Yidhra Southwestern Tour Starts Tonight

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Tonight, Los Angeles doom metallers Yidhra hook up with Wisconsin sludgers Attalla for a stint of Southwestern tour dates running through the weekend. Attalla are on a longer stretch, having looped around the Pacific Northwest to meet up with Yidhra in L.A., and together they’ll head into Arizona and Nevada before Attalla continue on back home toward the upper Midwest. If that geography is confusing, it’ll make more sense when you see the routing of the tour (the rest of Attalla‘s dates are here).

Yidhra of course head out supporting their late-2015 Cult of Bathory EP (review here), which as the PR wire informs is now also available on tape:

yidhra attalla tour

YIDHRA: Stoner/Doom Alchemists Announce Southwest Tempest Tour With Attalla; Signature Fuzz Pedal Launched + Cult Of Bathory EP Available On Limited-Edition Cassette

California stoner/doom alchemists YIDHRA will join Attalla for a short run of live dates later this week. The Southwest Tempest Tour will run from July 20th through July 24th hitting Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

The band will be touring in support of their Cult Of Bathory EP. Initially released this past Winter via Black Voodoo Records on limited ten-inch vinyl and digital formats, the follow-up to 2013’s critically-lauded Hexed full-length was captured live with master engineer and producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Corrosion of Conformity, Trouble, etc.) at Skull Seven Productions and boasts four dark, lead-footed hymns centered on the occult, witchcraft, life, death and imminent destruction. Cult Of Bathory is now available on cassette through The Harmacy Records’ Giallo imprint. Limited to fifty-five units worldwide, it can be obtained at THIS LOCATION.

YIDHRA w/ Attalla – Southwest Tempest Tour:
7/20/2016 Complex – Los Angeles, CA w/ Sisters Ov The Blackmoon, Ancient Spell
7/21/2016 The Merrow – San Diego, CA w/ Great Electric Quest, Supersonic Dragon Wagon
7/22/2016 SurlyWench Pub – Tucson, AZ w/ Abhorrent Contagion, Blacklidge
7/23/2016 The Sandlot – Phoenix, AZ w/ Tombstalker, Goya, Grey Gallows
7/24/2016 The Warehouse – Las Vegas, NV w/ The CG’s, The VD’s, Duct Tape Shoes, Commital, Grim Reefer, Wax Pig Melting

In other YIDHRA news, the band recently launched their own “signature” pedal, the Hexed Fuzz Custom through Arts In Bloodshed Custom Effects. There is a music realm made of heaviness, where goblins dwell and witches prepare their potions in wicked cauldrons. A doomed land where the trees are evil and the sky’s dark green. If you belong in here, then the Hexed Fuzz Custom is for you. Built according to the specs of YIDHRA guitarists Dave Krocker and Ted Venemann, the pedal provides an extra thick yet detailed high gain fuzz distortion perfect for extra low tunings. The fat and squished texture is filtered through a custom three band EQ and features a soft action true bypass switch as well as a bright creepy green led. Switchcraft jacks complete the high quality hardware. Heavy, extra gainy, and quiet. Now’s the time to get your hoof on it and begin to compose your malevolent chant. For more info visit THIS LOCATION.


Yidhra & Attalla tour trailer

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Saint Vitus Announce Live Vol. 2 Due in Sept.; Premiere “War is Our Destiny”

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saint vitus (photo by Audry Jarrett)

The 1990 Live album by Saint Vitus is a landmark, showcasing the doom legends’ raw power in a still-shockingly pure form. Originally released by Hellhound and reissued by Southern Lord in 2005, it was no less visceral 15 years later, and more than a decade after that, to say it still holds up is to brutally understate the case. Season of Mist will issue a follow-up to Live in the form of the aptly-named Live Vol. 2 on Sept. 23, from which one can stream a premiere of “War is Our Destiny” below right now.

Recorded in 2013, it captures Saint Vitus supporting their 2012 reunion album, Lillie: F-65 (review here), on a European tour with that album’s lineup: vocalist Scott “Wino” Weinrich, guitarist Dave Chandler, bassist Mark Adams and drummer Henry Vasquez. Original vocalist Scott Reagers has since stepped back into the frontman role, and with him, the band will head out with The Skull and Witch Mountain on a US tour just days after Live Vol. 2 comes out.

