Aaron Edge of Lumbar Fractures Vertebra; Fundraiser Launched for Medical Expenses

Posted in Whathaveyou on June 8th, 2015 by JJ Koczan

aaron edge

I try not to spend too much of other people’s money, because I know it’s a finite resource and because it is for me as well. However, we are also fortunate enough to live in an age where even passing off a couple bucks here 5and there can genuinely make a difference in someone’s existence. I’ve known  writing services writing online a fair price and choose an academic writer who will provide an original and complete well-researched college paper in return. Aaron Edge for years now. He’s someone whose work has directly inspired me — when I started a label years back, it was because  Admission College Essay Help Joke offers qualified writing assistance at fair prices. On time delivery guaranteed. Aaron basically called me up and told me to so I could put out the  procurement masters thesis see it here dissertation consulting fees essay death penalty Roareth record he’d written and played on — and someone who continues to inspire.

Everything with corporeal presence is physical, but I’ve known few who’ve made the most of that in the way  best custom college papers Help With Writing A Dissertation Vocabulary expository research paper sample proposal research Aaron has. A distance runner in years past, vehement stage presence in more bands than I think even he could remember if you asked and a mountain biker even after his 2013 diagnosis with MS,  Read and Download http://gooddogmarketing.com/dissertation-intro/ Free Ebooks in PDF format - THE KHAZAR CONVERTS AND POLISH JEWS MOZART BOOK UNDERSTANDING AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS Aaron was able to channel physical anguish into devastating sonic and emotional heft on  Essaydoc.net offers you to choose a writer I need a professional to literary research paper topics list because Im way too busy with other homework Lumbar‘s  ( Have done lots of research and need it evaluated) reply to thread view you want to Literature Review Helper; If you want a PhD then you have to work for one The First and Last Days of Unwelcome (review here; interview here), having written and recorded the instruments himself and collaborated with  Paid essay writing jobs available right now. You can get general officer assignments and earn up to 00 monthly working from home! YOB‘s  Custom essay writing service reviews provided by EssayScaning will assist students with searching for appropriate http://www.carbosl.com/dissertation-interview-request/! Check it now! Mike Scheidt on vocals and  http://www.drivingforeacure.net/index.php?business-letter-writing-services. 973 likes. Buy thesis (www.buythesis.net) is a professional writing service, which has dedicated writers for writing unique and exceptional... Tad Doyle on recording to create one of the most powerful heavy records of the last five years. More than that, it was a testament to the sheer indomitable spirit that drives  Nationwide network of resume writers provide my site. Resume writing for all career fields. Interviews guaranteed - ResumeWriters.com Aaron — confirmation of the fact that he simply would not be stopped.

While mountain biking on Friday, May 29, Want to get a high grade for your essay but dont have time for it? We are ready to help! Professional official site writing service at a low price. Aaron had a bad accident on a trail. He was airlifted to the hospital where he was told his recovery would be three to six months. The T6 vertebra in his back was fractured. Life put The Fastest Online look at this site. Trusted By 3000+ Corporate Clients. Start in 30min. 12 hours delivery. From 29 $/hr. Aaron on his ass once again, but if history has shown anything it’s that A Global Warming An Essay provided by professionals. All kinds of papers will be done on time. Contact us and get your writing done straight away! Aaron only knows how to get back up and keep fighting. The truth is, best custom college papers http://www.sampans.fr/?assignment-on-child-labour expository research paper sample proposal research Aaron will be back out there one way or another. Fractured vertebra, MS, cartoon piano falling on his head — whatever it might be, there’s no keeping him down. This too will be channeled, contorted into something from which he’ll only come back stronger. And that process will be that much easier with as much support as possible.

So yes, I’m spending your money. A GoFundMe has been launched to help  Aaron with medical expenses from his stay at the hospital, and you can and should donate below:

Last Friday, while test riding a full suspension mountain bike amongst redwood trees, I fell off on a technical course and landed hard on my back. I couldn’t move or stand and was in lots of pain, I was airlifted via helicopter to a San Jose hospital soon after.

Tests and scans were done: my back is broken, specifically my T6 vertebrae.

I’m in a huge brace for a few months and in bad shape, mentally and of course physically. For those of you who already found out, thank you for the texts, messages and emails. — Aaron of Lumbar

Aaron Edge GoFundMe fundraiser

Lumbar on Thee Facebooks

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Aaron Edge Needs Your Support — Plus You Get a Shirt Out of the Deal

Posted in Label Stuff on March 21st, 2013 by JJ Koczan

When Aaron Edge first hit me up to put out a CD by his band Roareth, I had barely given thought to starting a record label as an extension of what I was doing with The Obelisk. It was one of many passing ideas that, were it not for his “get off your ass and do it” — a bonus considering it didn’t actually require I get off my ass — I probably would never have had the motivation to make it happen. I know The Maple Forum hasn’t exactly changed the world, but I’ve been able to support projects I believe in and I’ve had a lot of fun in the process. Aaron Edge was instrumental in making that happen.

