Aver Sign to Ripple Music

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Congratulations to Australian riffers Aver on signing to Ripple Music, and I promise I didn’t know that was happening earlier this week when I included their Nadir album in the Quarterly Review. Fair enough. Ripple will have a pressing of Nadir out sometime later in 2015 — or maybe 2016, considering the year’s already more than half over — so that those who got stoked on the digital release will be able to have one to take home and put on the shelf. Maybe vinyl-size will be big enough to figure out just what the hell is going on with that cover art.


The announcement follows, courtesy of the PR wire:

aver nadir

Ripple Music is pleased to announce the signing of Australian band AVER and with it, the official international release of their sophomore album Nadir.

Originally self-released earlier in the year to an online fanfare from a dedicated few amid the stoner/psych community, the album has already proven itself to be one of the most exciting and distinctive alternative records of 2015. Fearlessly taking their music exactly where it needs to go, and packing enough technical nous and talent to power an exploratory vessel of sound and substance, at over an hour in length Nadir exposes listeners to soaring instrumentals, heavy psychedelia and spine-crushing progressive cadences. Weighted somewhere between the worlds, galaxies and supernovae of stoner metal and space rock, for the quartet – who originally formed on the Northern shores of Sydney back in 2008 – their signing to the Californian label heralds yet another stellar addition to the ever growing Ripple Music Family, and the beginning of a journey out of the underground and into the void.

While an official release date for the album will follow soon, in the meantime, sit back, strap yourselves in and take a trip and experience AVER’s magnificent ‘Rising Sun’.


Aver, “Rising Sun”

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Mothership Announce Tour Dates with Crobot; Live over Freak Valley Due in Nov.

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Not sure I’m the person to make this kind of declaration, but Mothership are about as much a candidate as Ripple Music has for being a “flagship band.” They rock, first and foremost. They break their collective ass putting in work on the road, and their reach only seems to be expanding as they grow creatively. They’re as representative an act for what appeals most about Ripple as I can think of, and that’s not to take away from anyone else on the label at all, just to say that in the wake of their 2014 sophomore outing, Mothership II (review here), there’s an awful lot the Dallas trio are doing right.

To wit, they’ll release the new live album Live over Freak Valley in Nov., and they’ve just announced yet another US tour, this time with Crobot and Wilson. The PR wire has it like this:


Mothership to release Mothership Live Over Freak Valley this November | Announce US dates for The Drunk As Sh*t Tour with Crobot and Wilson

After the rerelease of their momentous second album and a storming start to 2015, Mothership – the hard rocking supersonic/intergalactic Texan trio – are pleased to announce the arrival of Mothership Live Over Freak Valley this coming November on Ripple Music.

Recorded at their debut European appearance at the iconic German rock festival, brothers Kyle and Kelly Juett along with Judge Smith have captured their steaming hot stew of UFO and Iron Maiden inspired metal; southern Molly Hatchet and ZZ Top swagger, and deathly Sabbathian doom. A concoction that should by all accounts prove too heavy to handle on record, but as fans will soon discover, Mothership Live Over Freak Valley will deliver the filth and fury of the full Mothership live experience.

Since 2013 the band has travelled non-stop, playing live across the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe; taking to festival stages, nightclubs, and under the sun at whatever motorcycle parties they could find. They are for all intents and purposes a heavy rock juggernaut that has only just begun to tear a hole in the cosmos. And guess what? They have no plans of slowing down for anyone.

Over the coming months Mothership also embark on The Drunk As Sh*t Tour with fellow rockers Crobot and Wilson where the band will have CDs of Mothership Live Over Freak Valley on sale ahead of its official vinyl release on Ripple Music at the end of the year. To catch them live and for the full list of dates see below.