From the PR wire:

saint vitus live vol 2

Doom pioneers SAINT VITUS are a heavy metal institution. The forthcoming ‘Live Vol. 2’ captures a dominating, Wino-fronted 2013 Euro festival headline set from the ‘Lillie: F-65’ line-up. The band roars through a set of classics (“War Is Our Destiny”, Born To Late”, “Dying Inside” + ) at maximum volume leaving no doubt that this is prime VITUS. Strictly limited to one-pressing only on CD and LP. In stores on September 23rd.

01. War Is Our Destiny
02. Look Behind You
03. Let Them Fall
04. The Bleeding Ground
05. Patra (Petra)
06. The Troll
07. The Waste Of Time
08. White Stallions
09. Thirsty And Miserable
10. Dying Inside
11. Born Too Late

Recording line-up:
Dave Chandler: guitar
Scott “Wino” Weinrich: vocals
Mark Adams: bass
Henry Vasquez: drums

Pre-order link: http://smarturl.it/SaintVitusLive2

Available formats:
Digipak CD
Gatefold double vinyl
Digipak CD with digisleeve bonus CD
Triple gatefold vinyl with bonus album

Saint Vitus on tour w/ The Skull & Witch Mountain:
Sept. 27 Austin, TX @ Midway Field House
Sept. 28 Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Dallas
Sept. 29 San Antonio, TX @ The Mix
Sept. 30 Shreveport, LA @ Riverside Warehouse
Oct. 1 New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jack’s Saloon
Oct. 2 Atlanta, GA @ The EARL
Oct. 3 Raleigh, NC @ Kings
Oct. 5 Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
Oct. 6 Boston, MA @ @Middle East
Oct. 7 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus Bar
Oct. 8 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
Oct. 9 Indianapolis, IN @ 5th Quarter Lounge
Oct. 10 Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s Bar
Oct. 11 Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon
Oct. 12 St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club
Oct. 14 Missoula, MT @ Erosion Festival
Oct. 15 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Oct. 16 Portland, OR @ Star Theater Portland
Oct. 18 Sacramento, CA @ Starlite Lounge
Oct. 19 Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro Operahouse
Oct. 20 Costa Mesa, CA @ Wayfarer.
Oct. 21 Los Angeles, CA @ The Viper Room
Oct. 22 San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
Oct. 23 Tucson, AZ @ Southwest Terror Fest


Saint Vitus, “War is Our Destiny” (Premiere)

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-(16)-, Lifespan of a Moth: Cutting Deeper (Plus Full Album Stream)

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16 lifespan of a moth

[Click play above to stream 16’s Lifespan of a Moth in full. Album is out Friday on Relapse.]

It’s now been nearly a decade since Los Angeles sludge metallers 16 — aka -(16)- — were reactivated. In that time, they’ve toured the US and Europe, reissued early material via Relapse Records, which seems to have been the home they were looking for all along, and put together three studio albums, the latest of which is Lifespan of a Moth. Led by founding guitarist/vocalist Bobby Ferry and vocalist Cris Jerue with the newcomer rhythm section of bassist Barney Finks and drummer Dion Thurman, they celebrate a quarter century since their start in 2016, and though the road from then to now has been tumultuous, 16 have become a reliable source for disaffected, aggressive sludge chugging. Their grooves remain thoroughly pissed off on Lifespan of a Moth‘s eight tracks/44 minutes, their lyrics delivered in seething growls and rasps, and as with 2012’s Deep Cuts from Dark Clouds and 2009’s return statement, Bridges to Burn, they have an intensity to their approach that bleeds through regardless of tempo, so that the plodding “The Morphinist” and more upbeat “Secrets of the Curmudgeon” both rage with due force.

Probably worth noting that of their total seven full-lengths, they’ve never had one with so few tracks, but as Lifespan of a Moth is by no means their shortest outing, it means the songs themselves have gotten longer and, I think it can be argued, more expressive. There was an undeniable chaos to records like Drop Out (1996) and Blaze of Incompetence (1997) that stands with the best sludge the US in the ’90s had to offer, East Coast or West Coast, Northern or Southern, but 16 seem to have little interest in pretending the last 20 years never happened, and Lifespan of a Moth finds them honing cynical atmospheres through sonic pummel with an efficiency and maturity that a newer band simply couldn’t share.

