Rancho Bizzarro Premiere “King of the Van” Video; Possessed by Rancho EP out Friday

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We all know the King of the Road says you move too slow. I’m not sure what the King of the Van says, mostly because Italy’s Rancho Bizzarro — that’s two ‘z’s and two ‘r’s — are instrumental, with time neither for lyrics nor pretense amid their fuzzy riffs and forward movement. Across the 23-minutes of their new EP, Possessed by Rancho — out this Friday on Argonauta Records — the Livorno four-piece careen through a desert cruising vibe, kicking up sand behind them as they push through in straightforward fashion, like if Karma to Burn had been from California instead of West Virginia, or I guess in this case on the west coast of Northern Italy. Fair enough. Either way, once they’re through the opening jam of “Open Bar Deluxe” — also the longest track on the release by far at 7:55 — the band settle with “King of the Van” into the heavy rocking sway that will ultimately define their course, as they follow-up their 2017 self-titled debut with further development in tone and rhythm, working from a familiar foundation, but bringing character to moments like the brash, drum-led outset of “El Motardo Loco,” with a classic-rocking riff that balances energies off each other between its guitar solo and insistent groove, before a sample from The Road Warrior opens “The Vengeance of Lord Humungus” with the song’s titular character indeed promising the song’s titular vengeance. Nothing if not appropriate.

“The Vengeance of Lord Humungus” shoves through with the expected brashness and “Giusquiamo Slow Drink” pulls back the drums to round out with atmospheric guitar and feedback lines.RANCHO-BIZZARRO-POSSESSED-BY-RANCHO-COVER It’s a departure, figuratively in terms of sound and literally in terms of the EP ending, but an effective wrap-up just the same. Certainly by then Rancho Bizzarro have gotten their point across in the energetic “King of the Van” and “El Motardo Loco,” the more expansive layered leads of “Open Bar Deluxe” — that must’ve been some selection of beverages — and the bruiser Truckfighters-style rollout of “The Vengeance of Lord Humungus.” They just wrapped up a string of Spring and Summer live dates, so I won’t claim to know what Rancho Bizzarro are up to for the Fall to come as they celebrate the release of Possessed by Rancho, but for a band who obviously base a lot of what they do sonically in terms of being able to build and harness momentum the EP release does precisely that for them on another level, keeping up the vitality of the prior record and acting as a step along the way toward the next one. Plus, if you don’t have 20 minutes of your day to dedicate to quality riffs, you may want to rethink your priorities. I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but yeah, I guess I kind of am. Quit your job. Go party. Rock and roll.

No, really, do it. I’ll wait.

One more time: Rancho Bizzarro‘s Possessed by Rancho is out Aug. 2 on Argonauta. Here’s the video for “King of the Van,” followed by a bit of the ol’ PR wire whatnot.

Please enjoy:

Rancho Bizzarro, “King of the Van” official video premiere

When Palm Desert tunes meet Detroit sounds, it’s time for RANCHO BIZZARRO to take over! The Italian four-piece, known from their excellent jam sessions drenched into fuzzy instrumental Stoner Rock with the hint of a classic 70’s attitude, has announced the release of a brand new EP, coming on August 2nd 2019 via Argonauta Records! Following the band’s self-titled 2017 debut album and their critically acclaimed MONDO RANCHO EP (2018), the upcoming ‘Possessed By Rancho’ EP will deliver a new trip of a sound between motorcycles, vans, women and bars!

Rancho Bizzarro is:
Izio (bass) / Matt (guitar) / Mark (guitar) / El Meloso (drums)

Rancho Bizzarro on Thee Facebooks

Rancho Bizzarro on Instagram

Rancho Bizzarro on Tumblr

Argonauta Records website

Argonauta Records on Thee Facebooks

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Rancho Bizzarro to Release Possessed by Rancho EP Aug. 2

Posted in Whathaveyou on May 15th, 2019 by JJ Koczan

rancho bizzarro

Italian desert-style heavy rockers Rancho Bizzarro — that’s two ‘z’s and two ‘r’s, just so you know; I’ve had it wrong before — will release a new EP titled Possessed by Rancho on Aug. 2 through Argonauta Records. The same countryman imprint issued the band’s debut album last year and has had them on its Argonauta Fest as well, so certainly familiar terrain, but the instrumentalist four-piece are still giving a tease of what the new release portends in streaming “Open Bar Deluxe,” the 7:55 opening track, which is nothing short of a fuzzy delight sure to earn approving nods from the converted. I have to think “Open Bar Deluxe” will be among the longer cuts on Possessed by Rancho, if only for the simple fact that if it’s five songs and they’re all upwards of eight minutes long, well, that’s an album, not an EP. I guess we’ll see when we get there.

Info (and tour dates) from the PR wire:


RANCHO BIZZARRO announce brand new EP, coming this Summer!

Tour Dates to kick off in May!

