Black Capricorn Release Equinox EP

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black capricorn

I usually give bands immediate points for opening a release with the longest song. It’s a continually brave decision, and in my mind, worth highlighting when it happens. Okay, so Black Capricorn‘s new digital outing, Equinox, is an EP. So figure maybe half points. But the song’s also acoustic — an unplugged leadoff on an otherwise-plugged release. That’s gotta be points right there. Plus it’s called “Doom for the Red Sun,” so cleverness points on top of those for the reference. I haven’t done a full tally of the numbers involved, but all told, I think it probably works out to you should take a couple minutes and check out the release, which as fate would have it is streaming at the bottom of this post courtesy of the Sardinian trio’s Bandcamp page.

Equinox follows 2015’s Ira Dei EP (discussed here) and this year’s LP, Cult of Black Friars (review here), and in addition to its doomly red sun blues has tracks that date back even before the band got their start and an uncut version of “The Hound of Harbinger God,” which previously appeared on a single.

The art and info:


Black Capricorn – Equinox EP

This new EP is part of a concept continuing for a second and final chapter later next year.

Equinox is inspired by spring season and the end of the summer time. Consist of an acoustic with an unlikely title song (track 1), an old song written during Cult of Black Friars session (track 2), a very old song written in the mid of the 90s by Fabrizio for his formerly band Wild Duck (track 3) and the uncensored (by the length of the 7″ release) and remastered song (track 4).

1. Doom for the red sun
2. La sella del Diavolo
3. Astroflower
4. The hound of harbinger god (uncutted and remastered)

Recorded 3 days of november at the doomy cottage (Hill de los muertos, Sardinia). Mastered in 666 minutes by the man behind the button: mr. Toro.

Black Capricorn, Equinox (2018)

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Doom Over Karalis VII Lineup Set: Caronte & Fuoco Fatuo to Headline Fest Next Month

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If you’re wondering why the Doom Over Karalis festival might take place in Cagliari, they’re the same place. Karalis is the ancient name for the Sardinian capital city, and amidst the ruins of the Tuvixeddu necropolis and the hundred steps, headliners Caronte and Fuoco Fatuo will represent different sides of Italian doom while three more local Sardinian acts provide support. It’s a one-night affair set for Oct. 6 at CuevoRock Live and as someone who spends a significant amount of time daydreaming on hitting faraway festivals in likewise faraway places, hopping over to Sardinia for a lineup of darkened Italian metal sounds like a killer time for someone with unlimited funds and the wherewithal to make it happen.

Doom on, everywhere:

doom over karalis vii banner

Cagliari – DOOM OVER KARALIS VII Festival

6 October 2018, CuevaRock Live, Quartucciu (CA), Sardinia

The “do it your self” festival Doom Over Karalis, which is devoted to Doom and all its sub-genre, reaches its 7th edition.

This Year the festival is dedicated to the Italian Doom and it will bear on the stage of CuevaRock Live, located in Quartucciu (CA), two of the most established Doom bands on the national scene: Caronte and FUOCO FATUO.

CARONTE, Doom / Stoner Band from Parma (2011) will promote their last LP “YONI” (Ván Records, 2017). The Band comes from important festivals as the Desertfest Belgium in Antwerp and the MetalDays in Tolmin.

FUOCO FATUO, Funeral Doom/Death Band from Varese (2011) comes from the major stage of the Roadburn Festival 2018 in Tilburg and the Saint Helena Festival in Munich. The Band will promote their last LP “BACKWATER” (Profound Lore Records, 2017).

The line up will be completed by:
– Ilienses Tree (Doom Death Metal from Cagliari),
– Greenthumb (Sludge from Alghero),
– Doom’s Obsession (Heavy Metal from Iglesias)

The three Sardinian Bands will alternate the stage before the two Headliner.

Everything will be accompanied by resident Dj “Heavy Metal Thunder” and his Old School selection.

Fuoco Fatuo, Backwater (2017)

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Black Capricorn Release Ira Dei EP for One Week Only

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black capricorn

If you’re thinking maybe a new EP from Italian doomsters Black Capricorn might be your cup of tea, chalice of vino, glass of sambuca, whatever it might be, then you’re probably going to want to jump on Ira Dei while the jumpin’s good. The trio (live four-piece) will have the three tracks of Ira Dei posted for one week — from yesterday — and then that’s it. Word from the band is that “Evil Horde of Lucifer,” “Zeernebooch” and “The Mammoth March to Alnitak” might be used again at some point for a physically-pressed split or as part of a full-length album, but as far as this EP in this form goes, it’s out for a couple days and then gone. One and done.