Recorded in San Diego at Doubletime Recording Studio, the record begins with sampled beach sounds that soon gives way to a crushing chug riff, raw snare drums and blown-out vocals. “Landloper” is the first of a virulent opening salvo of five-minute tracks, along with “Peaches, Cream and the Placenta” and “The Morphinist,” and between them they essentially act to put up a wall between the four-piece and anyone who might not have the endurance to take on what’s still to come. There’s little interest in letup, but it’s not as if 16 don’t have a dynamic. As “Landloper” thuds to its end — Jerue‘s reverb the last thing to go — it gives way to the slower second cut, just as nasty sounding but more nod than headbang, and “The Morphinist” adds even more stomp to the mix along with lyrics about not trusting doctors, and while there’s some element of chestbeating to it, the riff is undeniable and the track is a highlight.

16 (Photo by Shauna Montrucchio)

“Call me patient zero/This is all in your head” go the lines of the bridge, and though the attitude underlying shows 16‘s punker roots, its thickened lurch leads well into “The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart,” the shortest track on Lifespan of a Moth at 3:25 and a faster push with a near-gallop to its rhythm that sees Thurman nodding briefly at Dave Lombardo on his ping ride and the group as a whole rounding out the album’s first half with a marked departure from those first three tracks, clearly setting up the notion that 16 haven’t yet played their full hand. That turns out to be precisely the case.

In linear editions — i.e. CD or digital — the shift from “The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart” to “Gallows Humor” feels no less marked than one expects it would be if it required getting up to flip over the vinyl. Aside from the fact that “Gallows Humor” is the longest track on Lifespan of a Moth at 7:36, it’s also a crawl-and-chug instrumental with either an added layer of lead guitar or maybe keys that lend its roll a sense of drama. The effect is similar to what “Landloper” and company brought to side A — a process of weeding out — but immersive and almost hypnotic as it moves through en route to “Secrets of the Curmudgeon,” which adds in some flourish of black metal-style squibblies to the already-established chug to continue the darker ambience fleshing out the rage that’s been so well stated all along.

Penultimate in the tracklist with a break section led by Finks‘ bass, “Pastor in a Coma” is about as close as 16 come to offering a breather, and they’re still plenty of distance from actually doing so. “Pastor in a Coma” might be the apex of Lifespan of a Moth, and its loud/quiet tradeoff would seem to show that the band have more to say stylistically, but “George” rounds out with a tribute to the Seinfeld character played by Jason Alexander. Not quite timely, but it’s legitimately hilarious to hear Jerue‘s delivery of “These pretzels are making me thirsty,” so the charm makes up for a lot, and the closer’s fuckall, coupled with the weight of its tones, speaks to a lot of what works about Lifespan of a Moth16 have never wanted for a misanthropic sensibility, and while 25 years is a long time to keep that up even factoring in their breakup after 2002’s Zoloft Smile, they’ve found ways to grow without sacrificing the edge that made them so vitriolic in the first place.

-(16)- on Thee Facebooks

-(16)- on Bandcamp

-(16)- on Twitter

-(16)- at Relapse Records


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The Freeks to Release New Album Shattered on Heavy Psych Sounds

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Middle of November. It’s getting darker every day, colder. The mornings are cold, the leaves are starting to fall. None of this happens in The Freeks‘ native Los Angeles, of course, but for those of us living in the seasonal world, the heavy rockers’ third album, Shattered, should arrive just in time to remind that there’s life happening somewhere. It’s been three years since The Freeks issued their aptly-titled sophomore full-length, Full On (review here), and in that time their reputation as a vibrant live act has only grown. As the year winds down, it looks like The Freeks might provide a late-2016 highlight.

The release will be through respected Italian purveyor Heavy Psych Sounds, who announced signing the band thusly:

the freeks heavy psych sounds

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records&Booking is very excited to announce a new signin!!

Welcome in the roster to ***The Freeks***

(With members of ex-Fu Manchu and ex-Nebula)

The new album will be released in mid November in vinyl, cd and digital, artwork to be unveiled soon!

