Kozmik Artifactz Streams New Label Compilation Home of the Good Sounds Vol. 2; Free Download Available

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home of the good sounds vol 2 front

Over the last couple years, Kozmik Artifactz and its close cohort, Bilocation Records, have assembled one of the most enviable label rosters in the world for heavy rock and roll and psychedelia. Their commitment is to vinyl releases in limited quantities, and their stuff usually goes. It’s harder to get in the States with import prices, but their reach includes American acts like Ruby the HatchetBison MachineValley of the SunSpace God Ritual and The Dirty Streets, all of whom are featured alongside European groups Somali Yacht Club (Ukraine), Earthmass (UK), Sonora Ritual (Germany) and Domadora (France) as well as Australia’s Child on the new 18-track Home of the Good Sounds Vol. 2 label sampler, which is out today.

With new music from The Heavy Eyes — “Somniloquy” is the first I’ve heard of their upcoming third LP, He Dreams of Lions — as well as Buzzard, the new project from Place of Skulls and Pentagram drummer “Minnesota” Pete Campbell, and home of the good sounds vol 2 backUK trio Mammothwing, the sampler should have no trouble piquing interest among the converted while more familiar cuts from The Kings of Frog Island and Valley of the Sun reinforce a solid mixtape feel. I won’t belabor the point that you’re probably about to spend a decent portion of your afternoon head-to-head with these songs — it’s 18 tracks, after all — but there’s a decent flow from one to the next and it’s clear the label was looking to do more than just toss together something haphazardly. Anyone who’s ever held a piece of their vinyl can probably tell you that’s not how they roll.

Plenty of variety, plenty of heavy, and some brand new stuff to preview what they have coming hopefully before the end of 2015, there’s really no way to lose. If nothing else, you can’t beat the price. Kozmik Artifactz was kind enough to let me announce the comp’s arrival, and you’ll find it on the player below, courtesy of their Bandcamp, followed by their official word on today’s release.

Please enjoy:

Kozmik Artifactz and Bilocation Records are very proud to offer to their new and old followers the second label compilation ‘Home of the good sounds – Vol. 2’. The sampler features 18 bands from all over the planet including 12 tracks that are not published on vinyl yet, three of them are exclusively to be heard here: new stuff from The Heavy Eyes from their forthcoming third album ‘He dreams of lions’, mighty Buzzard (featuring Pete Campbell from Pentagram) with ‘Is you Is’ and Mammothwing with a new track from their upcoming epic album ‘Morning light’.

For further informations to bands and releases visit our website www.kozmik-artifactz.com and our shop at http://shop.bilocationrecords.com/.

Thanks to our artist for creating so exciting music and to our customers and friends for their endless support – It is the music that matters!

The Kozmik Crew.

Kozmik Artifactz on Bandcamp

Kozmik Artifactz on Thee Facebooks

Kozmik Artifactz website

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Bilocation Records to Release Albums from Ruby the Hatchet, Mammothwing and Child

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Ruby the Hatchet will also release a new album on Tee Pee Records, and I’m not too familiar with Mammothwing as yet, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to post about Aussie blues rockers Child, and their self-titled receiving an issue through Bilocation Records seems a more than fitting occasion. The classic-minded trio self-released the album earlier this year, and like everything else it does, Bilocation will do it up on limited vinyl, thick platter, fancy stock, hand-numbered and so on. No word on preorders yet, if that’s your thing, but if you haven’t heard them yet, I’ve included the Bandcamp stream of the album below and it’s worth keeping an eye out.

News news news:

bilocation records

Bilocation Records announces new signings!

ruby the hatchet

Ruby The Hatchet (USA)

Born in a New Jersey basement, the five-piece boasts a riff-centered, hard hitting rock sound that has infected the Philadelphia music scene with a unique blend of psychedelic undertones, wailing vocal melodies and raw-power energy. RUBY THE HATCHET‘s psychedelia-laced power-rock conjures visions of midnight councils and sinister sorcery, appropriating a storm of distorted axe-wielding as a vehicle of enchantment, with seductive songstress Jillian Taylor overlaying a series of bewitching spellbound poetics. In 2012, the band released their debut full length, OUROBOROS, a record that oozed dark and unresolved mystique. RUBY followed up with an ominous two-song EP the following year entitled, THE ELIMINATOR.

We will release the band’s 2012 offering “OUROBOROS” added with the fantastic tracks from their recent 7″ “The Eliminator”.


Mammothwing (UK)

Mammothwing were formed under the blood red moon of summer solstice 2013. Coming from a blues/doom/psych background, the strange sounds of brothers Marty Fisher (guitar + vocals) and Billy Fisher (bass + vocals) melded perfectly with the trancelike grooves of Kev Richardson Jr (drums). In the centre of Nottingham, England, their self built studio ‘The Room of Doom’ was to be home to sonic experimentation and debauchery. Improvised jams flowed into full tilt rock. No two shows were the same. People listened, people cried.

With their first album due for release on Bilocation this year, MAMMOTHWING continue to produce a unique sound which is at once dynamic, moving and crushingly heavy.

‘A cosmic mind voyage from doom valley to blues mountain’

More dudes. (Photo by Gil)

Child (AUS)

Three piece Stoner Blues outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Child have been spraying their fuzz across the countryside since late 2012. Some say they were born from Jackals, others say they are the result of the Institution. The truth is they are a bunch of long haired scallywags who have a fetish for perforated eardrums!
We will release their eponymous full length debut filled with bluesy heavyrock to blow you away!

As always every album will be specially mastered for vinyl for maximum listening pleasure and pressed on 180g vinyl housed in handnumbered heavy gatefold-sleeves.


Child, Child (2014)

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