Mothership Live:
10th July – Blue Fox Billiards, Winchester, VA
11th July – Ziggy’s By The Sea, Wilmington, NC
14th July – Trick Shot Billiards, Clifton Park, NY
15th July – The Studio at Webster Hall, New York, NY
17th July – Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA
18th July – The Met, Pawtucket, RI
19th July – The Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY
21st July – The Outpost, Kent, OH
23rd July – Frankie’s Inner-City, Toledo, OH
24th July – Cheers Pub – South Bend, IN
25th July – The Stache @ The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI
26th July – Alrosa Villa, Columbus, OH
28th July – Venue 3405, Joplin, MO
31st July – Q&Z Expo Center, Ringle, WI
1st August – Pov’s 65, Spring Lake Park, MN
7th August – Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln, NE**
8th August – Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO**
9th August – The Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO**
18th August – Rockbar Theater, San Jose, CA**
** w. Crobot only

Mothership is Kelley Juett (guitars/vocals), Kyle Juett (bass/vocals) and Judge Smith (drums).


Mothership, “Serpents Throne” from Live over Freak Valley

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DoctoR DooM Stream “Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely” from New Album This Seed We Have Sown

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When picking out which track on your album you’re going to call “Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely,” take a page out of French heavy classic rockers DoctoR DooM‘s book, and make it move. Boogie runs rampant throughout the Pamiers four-piece’s debut long-player, This Seed We Have Sown, and true to form, “Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely” has all the swing and ’70s vibe one could ask in this post-Graveyard era. The album is out July 24 on Ripple Music CD and will have vinyl to follow in Sept. from STB Records, and in following-up a 2015 7″, a live outing and their 2012 DoomO EP (review here), it presents a steady flow across its nine tracks, beginning with “The Sun” and ending with the quiet guitar of “To be Continued,” which I wouldn’t be surprised to find echoed at the start of their sophomore outing whenever it might arrive.

Between those two and in the meat of This Seed We Have Sown, the lineup of guitarist/vocalist Jean-Laurent Pasquet, guitarist/backingdoctor-doom-this-seed-we-have-sown vocalist Jérémie Delattre, bassist/keyboardist Sébastien Boutin Blomfield and drummer/drummer Michel Marcq proffer natural tones and upbeat swing, touching here and there on classic Pentagram stylizations and a not unexpected touch of Sabbath on “So Jinxed” or side B’s “At War with Myself,” which is the longest inclusion at 7:14 and the precursor to “Truth in the Dark,” the particularly proto-metallic de facto closer before “To be Continued” finishes the album. Strong instrumental chemistry throughout and songwriting to match gives the tracks a personality of their own despite whatever genre familiarity they present, and though it has its morose stretches, the prevailing vibe is is more given to motion, and that brings us back to where we started.

“Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely” follows “The Sun,” and while it’s one of the “brighter” cuts on This Seed We Have Sown, its shuffle and groove, especially in Marcq‘s performance, show off DoctoR DooM‘s momentum at one of its most irresistible points on the record. They’re not necessarily pushing forward all the time, but definitely side to side, the songs almost dancing to themselves in pure heavy rock revelry. We’re a month out from the (first) release, but you can find “Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely” on the player below, followed by some more info on the album courtesy of the PR wire.

Please enjoy:

DoctoR DooM was formed in the French town of Ariège in the Midi-Pyrénées by guitarists Jean-Laurent Pasquet and Jérémie Delattre. Having come together out of a shared appreciation for forgotten 60s and 70s music, it didn’t take long for the duo to find kindred spirits in drummer Michel Marcq and bass player Sébastien Boutin Blomfield as they sought to pull together the rhythm section required to knock out a monumentally heavy live set. Initially performing covers of Coven, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple, out of the riffs and drum rolls of old grew new, original numbers that would later surface fully formed on their 2012 debut DoomO EP on STB Records.

This Seed We Have Sown by DoctoR DooM will be released worldwide on 24th July 2015 on Ripple Music, with a limited vinyl released on STB Records out toward the end of June.