Everything has a beginning, whether it by accident or by design. A journey consists of trials and errors until finally reaching a full circle…ever evolving, revolving over and over again. Set in constant motion, the gathering of speed reaching ultimate vibrations until it’s all “SHATTERED!” This can also be said in regards to Los Angeles, CA based quintet “The FREEKS” as they return from yet another complete orbit with their third full length LP, “SHATTERED”. What started as an accident, brought on a thought, which then began a project that grew into a solidified unit of sonic purification! The FREEKS, led by Ruben Romano, has consistently moved upward since its conception in 2007 and have gracefully matured since their first Self-Titled LP release in 2008 on CARGO GERMANY RECORDS.

While the initial project collaborated with players from around world, in 2010, Romano gathered together a more local unit of musicians, all baked under the L.A. heat, to achieve a consistent flow of creation. This was followed by The FREEKS critically acclaimed 2013 Sophomore LP “FULL ON”, released on the band’s very own label “FREEK FLAG RECORDS”. Now in 2016,The FREEKS prepare to sling shot and extend the trajectory of their already existing orbital path by joining forces with “HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS RECORDS” to release this latest revolution! The FREEKS are fully ready to shake it until it’s all “SHATTERED”.


The Freeks, “Strange Mind” Live at the Viper Room, Dec. 2015

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Fatso Jetson Announce Italian Tour Dates

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fatso jetson

Last month, Californian desert legends Fatso Jetson announced a return to Europe this fall alongside Swedish powerhouse Greenleaf. It’s an enviable one-two punch. That tour (announced here) runs for just about a month solid, is presented by Sound of Liberation, and concludes at that booking company’s own Keep it Low fest on Oct. 22. The very next day, Fatso Jetson (sans Greenleaf) will continue on the road, starting an Italian tour Oct. 23 put on by Sound of Liberation in conjunction with Heavy Psych Sounds that takes them through a run of nine shows in nine days, including a stop at Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Vol. III and ending on Halloween.

That puts Fatso Jetson on tour for over five weeks. It’s a hard schedule to ignore. The band was also in the studio at Rancho de la Luna last month working on their new album. I don’t know if that’s finished or not, but it certainly seems to me that if you’re hitting the road for a month-plus a new record is the kind of thing you might want to bring along for the ride. Here’s hoping, anyhow.

More when I hear it. Here are the shows, Italy tour first:

fatso jetson italy tour

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records & Booking In collaboration with sound of liberation is proud to present the Italian dates of

23.10.2016 IT Pisa/Livorno-Stones from the Hill
24.10.2016 IT Zerobranco-Altroquando
25.10.2016 IT Torino-Blah Blah
26.10.2016 IT Roma-Init
27.10.2016 IT Cagliari-La Cueva Rock
28.10.2016 IT Sassari-The Hor
29.10.2016 IT Parma-Mu/HPS Fest 3
30.10.2016 IT Erba-Centrale Rock
31.10.2016 IT Savona-Raindogs

poster art by SoloMacello

Fatso Jetson with Greenleaf:
23.09. Aschaffenburg / Colosaal (Ger)
24.09. Regensburg / Alte Mälzerei (Ger)
26.09. Berlin / Cassiopeia (Ger)
27.09. Copenhagen / Loppen (Den)
28.09. Hamburg / Headcrash (Ger)
29.09. Hannover / Chez Heinz (Ger)
30.09. Jena / KUBA (Ger)
01.10. Pratteln / Up in Smoke(Ch)
02.10. Lausanne / Le Romandie (Ch)
04.10. Paris/ Le Backstage (Fra)
05.10. Bordeaux / Void (Fra)
06.10. Nantes / Ferrailleur (Fra)
07.10. Utrecht / DBs (NL)
08.10. Vorselaar / Jeugdhuis (Bel)
10.10. Leipzig / Werk 2 (Ger)
11.10. Dresden / Scheune (Ger)
12.10. Poznan / Bazyla (Pol)
13.10. Katowicze / Kobra (Pol)
14.10. Gdansk / Ucho (Pol)
15.10. Vilinius / Kablys (Lt)
16.10. Warsaw / Hydrozagadka (Pol)
18.10. Zagreb / Klub Attack (Cro)
19.10. Trieste / Tetris (Ita)
20.10. Salzburg / Rockhouse (Aut)
21.10. Vienna / Fuzzfest (Aut)
22.10. Munich / Keep it Low (Ger)


