Radio Moscow’s “Rancho Tehama Airport” to See Volcom Vinyl Club Release

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Even as Radio Moscow‘s current European tour gets underway, the news emerges that the single for “Rancho Tehama Airport’ b/w “Sweet Little Thing” will be released to the public as part of Volcom Entertainment‘s limited Vinyl Club subscription package. Past installments have included the likes of Wino, the Melvins and High on Fire, so Radio Moscow are in good company with the tracks, which represent their first new material since 2011’s The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz.

The band previously posted both songs for advance checking out via YouTube (link above), but here’s “Rancho Tehama Airport” as a refresher, courtesy of Volcom, and info about the 2013 subscription package for the Vinyl Club. Enjoy:

Volcom Announces Volcom Entertainment Vinyl Club’s 2013 Subscription

We are excited to announce the launch of the VEVC 2013 subscription, our 6th year running a limited edition 7″ singles club. For those unfamiliar with the Volcom Ent Vinyl Club (VEVC for short), a 1-year subscription to the Volcom Ent Vinyl Club, includes:

• Shipment of six 7″s throughout the year: VEVC0031, VEVC0032, VEVC0033, VEVC0034, VEVC0035, VEVC0036.
• Subscriber-only colored vinyl on some releases.
• Subscriptions are limited to 300.
• Subscribers get a 20% discount on the purchase of any other vinyl releases made in our subscriber store.

The first release, VEVC 0031, is a face melting two-sided slab of new material from psychedelic blues rockers Radio Moscow. This record is already in production and we hope to ship these by early March. VEVC 0032 is also in the pipeline and you can trust us when we say that it will be a rowdy split shared by two of Los Angeles’ grittiest bands, The Shrine and Zig Zags, each contributing new tunes. You will want to turn this one up!

We’re really excited about the rest of the 2013 roster that is coming together and for those of you who’ve subscribed before, hope that you can trust us when we say we have some cool releases up our sleeves!!

Also as a special gift to 2013 subscribers who act fast, we’ll be including a free copy of the Volcom x Yo Gabba Gabba 7” to the first 150 subscribers with the shipment of VEVC 0031. This record is super limited to 500 red vinyl and 500 green vinyl and the 150 copies that we can offer are the last remaining ones. In case you didn’t see this one fly by last year, the record features a collaboration between hip-hop legend Biz Markie and Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips on one side and on the other side “He’s a Chef”, the first new Rocket From the Crypt recording in, like, 5 years… no big deal.

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Radio Moscow Update Gigs for European Tour, Post New 7″ Tracks

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 12th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Last time we heard from them, Midwestern classic rockers Radio Moscow were welcoming back drummer Paul Marrone for an impressive run of European tour dates and working on putting together a new 7″ that would include the tracks “Rancho Tehama Airport” and “Sweet Little Thing.” Well, time marches on. The tour continues to firm up, and in the meantime, the band has posted both cuts off the new single online for checking into. Would you be surprised if I told you bluesy baddassery abounds? You probably shouldn’t be.

Here’s the latest and the tunes:

Europe tour Jan/Feb/March 2013! Here’s the most up to date list. Some venues and dates have changed, take a look and see if we are coming to your town.

28/01/13 France Bordeaux Rocher de Palmer + The Datsuns
30/01/13 Portugal Porto Hard Club
31/01/13 Spain Madrid La boite
01/02/13 Spain Bilbao Azkena
02/02/13 Spain Barcelona Apolo 2
03/02/13 Spain TBA
04/02/13 Spain TBA
06/02/13 France Nantes Le Stakhanov
07/02/13 France Lorient Le Galion
08/02/13 France Angouleme La Nef
09/02/13 France Saint-Brieuc La Citrouille
10/02/13 France Le Havre Mc Daid’s
12/02/13 Belgium Arlon L’Entrepote
13/02/13 Netherlands Nijmegen Merleijn
14/02/13 Belgium Charleroi Le Vecteur
15/02/13 Netherlands Leeuwarden Podium Asteriks
16/02/13 Netherlands Deventer Burgerweeshuis
17/02/13 France Watrellos La Boite à Musique
18/02/13 TBA
19/02/13 France Paris Nouveau Casino
20/02/13 France Montpellier Secret Place
21/02/13 Switzerland Geneve L’Usine
22/02/13 Germany Siegen Le Vortex
23/02/13 Belgium Antwerpen Trix
26/02/13 Austria Hohenems Ensigen Club
27/02/13 Italy Genova La Claque
28/02/13 Italy Roma Init
01/03/13 Italy Bologna Covo Club
02/03/13 Italy Pisa TBA
04/03/13 Turkey Ankara Eski Yeni
05/03/13 Turkey Istanbul TBA
06/03/13 Turkey Eskisehir TBA
07/03/13 Turkey Bursa TBA
08/03/13 Greece Thessaloniki Gaia
09/03/13 Greece Athens Six Dogs
10/03/13 Greece Patra Politeia Live Bar

Radio Moscow, “Rancho Tehama Airport”

Radio Moscow, “Sweet Little Thing”

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