DoctoR DooM:
Jean-Laurent Pasquet (Vocal, Guitar)
Jérémie Delattre (Guitar)
Sébastien Boutin Blomfield (Bass, Keys)
Michel Marcq (Drums)

DoctoR DooM on Thee Facebooks

DoctoR DooM on Bandcamp

STB Records

Ripple Music

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Ripple Music Celebrating Fifth Anniversary

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ripple music logo

Let’s face it: Five years of anything in the music industry is an accomplishment. Thriving and helping to support an international underground are one thing, but sheer survival is a feat worthy of praise. Ripple Music, whose first release was JPT Scare Band‘s 2010 offering, Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden (review here), mark half a decade of existence this month, and they’ll do so in fitting style. A righteous sale of their releases is on now for anyone who might need to catch up, and there’s a label compilation out now that features 24 tracks culled from Ripple offerings, and a free download of some sort coming soon from the Cody Foster Army.

Ripple‘s growth in its five years has been considerable, but I don’t think anything yet has compared to what they’ve undertaken thus far in 2015. We’re about halfway through the year, and Ripple has signed Kind, Chiefs, Switchblade Jesus, Bonehawk, Space Probe Taurus, Blackwülf, Blue Snaggletooth and Red Desert, and that’s in addition to working with Geezer, Borracho, Supervoid and more on their The Second Coming of Heavy series of vinyl splits and continuing their association with ascendant acts like Mos Generator and Mothership. If nothing else, they’re busy.

Congratulations and continued success to Todd and John from the label. Info on their five-year doings follows, as culled from the Ripple Music Thee Facebooks page:

This month marks our 5 year anniversary. Yes! 5 years since we released JPT Scare Band “Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden.” Lot’s of ups and downs since then but we wouldn’t be here without your continual support. So to all who’ve picked up an album, sent us a letter of encouragement, volunteered to help out, or simply said, “hey”, we thank you. And as a token of our appreciation, starting tomorrow through the end of the month, all early Ripple releases in stock will be at an amazingly low “Anniversary Sale” price. Stop by and stock up, and thank you!

Lots of fun stuff planned this month to celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary and say thank you! First up, the big sale with the lowest prices we’ve ever done! Next, keep your eyes open for our Free 5 Year Anniversary Download Compilation featuring 24 bands we’ve worked with over the years, and also stay tuned for a fun, free project from the Cody Foster Army.


Various Artists, Ripple Music Five-Year Anniversary Compilation (2015)


Sweat Lodge Confirm Aug. Release for Talismana on Ripple Music

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sweat lodge

Originally announced last Dec. as being due early this year, Talismana, the Ripple Music debut from Austin, Texas, heavy rockers Sweat Lodge has now been confirmed for and Aug. 7 release. The four-, maybe five-piece recently shot a video for a to-be-revealed song from Talismana, and they will also take part in the North West Hesh Fest this Aug. as part of a West Coast tour in support of the album, where they’ll join a lineup that also features YOBWeedeater and Diesto.

The PR wire has words and sounds, you have eyes and ears, so let’s do this thing:

sweat lodge talismana

Austin psych rockers Sweat Lodge confirm release of debut album this August

Talismana by Sweat Lodge will be released on 7th August 2015 on Ripple Music

Ripple Music is pleased to announce the official release of Talismana, the long-awaited debut album from one of America’s most exciting and downright badass psychedelic metal bands, Sweat Lodge.

The Austin, TX outfit have made good on their promise with a record that delivers more than you could possibly ever ask from it. Pillaging and plundering some of the most explosive eras of hard rock, heavy psychedelia and proto-metal with a conviction and execution rarely found this side of the millennium, in short, Sweat Lodge’s potential is one that knows no bounds.