Fatso Jetson, “Dino’s Song” live at The Hood, Los Angeles, Jan. 30, 2016

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Aboleth Release EP I Debut; Members of UEMG and Trash Titan

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With two members of The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic in tow, one might expect Aboleth to have a kind of spaced-out aspect to their sound, but it’s a different band for a reason. As the newcomer trio’s first EP, suitably titled EP I, shows, Aboleth‘s is a bluesier take, more earthbound and doomed, like those moments when Witch Mountain enacted some shuffle to go with their lumber. Baguitarist (what’s a baguitar anyway?) Collyn McCoy and vocalist Brigitte Roka are joined by drummer Dan Joeright (who also played for UEMG live), for the initial outing, which features three tracks in demo-style introductory handshake form and will reportedly be out on cassette next month.

They sent word down the PR wire about the release:

aboleth ep



Los Angeles trio ABOLETH releases its debut three-song digital EP on June 17th care of the band’s Bandcamp page. In addition to the digital release they are taking pre-orders for a limited-edition cassette with artwork by the band’s vocalist, Brigitte Roka.

Recorded in Yucca Valley, CA at drummer Dan Joeright’s studio, Gatos Trail (Big Business, Behold! The Monolith), the trio meld melodic doom with metal, blues and murder rock. The EP was mixed and mastered by Matt Lynch (Snail) at his Mysterious Mammal Studios.

Aboleth could almost be considered an Ultra Electric Mega Galactic splinter cell. Joeright was touring drummer for UEMG when the instrumental psych-rockers visited Europe in 2014. UEMG bassist Collyn McCoy is also here on “baguitar” (a bass/guitar hybrid previously utilized in his band Trash Titan). But the pièce de résistance is singer Brigitte Roka, a 20-year-old siren with a voice that is equal parts Janis Joplin and Chris Cornell.

Per McCoy: “UEMG started working with Brigitte last summer, incorporating vocals into our traditionally instrumental format. Meanwhile, I was writing material for a new Trash Titan record. I asked Brigitte to contribute vocals on a few songs, which lead to us writing together, which lead to a sound that was much heavier, doomier and metallic than the swamp blues of Trash Titan. So we figured why not just spin this off into its own thing?”

Joeright, who’d previously played drums in New York avant-noise bands Sulfur and A/N (featuring Algis Kizys and Norman Westberg from SWANS), was the perfect complement to their nascent sound. Drawing from their desert environment for inspiration, the trio’s stripped-down take on heavy rock melds sludge metal riffs with Allman-esque slide guitar and Roka’s distinct whisky-worn-yet-soaring vocals. The resulting EP will sit nicely fans with of Black Mountain, Witch Mountain, and mid-period Soundgarden.

The trio will return to the studio later this summer to record a second EP, with a full length to follow later in the year.

Aboleth can be found online at:


Aboleth, EP I (2016)

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Ironaut Post Video for “Acid Wash”

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Los Angeles burl-riffers Ironaut last week took part in something called the SoCal and NorCal Stoner Metal Summit. It was a show, essentially, with bands from Oakland, L.A., and San Diego, but one could only imagine the issues that would be discussed if it had been a real conference-style event, panels and whatnot asking hard questions like “How much fuzz is too much?” and “What to do when someone calls your stoner band hipster.” Sadly, we don’t live in that world. Also the answer to that fuzz question is never too much.

If you, like me, got sidetracked at the notion of a stoner metal summit, Ironaut‘s “Acid Wash” should bring you duly back to ground with its post-C.O.C. riffing and the dudely delivery of bassist/vocalist Erik Kluiber, joined in the band by guitarist Patrick McHugh and drummer Ivan Najor. What may or may not be a paean to denim fashions of eras gone by, “Acid Wash” was the centerpiece of Ironaut‘s self-titled 2015 debut EP, and boasts a hard-edged tone, plenty doomed in its intent but with a sludge rock push behind it. To call it “stoner metal,” well, if they’re cool with it, I wouldn’t argue.

