the band’s Seventh Rule Recordings debut and as the follow-up to 2009’s This Face (review here), the screams of which one can still hear in the middle of the night if one pays close enough attention.

No cult posturing, but all the terror. The PR wire sends sound and vision:

GNAW: NYC Noise Merchants Unleash Album Details; Teaser Video Posted

New York’s favorite malignant noise instigators and recent Seventh Rule signees, GNAW, will unleash the diseased fruit of their sonic discontent this October. GNAW is the maniacal anti-creation of Alan Dubin (Khanate, Old, O.L.D.), Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter), Jun Mizumachi (Ike Yard), Brian Beatrice and Eric Neuser. Together they’ve manifested a terrifyingly claustrophobic, seven-track journey of sound where the collective sentiments of fear, trauma, rage and repugnance collide into a cathartic state of brooding, audio disease. Fittingly titled, Horrible Chamber, the follow-up to 2009’s This Face, was recorded at Seizures Palace by Jason LaFarge (Swans, Akron/Family, Khanate, Angels Of Light) and mixed by Brian Beatrice at audioEngine and mastered by James Plotkin (OLD, Scorn, Khanate, Khlyst etc), with additional elements recorded by Beatrice, Dubin, Thornton, and Mizumachi in various chambers.

Comments the band in a distant shriek: “We are thrilled that Seventh Rule is about to unleash Horrible Chamber upon the masses. We have been working hard creating an extremely unique record that will make people feel ecstatic about feeling bad.”

Horrible Chamber will be unleashed via Seventh Rule Recordings on October 15 2013. Preorder details to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Horrible Chamber Track Listing:
1. Humming
2. Of Embers
3. Water Rite
4. Worm
5. Widowkeeper
6. Vulture
7. This Horrible Chamber

GNAW will bring their scathing odes to the stage later this month with two tri-state area shows with additional live rituals to be announced shortly.

GNAW Live:
8/23/2013Stanhope House – Stanhope, NJ w/ Prana Bindu, Sonic Suicide Squad, Capacities, Ubasute
8/25/2013 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY w/ Wehrmacht, Prime Evil, Undivided, Vermefug, Thrash Or Die

Gnaw, Horrible Chamber album trailer

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Atriarch West Coast Shows Start this Week

Posted in Whathaveyou on May 20th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Taking the well-honed darkness of Atriarch‘s 2011 debut, Forever the End (review here), to someplace entirely more goth and dramatic, the 2012 sophomore outing, Ritual of Passing, intrigued both in concept and execution, and found the Portland act discovering their niche within not only their own severely crowded scene, but also the wider sphere of the heavy underground. Released on CD by Profound Lore last October, Ritual of Passing is also out now in vinyl issue through Seventh Rule Recordings, which is the impetus behind the tour. See how everything ties together?

Here’s the info:

ATRIARCH West Coast shows…

5/22 Thee Parkside San Francisco, CA W/ Wild Hunt, Lycus, Caffa
5/23 The Catalyst Atrium Santa Cruz, CA W/ Gloam
5/24 Five Star Bar Los Angeles, CA W/ Lightning Swords of Death, Usnea, Deathkings
5/25 924 Gilman Berkeley, CA W/ Worm Ouroboros, Sutekh Hexen, Gloam
6/5 White Owl Portland, OR

Atriarch, “Parasite” from Ritual of Passing

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Batillus to Release Concrete Sustain March 19

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 31st, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Meeting at the intersection of punishing modern doom and industrial experimentation, Brooklyn’s Batillus seem destined to always be an oddball musically. Their 2011 Seventh Rule debut full-length, Furnace (review here), reveled in its bleak weirdness, and I’d expect no less of the follow-up, Concrete Sustain, which is due out March 19 through the same label.

Also sprach the PR wire:

BATILLUS: Avant-Industrial Doom Conjurors To Unleash Concrete Sustain Via Seventh Rule Recordings Next Month

Artwork + Track Listing Revealed

Brooklyn, New York avant-industrial doom conjurors BATILLUS (buh-TILL-us) today confirm March 19, 2013 as the official North American release date of their forthcoming new full-length. Titled Concrete Sustain, the follow-up to 2011’s critically-lauded Furnace long player, was recorded and mixed by Sanford Parker and BATILLUS at Sound Generation in Manhattan and Hypercube in Chicago and mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room.

With songs that range from relentless mid-tempo churns to subterranean crawls, BATILLUS cohere the extremes of heavy music into a surge of massive riffing, rolling over and descending on the listener with the force and intensity of a sudden storm. Concrete Sustain delivers six unforgettable tracks of chilling industrial doom.

Concrete Sustain Track Listing:
1. Concrete
2. Cast
3. Beset
4. Mirrors
5. Rust
6. Thorns

Originally conceived in 2007 as an instrumental trio, the BATILLUS lineup expanded in 2009 to add vocals, synthesizer, and samples to the dynamic range of their music. The tight and focused songs on Concrete Sustain reflect this expanded palette, which has had a profound effect on the band’s writing process.

Concrete Sustain will be released via Seventh Rule Recordings. Stay tuned for further info on BATILLUS, including a stretch of live rituals, in the coming weeks.

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Megaton Leviathan Sign to Seventh Rule, Lose a Member and Have a New Album in the Works

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 10th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

The latest update from Portland, Oregon-based hyper-droners Megaton Leviathan is nothing if not an efficient declaration of relevant info. In a relatively short few paragraphs, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Andrew James Costa informs that the band has signed with Seventh Rule Recordings — an awesome fit — and that Chris Beug has left the band, and also that they have a new album in the works. It’s a lot going on in a relatively minimal announcement, and considering their songs have a tendency to psychedelically meander for upwards of a half-hour, a longer treatise wouldn’t necessarily have been out of character.

Nonetheless, quick and to the point with this from Megaton Leviathan‘s Thee Facebooks page:

Dear friends of Megaton Leviathan

I’m putting out a direct statement to those of you who are closest to the band.

Over the last month Megaton Leviathan attempted to record our 2nd full-length album. After much set backs, schedule changes, conflicts, and the lack of communication the recent attempt at a collaborative effort between Chris and I had dissolved, is the best way I can put it. The end
result is that Chris Beug is no longer a member of Megaton Leviathan

It boils down to this; I am completely unwilling to rush and compromise the creative process or output of this project. Megaton Leviathan is the result of years of hard work, and my desire to mix all of the things I love into one art project. I am very grateful for all the experiences I have had over the years, good bad and indifferent. For they have shaped what this project has become.

It will not go without saying Chris was instrumental in getting Megaton Leviathan out of the studio and on the road, is responsible for a lot of its image and made many sacrifices along the way just as I have. For the record it has been a emotional week.

Megaton Leviathan is still very much alive. I have recently joined forces with 7th Rule records here in Portland, and he has been very supportive through this. With his help and the support of my friends this album will get done, and see the light of day sometime in 2013. It wont be the album I thought it was going to be, but it’s going to be the album it’s meant to be. That’s psychedelic isn’t it?

Andrew James Costa Reuscher

More tba.

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