Seizing on the southern grooves of Fu Manchu, Saint Vitus and the blues-driven majesty of 70s legends Mountain and fellow Texans ZZ Top, across Talismana – riff after punishing riff, howl after soulful howl – the vintage sound of rock ‘n’ roll reigns supreme, sparked through an engine of uncompromising youth. As anyone who witnessed the band’s debut TV appearance on Last Call With Carson Daly in March will testify, charismatic front man and vocalist Cody Lee Johnston’s ability to bring it on home is hypnotic. Backed by the gnarled bass fuzz of Austin Shockley, the Bonham-esque drum play of Caleb Dawson and guitar interplay of Javier Gardea and Dustin Anderson, the band will be unstoppable in 2015 and Talismana an essential record for fans of the genre.

Talismana by Sweat Lodge will be released on 7th August on Ripple Music

Sweat Lodge:
Cody Lee Johnston (Vocals)
Caleb Dawson (Drums)
Javier Gardea (Guitars)
Austin Shockley (Bass)
Dustin Anderson (Guitar)


Sweat Lodge, “Slow Burn”

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Borracho Set for Upcoming Weekender & Vinyl Release

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Ahead of the any-day-now release of their new split with Geezer that marks the start of Ripple Music‘s The Second Coming of Heavy series of 7″s, Washington D.C. riffly trio will embark on a weekend of gigs this week with shows in Brooklyn, Baltimore and their native D.C. The Baltimore date is particularly notable for being the Moving the Earth fest, but all three are choice shows, playing as they are with the likes of Mirror QueenThe Brought LowMos Generator and their former split-mates in Cortez. Sounds like a good weekend.

Dudes will have three songs on that Geezer split and also have a bundle deal going with their vinyl, as detailed below:


Coming at You Live + The Second Coming of Heavy

The fine folks at Ripple Music will soon be issuing the first volume in their new split LP series, The Second Coming of Heavy, and we’re proud to join our comrades Geezer to kick it off in heavy style. We’ve got three brand new tracks — Fight the Prophets, Superego, and Shark Tank — alongside four new Geezer rompers, and the whole thing will be packaged in three ultra-limited editions. Keep your eyes peeled. Release and pre-order info will be announced soon, and we’re looking at a June release date!

We’re heading north for a doozie of a weekend with some of our favorite bands. On Friday, June 5, after more than a year, we’re returning to Brooklyn for an I-95 corridor connection with our brothers from Boston, Cortez, the kings of Queens, The Brought Low, and Brooklyn beasts Mirror Queen. Saturday we join a hell of a festival lineup in Baltimore, with Mos Generator, Wounded Giant, Foghound, Wizard Eye, Wasted Theory, and more at the Moving the Earth Fest. And Sunday the 7th we bring some of the gang from Charm City back to DC to cap the weekend.

June 5 – Brooklyn, NY @ Lucky 13 Saloon w/ Cortez, The Brought Low & Mirror Queen
June 6 – Baltimore, MD @ Moving the Earth Festival w/ Mos Generator, Wounded Giant, Foghound, Wasted Theory & more!
June 7 – Washington, DC @ The Pinch w/ Mos Generator, Wounded Giant & Wasted Theory

Missed out on our last couple releases? No worries, you can grab the lot during this limited time bundle sale. Split 7”s with Cortez and Eggnogg make for heavy listening sessions, and will round out your Borracho vinyl collection nicely. Grab them both for a cool $10 until July 1. Check out the deal on our Bandcamp page.


Borracho, “King’s Disease”

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DoctoR DooM Announce Debut Full-Length This Seed We Have Sown; New Song Streaming

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doctor doom

Following an earlier-2015 7″ release, a live outing and their 2012 DoomO EP (review here), French heavy rollers approach their first full-length, This Seed We Have Sown, with the classics in mind. As the new song “Relax, You’re Dead,” which you can stream below, can attest, the four-piece bask in ’70s traditionalism and organic tonality, and they’ve been well lauded for it since STB Records picked up DoomO for a vinyl pressing in 2013.

Accordingly, This Seed We Have Sown will see issue through both STB and Ripple Music over the course of the next two months, to be available no doubt in a variety of editions and on a variety of formats, the two labels having partnered to share releases between vinyl and CD. The exact numbers to come — as in “limited to X” — I’m not sure, but however many they make, don’t expect them to last.