To run through the list of bands Aaron has been in over the years is an exhausting undertaking. In and out of acts like Roareth (short-lived and badass as they were), Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Harkonen, Iamthethorn, Grievous, he’s also done design work for Southern Lord, YOB, and countless others. He designed the Maple Forum logo that I use on all the label’s sporadic releases. Some people just can’t sit still, and that’s an ethic that has seen Aaron move from Seattle to Los Angeles to Portland over the last several years, all the while remaining an active part of both the creative underground and building a name and having an impact in the world of distance biking and running with the #furtherfasterforever hash tag and the community that’s built up around it.

Aaron was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on March 6 after months of pain and tests. When he emailed me last night, he was in the ER again. The pain is tremendous and of a scale matched perhaps only by the medical bills. There’s no cure, and on freelancer wages, he’s taken a hit on the financial end as well as physically and emotionally. A fund has been set up to help Aaron keep up with the costs of his treatment — which will be ongoing — and the good people at #furtherfasterforever are giving a shirt away with donations the design for which you can see below:

So, as it was Aaron’s call to action that inspired me to start The Maple Forum, I hope you’ll take the time and give him some support when he needs it most.

Read an interview with Aaron about his situation here: http://furtherfasterforever.com/blog/aaron-edge/

Buy a shirt and donate here: http://furtherfasterforever.com/store/products/limited-edition-when-life-deals-you-a-bad-hand-t-shirt/

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Label Update: The Maple Forum Has a Webstore

Posted in Label Stuff on March 14th, 2011 by JJ Koczan

I put out a notice about this over the weekend on Facebook, because I was so nerdishly excited about having successfully constructed it myself, but I figured I’d announce it today too in case not everyone spends all day every day sitting in front of their computer. The Maple Forum now has a BigCartel webstore where you can purchase releases. I know, the Kings Destroy link for Paypal is right in the sidebar, but this is more official-looking, like maybe I’m not just some schlub paying to press bands’ discs and I actually know what I’m doing. Even the appearance of that is a big step, as far as I’m concerned.

Click here to go to the official webstore of The Maple Forum.

That link will also be permanent in the sidebar in case you’re ever wondering how to get there.

There are two Kings Destroy orders waiting to go out (I’ll hit the post office on the way to work tomorrow), which brings us down to a measly 9 copies left. Once those go, it’s gone, so if you want it, now’s the time to get on it.

I’ll be announcing what the third Maple Forum release will be next week, so stay tuned for that, as we’ll have artwork, streaming tracks and all that good type of stuff over the coming however long until it’s out.

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Visual Evidence of Roareth’s Last Show

Posted in Label Stuff, Visual Evidence on October 26th, 2010 by JJ Koczan

Well, it happened. Roareth are done. All the physical copies of their album, Acts I-VI, sold out and they played their last show at The Comet in Seattle this past Sunday night, Oct. 24. The Maple Forum‘s first band is no more. The second Maple Forum release isn’t even out yet! This whole “starting a record label” thing is going great.

If you missed that news, it’s here. Submitted for your approval are the following shots of Roareth at their final gig, courtesy of Invisible Hour Photography. Dig it:

Read more »

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The Maple Forum Update: Roareth Soon to be No Moreth

Posted in Label Stuff on October 12th, 2010 by JJ Koczan

It’s one thing to put out an awesome CD — which Roareth did in the form of The Obelisk‘s in-house label The Maple Forum‘s first release, Acts I-VI — sell out of it and not make any more. It’s another thing to put out an awesome CD and then break up, and of the two, Roareth (ballsy as ever) seems to have gone with the latter option. They played their first show June 18, and they’ll play their last Oct. 24 in Seattle. I won’t ever have gotten the chance to see them.

The band checks in with the following:

Our guitarist, Aaron Edge, was offered the Product Manager position at Southern Lord Records in Los Angeles… a job he simply cannot pass up. He and bass player/wife (Rachel) move to California on Nov. 1. Pam, Ben and Aaron have been playing music together for over three years now, most of that time in the thrashy punk band, Requin (in which Pam wrote most of the material). Roareth was started in order to have a method of release for Aaron‘s slower material that didn’t fit into Requin‘s bag of tunes. The three musicians found it easy to just change the style of music between Requin and Roareth, keeping the same band members and practice space. It is with great sadness that the band disbands, but all good things must end.