Ira Dei is one of two releases Black Capricorn have had out this year, the other being a limited split single with Bretus. Their third full-length, Cult of Black Friars, came out last year on Stone Stallion Rex, and continued their roll-groove take on the traditions of doom, and the new tracks, from the chant-style layered vocals of “Evil Horde of Lucifer” to the feedback swells in “Zeernebooch,” furthers their intricate but thoroughly doomed approach another step.

The idea is to fund their next European run, so if it helps to think of it as a Kickstarter or whatever crowdfunding deal we’re namechecking these days, then fine. Release info and links follow, so have at it:

black capricorn ira dei

IRA DEI ep is available from today and for ONLY 1 week on digital download ONLY!!!

1. Evil Horde of Lucifer
2. Zeernebooch
3. The Mammoth March to Alnitak

We do this record in order to collect some money for the next year european tour.

After one week this link will be deleted, we wish to use these songs for further release (split, ep) on physical format.

It would be very helpful for our band if you want to share this link:

Thank you all!

Black Capricorn, Ira Dei EP (2015)

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Black Capricorn, Black Capricorn: La Chiamata Della Capra

Posted in Reviews on January 10th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

When it comes to 12th Records, it’s a safe bet that whatever else you’re going to get, the disc is going to have massive tone. The label is the imprint of Electric Amplifiers, which, unsurprisingly, the bands it puts out are using. 12th Records doesn’t issue discs often, but the label has been home to debuts and landmark albums from High on Fire, YOB, Ocean Chief and Starchild, among others, so when they get behind something, it’s worth paying attention. In the case of the Sardinian outfit Black Capricorn, that’s no less true than it’s ever been. Their 2011 self-titled debut keeps with the label’s tradition of engulfing fuzz – rhythm guitarist/vocalist Fabrizio “Kjxu” Monni’s riffs are given front-and-center attention in the band’s sound, and rightly so. On some levels, Black Capricorn is preaching to the converted here, but if it’s going to be stoner rock for stoner rock’s sake, I’m not going to hold it against the groove of “Il Tamburo del Demonio,” which seems to split the band’s attention between worship of the cosmos and worship of the capital-g Goat. Whatever they’re doing thematically, though, it’s the lurching tonal thickness and warmth that’s going to lure you in and keep you for the record’s 46-minute duration, and Black Capricorn – who’ve since added Il Baro on vocals/synth and a full-time lead guitarist in Andrea “Lord Fex” Cadeddu – make the most of it here.

Black Capricorn’s Black Capricorn was recorded in 2009, and Lord Fex does appear on guitar alongside Kxju on the closing duo of “The Maelmhaedhoc O’Morgair Prophecy” and “Liquid Universe,” but he’s credited as a guest musician, as is Claudio Monni (relation to Kxju assumed), who plays on the rest of the songs. The actual lineup is listed as Kxju, bassist Virginia and drummer Rachela, and if the distinction is that the trio recorded live and the other parts were added later, not knowing whether that’s the case or not, I’d believe it, given the natural flow of the material on the album. It is unpretentious in its awareness of genre and style to the point that the sample use on “Capricorn One” – taking its name from the 1978 sci-fi thriller – is more charming than redundant, and that from the opening riff that begins “Sa Bruxia,” Black Capricorn seem less concerned with innovation than exploration of nuance. That is to say, their debut doesn’t do much to reinvent the style of psychedelic stoner rock, but it develops a personality within it and makes the aesthetic conventions work to its advantage, at least for the most part. “Sa Bruxia” features the first of many excellent nod-ready grooves to come, and the integration of Claudio Monni’s lead work is fluid, sounding not at all out of place with the lumbering riffs surrounding.

For the most part, Kxju keeps his vocals to far-back echoes, and that works well in enhancing the album’s psychedelic feel, but on “Capricorn One,” he switches to a gruff, blown-out approach that does well to offer change from the first two tracks – “Perpetual Eclipse” being the second and keeping much the same vibe as the opener, with an added didgeridoo intro from Kxju. That switch is subtle compared to the overall effect of Black Capricorn, which is as though someone was shouting, “Follow that giant riff!” but with the more upbeat instrumental and desert-ed “Il Tamburo del Demonio” following, it has time to sink in before the album highlight “10,000 Tons of Lava” takes hold and blends the two processes. Virginia’s bass, which has warmth to match Kxju’s, should already have been noted as an element working greatly in Black Capricorn’s favor throughout the record, but on “10,000 Tons of Lava,” the contribution is undeniable. Accompanied by the strongest vocal performance here-included and rumbling low beneath a momentary break, it is the stuff of stoner rock dreams and immaculately put to tape. As Kxju’s effects swirl out into interstellar oblivion, I’m more locked in with what Virginia and Rachela are doing behind them, which probably wasn’t the original intent of the song but doesn’t weaken the impression it leaves.

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