The “Acid Wash” video brings together performance footage from earlier this year. You’ll notice the Pentagram banner features heavily; Ironaut opened the L.A. date of the doom legends’ recent controversial West Coast run, and even more recently than that shared the stage with The Obsessed and Karma to Burn as they continue to support the Ironaut EP and prepare for the inevitable what-comes-next. Spliced in with the performance footage is old movie clips — O.J. Simpson shows up momentarily — and a host of other space-themed visuals to add atmosphere to the song’s straightforward thrust.

Video follows below. Please enjoy:

Ironaut, “Acid Wash” official video

Acid Wash Official Bootleg Video by Chris D Honoway.

Patrick McHugh – Guitar
Erik Kluiber – Bass/Vocals
Ivan Najor – Drums

Ironaut on Thee Facebooks

Ironaut on Bandcamp

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Greenleaf & Fatso Jetson Announce European Tour

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Good show. I can’t think of any other way to say it. Pitting Swedish heavy rockers Greenleaf — who premiered their new video here earlier this week — and desert legends Fatso Jetson against each other for a European stint? Yeah, that’s a good show. Greenleaf of course are out supporting 2016’s excellent Rise Above the Meadow (review here), while Fatso Jetson‘s latest outing was a 2015 split with Farflung (review here) on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Both groups were previously announced for the Up in Smoke 2016 and Keep it Low 2016 festivals — both of which are put together by Sound of Liberation — so that they’d head in similar directions makes sense, but still, for anyone who happens to be in their path on a given night, this is an awesome two-band bill that one imagines will be joined nightly by choice locals wherever it goes. Run starts Sept. 23 and ends at Keep it Low on Oct. 22. Badass.

Greenleaf also have other select live dates coming up in the next couple months. You’ll find those listed with the shows for this tour below, as culled from the social medias:


fatso jetson

Sound of Liberation UG presents
Greenleaf – Rise Above The Meadow Tour 2016
(*/support by FATSO JETSON)
25.06. Finowfurt / Roadrunner’s Paradise & Race 61 Fest (Ger)
22.07. Trömso / Bukta Festival (Nor)
29.07. Aschaffenburg / Mühlbergfest (Ger)
30.07. Breitenbach / Burg Herzberg (Ger)
05.08. Beelen / Krach am Bach (Ger)
12.08. Turku / Kiarama (Fin)
14.08. Geel / Yellowstock (Bel)
21.09. Kiel / Schaubude (Ger)
22.09. Kassel / Schlachthof (Ger)
23.09. Aschaffenburg / Colosaal (Ger)*
24.09. Regensburg / Alte Mälzerei (Ger)*
26.09. Berlin / Cassiopeia (Ger)*
27.09. Copenhagen / Loppen (Den)*
28.09. Hamburg / Headcrash (Ger)*
29.09. Hannover / Chez Heinz (Ger)*
30.09. Jena / KUBA (Ger)*
01.10. Pratteln / Up in Smoke(Ch)*
02.10. Lausanne / Le Romandie (Ch)*
04.10. Paris/ Le Backstage (Fra)*
05.10. Bordeaux / Void (Fra)*
06.10. Nantes / Ferrailleur (Fra)*
07.10. Utrecht / DBs (NL)*
08.10. Vorselaar / Jeugdhuis (Bel)*
10.10. Leipzig / Werk 2 (Ger)*
11.10. Dresden / Scheune (Ger)*
12.10. Poznan / Bazyla (Pol)*
13.10. Katowicze / Kobra (Pol)*
14.10. Gdansk / Ucho (Pol)*
15.10. Vilinius / Kablys (Lt)*
16.10. Warsaw / Hydrozagadka (Pol)*
18.10. Zagreb / Klub Attack (Cro)*
19.10. Trieste / Tetris (Ita)*
20.10. Salzburg / Rockhouse (Aut)*
21.10. Vienna / Fuzzfest (Aut)*
22.10. Munich / Keep it Low (Ger)*


Greenleaf, “Tyrant’s Tongue” official video

Fatso Jetson, “Too Many Skulls” live 2016

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