More to come, I’m sure, but for now, off to the PR wire:

doctor doom this seed we have sown

DoctoR DooM announce new album This Seed We Have Sown | Stream and share new song ‘Relax, You’re Dead’

Formed in the French town of Ariège in the Midi-Pyrénées by guitarists Jean-Laurent Pasquet and Jérémie Delattre, since their formation in 2011 DoctoR DooM have blazed an impressive underground trail for followers of new, authentically crafted hard rock, metal and progressive blues.

Having come together out of a shared appreciation for forgotten 60s and 70s music, it didn’t take long for the duo to find kindred spirits in drummer Michel Marcq and bass player Sébastien Boutin Blomfield as they sought to pull together the rhythm section required to knock out a monumentally heavy live set. Initially performing covers of Coven, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple, out of the riffs and drum rolls of old grew new, original numbers that would later surface fully formed on their 2012 debut DoomO EP on STB Records.

Inspired by the recent wave of Scandinavian stoner/rock bands such as Graveyard, Witchcraft and Spiders, throughout 2013 and 2014 DoctoR DooM took part in a series of high profile festival appearances including Spain’s Riff Ritual Fest, Doom Over Karalis in Sardinia and Germany’s much-celebrated DesertFest before taking to the studio at the end of last year to record their very first LP.

This Seed We Have Sown by DoctoR DooM will be released worldwide on 24th July 2015 on Ripple Music, with a limited vinyl released on STB Records out toward the end of June.

DoctoR DooM:
Jean-Laurent Pasquet (Vocal, Guitar)
Jérémie Delattre (Guitar)
Sébastien Boutin Blomfield (Bass, Keys)
Michel Marcq (Drums)


DoctoR DooM, “Relax, You’re Dead”

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Sixty Watt Shaman Announce Hiatus

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A genuine bummer. Sixty Watt Shaman were working against a considerable geographic spread, with members in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, but for a while there it looked like they were going to be able to pull it off. They were slated to appear at the inaugural Maryland Doom Fest and later this month at subsequent shows alongside Karma to Burn and drummer Chuck Dukehart‘s other band, Foghound, but of course the real loss here is the promise of new material which was said to be in the works over the last several months, first as an EP, then as a full-length, now as nothing. Tabula Rasa, which was to be the title of their fourth album, was due this winter on Ripple Music.

So it goes. Glad I got to see them at The Eye of the Stoned Goat last year and glad I bought a shirt while shirts were available for the buying. Hopefully sooner or later they pick it back up, but it looks like they’ll be keeping busy in Serpents of Secrecy and King Giant, Foghound, etc., so these dudes will still be around.

Here’s the announcement:

sixtty watt shaman

Hey guys, we didn’t know what to expect when we first started this group many years ago. And then again when we regrouped a little over a year ago with just the idea to have fun and go play a few shows.

We have had a blast doing it, and the response from you guys has been awesome! We are extremely thankful for all the opportunities to play on some pretty great heavy music fests and on shows with so many amazing bands!

At this time, due to scheduling conflicts, family commitments, and not being able to commit as much time as is needed to keep going as a full time group again, we are going to be taking a hiatus.

Unfortunately that means we won’t be working on new music or playing the few upcoming shows that we had on the books, and we regretfully apologize for that.

We will be taking some time off as Sixty Watt Shaman, and no one knows what lies ahead in the foreseeable future.

We would like to thank each and every one of you all so much for all of your overwhelming support through the years, it really means the world to us!

As for the immediate future, Rev Jim, Chuckrock and T.I. will be continuing on as SERPENTS OF SECRECY, the project they started before the Sixty Watt reunion was even a thought.

This page will remain active, and we look forward to sharing our other projects and music with all you guys real soon!



Sixty Watt Shaman, Live at Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, Dec. 28, 2014

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