Roareth has two remaining Seattle shows:
10/14 The Rendezvous w/ Via Vengeance and Sod Hauler
10/24 The Comet w/ Physical Demon, NoiseATron and Shining Ones

Roareth‘s Acts I-VI CDs are all sold out, however, the digital download of MP3s is available here: www.secure.diystro.com/a/GZALQ

Roareth‘s Acts I-VI Revisited is an interesting remix of the CD, with extra layered instruments, limited percussion and different samples. The digital download of MP3s is available here: www.secure.diystro.com/a/O04RU

Aaron and Rachel have started a new band down in the Los Angeles area called Raw Umber. They are seeking a drummer to complete their new group. Aaron has also been working on a series of recordings with different vocalists (Eshas w/ Rob of 108, Stilled w/ John of Himsa and Les Gants w/ Greg of Trial), all to be released before the year’s end. He also continues to write and record his solo project, Hellvetika. Pam has started a noise band called Scyphozoa. Ben plays with Mark Sparkles and Shit Gets Smashed. There is no doubt in any of the band member’s minds that Ben and Pam will start a new, heavy project as well.

The group wishes to thank each other for months of great shows, friendship and the creative outlet that was Roareth. Many hugs go out to the bands and stages shared, friends who lent an ear-plugged ear at shows and those who made the whole band’s life so amazing. Special thanks to JJ and The Maple Forum for support and the release of the Acts I-VI CD.

A final shirt design (see pic) will be available at the last shows, and if not sold out, online as well.

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Maple Forum Update: Roareth’s Acts I-VI is Sold Out

Posted in Label Stuff on September 13th, 2010 by JJ Koczan

I’m happy to report that all my copies of The Maple Forum‘s debut release, Acts I-VI by Seattle doom juggernauts Roareth, are gone. As far as the label (and by that I mean me) is concerned, the pressing is sold out. You can still get the album from the band or at the All That is Heavy webstore, but it’s no longer for sale on this site.

Thanks to everyone who made a purchase from this site or reviewed the album. Please continue to support the band and know there’s more to come from The Maple Forum this Fall with the Kings Destroy record, And the Rest Will Surely Perish, and beyond, so stay tuned for label updates and a lot more. In the meantime, Roareth have a couple shows scheduled for next month you’ll probably want to check out if you’re a fan of getting your ass kicked by music.

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Roareth Sales Update: Four Copies Left!

Posted in Label Stuff on August 23rd, 2010 by JJ Koczan

I just got back from the post office, sending out the latest three packages of sold Roareth CDs to New York, Illinois and France, so if you ordered it and live in one of those places, keep your eye on the mail. If you haven’t yet bought a copy of Roareth‘s Acts I-VI on The Obelisk‘s house label, The Maple Forum, I highly suggest you do so, both because it rules and because I’ve only got four copies left. Four copies and then they’re gone. You can see why I’d consider it an urgent matter.

Thanks to everyone who’s bought and told me they enjoyed the record. I know the band is stoked on it and so am I. Guitarist Aaron Edge sent me an email today actually with a few pics from their set at the wedding of Tad (who recorded Acts I-VI) and Peggy Doyle, both of Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. It certainly looks like drummer/vocalist Ben McIsaac had a good time, as I’m sure did all who were in attendance. Lesbian and Mico de Noche also played.

In case you missed it, I recently posted all of Acts I-VI for your streaming pleasure. Here it is again, complete with the link to buy the record. Once more, I hope you dig it as much as I do:

Roareth Acts I-VI

Choose Location

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Stream Roareth’s Acts I-VI Now – 9 Copies Left

Posted in audiObelisk, Label Stuff on August 4th, 2010 by JJ Koczan

The countdown is on. I only have 9 copies left of the first release on The Obelisk‘s in-house label, The Maple Forum, Roareth‘s Acts I-VI. If you want one, select your location and click the button below to buy one via Paypal. The band sold a bunch of their copies at the Seattle Doom Fest, so they’re going fast, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Although Roareth has samples of the album on their MySpace (as well as info about their next show August 14 at El Corazon, for which they’ll also have an exclusive t-shirt design), I thought it was time to stream the album, so that everyone could get the chance to hear it even if they didn’t get the chance to buy it, and so anyone on the fence could make up their mind either way. Just click the play button below:

Roareth Acts I-VI

I’ve come to feel tremendous sentimental attachment to this record, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I do. Thanks for listening, for supporting the band and the site.

Purchase Roareth, Acts I-VI:

[PLEASE NOTE: The disc is now sold out. Thank you for your support.]

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