When Palm Desert tunes meet Detroit sounds, it’s time for RANCHO BIZZARRO to take over! The Italian four-piece, known from their excellent jam sessions drenched into fuzzy instrumental Stoner Rock with the hint of a classic 70’s attitude, has just announced the release of a brand new EP, coming on August 2nd 2019 via Argonauta Records! Following the band’s self-titled 2017 debut album and their critically acclaimed MONDO RANCHO EP (2018), the upcoming ‘Possessed By Rancho’ EP will deliver a new trip of a sound between motorcycles, vans, women and bars:

The tracklist reads as follows:
1. Open Bar Deluxe
2. King of the Van
3. El Motardo Loco
4. The Vengeance of Lord Humungus
5. Giusquiamo Slow Drink

Get possessed by the Rancho, and make sure to catch RANCHO BIZZARRO’s unique and heavy live performance at the following dates, to kick off this May:

18.05.19 IT – Montepulciano / Tap Room Olmaia
21.05.19 DE – Dresden / Ostpol
22.05.19 DE – Berlin / Toast Hawaii
23.05.19 DE – Bielefeld / Ptemkin Bar
24.05.19 DE – Tunzenberg / Kulturbraurei
25.05.2019 CH – Kreuzlingen / Horst Klub
27.06.19 IT – Milano / Magnolia Stone III


Rancho Bizzarro, “Open Bar Deluxe”

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The Obelisk Presents: Volume! Nov. 17 in Viareggio, Italy

Posted in The Obelisk Presents on November 1st, 2018 by JJ Koczan

No secret at this point that I enjoy presenting shows in foreign lands. Places I’ve never been and may never be so fortunate as to go — to have The Obelisk reach somewhere I can’t is huge for me. I’ve partnered with Argonauta Fest before, which is of course run by Argonauta Records, and as that festival blueprint expands with the exclamatory four-band evening Volume! in Viareggio, Italy, I’m once again thrilled to be involved in the small logo-on-poster way that I am. These things matter to me and it’s a good show, so what the hell.

Volume! is something of a mini-fest, or at least somewhere between that and a label showcase, but either way it’s held at a venue called GOB (as opposed to a magician with the name) and will feature Varego, Rancho Bizzarro, SuperNaughty and Vesta on a bill that runs between amtmosludge and straight-up heavy rock and roll. It looks like a cool time, and all the bands either have new records or new records in the works — I think Varego were in the studio recently — so all the better they’re getting together for a killer night on the northern Italian coastline.

Here’s the info and links for the fest. If you can make it there, why wouldn’t you?

volume fest banner

Volume! Argonauta Fest LIVE at GOB

Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 10 PM

GOB – Ganz of Bicchio – Circolo ARCI
Via Fosso Matelli 1 int 26, 55049 Viareggio, Italy

VOLUME! is the new Argonauta Records event in collaboration with GOB!

VOLUME! born as one of the satellite events of Argonauta Fest!

VOLUME! is four bands of Argonauta Records roster!

VOLUME! will be an evening dedicated to the right guitars!

VOLUME! will be an evening with lots of Heavy Rock!

VOLUME! is a new series of events sponsored by Argonauta Fest that was created with the aim of breaking down the barriers between fans, bands and insiders. Thanks to the collaboration with the GOB, we present this first appointment made of four bands of the Argonauta roster: Rancho Bizzarro, SuperNaughty, Vesta, Varego. An evening of Stoner Rock and Post Metal you can’t miss! We are waiting for you!


Rancho Bizzarro Mondo Rancho EP

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The Obelisk Presents: Argonauta Fest in Italy with Jex Thoth and More

Posted in The Obelisk Presents on March 28th, 2018 by JJ Koczan


I do a pretty fair amount of coverage for the doings of Italian imprint Argonauta Records. Helps that there’s a lot to cover. For the last couple years, the label has been on a spree of picking up bands, releasing new records, hosting showcases and so on. The work ethic of Gero, who heads the company, is second to none and because I admire the crap out of the work he does, I’m all the more thrilled to have The Obelisk among the presenters for Argonauta Fest 2018.

The lineup is set for the one-night event on Saturday, May 12, and Jex Thoth — who isn’t actually on Argonauta Records (yet, I guess; one never knows) — will headline along with label representatives Rancho BizarroDi’Aul and Sator.

Tickets are available now and are dirt cheap, so all the better. In addition, all the Argonauta bands will be playing special sets, the details of which you’ll find below. Check it out, and special thanks to Gero and Argonauta for having The Obelisk on board for this event:

Argonauta Fest: JEX THOTH + more!

Saturday, May 12

Officine Sonore
Via caduti sul lavoro 13, 13100 Vercelli

Behold the latest edition of the ARGONAUTA Fest, which celebrates the label’s first five years and features as a special guest and headliner JEX THOTH, the charismatic American singer and author of a high-class psychedelic doom based on occult and mythological themes.

And from the ARGONAUTA RECORDS roster: DI’AUL (Doom / Stoner), RANCHO BIZZARRO (Stoner Rock), SATOR (Sludge).

JEX THOTH will have two exclusive shows in Italy for their new tour, one is at argonauta fest. DI’AUL will present their new album “Nobody’s Heaven” out may 4th. SATOR will perform songs from the album ORDEAL. RANCHO BIZZARRO will present their new EP “Mondo Rancho” and extracts from their previous album.

ONLINE TICKET: € 12 + FREE CD http://hyperurl.co/ArgoFest2018

Argonauta Fest tickets

Argonauta Fest event page

Argonauta Fest on Thee Facebooks

Argonauta Records website

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