The Red Widows Release Debut Album Fuzzifixion Today

Posted in Whathaveyou on June 5th, 2019 by JJ Koczan

History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of those who write of British bands bearing goofy names and/or album titles. Thus, when I see London’s The Red Widows have dubbed their debut full-length Fuzzifixtion — as in, like being crucified except the cross is fuzz, I guess; maybe you’re nailed to a giant Big Muff? — I find no reason to think the release itself is a joke. And even if I did, the thing’s out today, so it would be easy enough to pop over to their Bandcamp and find out. Whatever time it is where you are, it’s probably past noon GMT.

DHU Records has already signed on to do the vinyl, and that’ll be out in a few months, but hey, you like instant gratification — and you like it now! — so today seems as good a time as any for the digital release. Get a jump on all those Friday releases. Weekend-monopolizing jerks.

Have at it:

the red widows fuzzifixion

The Red Widows – Fuzzifixion to be unleashed digitally Wednesday June 5th 2019

The Red Widows Debut Full Length Album “Fuzzifixion” to be unleashed digitally June 5th

This Wednesday June 5th noon-ish The Red Widows will unleash their full length debut album Fuzzifixion digitally on bandcamp!

A little over 60min of earth shattering DOOM will hit your speakers through 5 Hymns to our Lord Satan; Unholy dirges of the unlight worshipping Amps not Gods! So sit back and let the Heavy Fuzz consume you whole!

Vinyl release is being processed and is scheduled for late summer. DHU Exclusive, Test Press and Band Editions will be available on Limited Edition 2LP

More info and details coming soon…


The Red Widows ~ Fuzzifixion (DHU040)
A1. Pendulum 13:20
B1. Lucifer’s Maiden 16:33
C1. There Is No God 10:20
C2. Cursed Forever 9:37
D1. His Name Is Death 12:12

Killer artwork/photography done by David Johnson / The Doom Aesthetic

The Red Widows
Starr Red Widow: Singer & Bass
Rev. Mojo fuzz: Guitars & Backingvocals
Slöth: Drums

The Red Widows, Rising (2017)

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Here are 37 Yung Druid Download Codes — Have at It

Posted in Features on June 4th, 2019 by JJ Koczan

London heavy psych rockers Yung Druid released their self-titled debut album last month on Totem Cat Records. Preceded by the single “Take Me to Your Dealer” (video premiere here), which also serves as the leadoff of the six-track outing, it’s a moh-dern stoh-ner’s delight, with shades of the UK’s having-a-really-good-time-doing-this atmosphere that might generally manifest in a sillier, longer moniker, coupled together with a laid back approach in cuts like “Sleepy Eyes (Sonic THC)” and the Zeppelin-and-Sabbath “Underneath the Aching Sky,” with a ride cymbal drift in the latter that’s neither overstated nor under-present in the song.

Guitars are duly fuzz-coated to suit the giant-doober-smoking four-piece’s vibe on “Lung,” and even in the meandering daydreamy expanse of “Sleepy Eyes (Sonic THC)” and the melo-grunge roll of closer “Morning Come,” or the relatively minimalist spaceout jam in “Went into a Wooden Room” before it, they hold to a sense of patterning that speaks to their ability to cast forth an aesthetic that sounds loose but isn’t at all without a plan it’s working from but is entirely unpretentious in its execution. If you asked them, they’d probably just call it stoner and leave it at that. And yes, as regards character, I consider that a compliment.

While we’re talking about positive personality attributes, the band approached me with the killer idea of hosting a giveaway for a bunch of downloads of the album. My response was of course yes, obviously, and you’ll find below 37 free codes to let you get your hands on some tunes to make your day. No comment necessary — though if you wanted to leave one to tell the band thanks, I’m sure they’d appreciate it — and all you have to do is grab the thing from the link and enjoy. If you find afterward you need to own a physical copy — understandable — Totem Cat‘s got you set.

If the code you use doesn’t work, just do the next one down the line. When they’re gone, they’re gone:

yung druid self titled

Yung Druid download codes

Redeem at:


Yung Druid, Yung Druid (2019)

Yung Druid on Thee Facebooks

Yung Druid on Bandcamp

Yung Druid on Soundcloud

Totem Cat Records on Thee Facebooks

Totem Cat Records on Bandcamp

Totem Cat Records webstore

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Gurt Post “Jazz Cabbage” Video; Bongs of Praise Coming Soon

Posted in Whathaveyou on May 28th, 2019 by JJ Koczan

I don’t think I knew it before, but Gurt‘s isn’t the first one I’ve seen and I think I might be a sucker for Lego-style animated videos. There’s always something new to discover about yourself. While I venture into solipsist meditations, you might check out the video in question which is for a short screamer called “Jazz Cabbage.” It’s probably about weed. It comes from Gurt‘s impending new full-length, Bongs of Praise, which likely also is about weed. Nothing wrong with working on a theme.

The shenanigans sludgers will release Bongs of Praise sometime in the coming months, which I assume means whenever the hell it’s done and they feel like it. Somehow a lack of specificity suits their aesthetic.

Info from the PR wire:


UK sludge purveyors GURT to release new album ‘Bongs Of Praise’ ; watch blistering first video now!

London party doom purveyors GURT announce the release of their third album ‘Bongs Of Praise’ and share a thundering first excerpt with the animated video for ‘Jazz Cabbage’!

They take the blues and groove of 70s rock and drag it backwards through the swamps of Louisiana. The drums are thunderous, the vocals demonic and the guitars down-tuned, down-tempo and down right sexy. This is not doom, this is not sludge: this is GURT.

The UK foursome’s wicked sense of humour bubbles at the surface of their latest release ‘Bongs of Praise’. Without any sense of irony, the band deliver sleaze in the best possible way, and first excerpt ‘Jazz Cabbage’ makes no exception and delivers a blistering, crushing minute-long sludge onslaught, enhanced by this fun animated video crafted by Dead Walk Designs.

GURT’s new album ‘Bongs Of Praise’ will see a release in the coming months, while the band are still on a hunt for a label to host their new sludgy adventures. Stay tuned as more details will be unveiled soon!

Since their genesis in 2010, the band have laced up their boots and stomped over everything you thought you might have known about them and the beloved conventions of metal. GURT collide their barbaric sound with lines of funk and tongue in cheek lyricism to mould what has been hailed as “party doom”. In 2014, they unleashed their debut album ‘Horrendosaurus’ through independent label When Planets Collide, and which they promoted through a three week European tour with Dopethrone, as well returning home to a packed out audience to open Bloodstock’s second stage.

Released in 2017, their sophomore album ‘Skullossus’ explores darker and more menacing shades of sludge doom. Through a theatrical performance, their sound swelled in size as they toyed with their repertoire; adding rip-roaring, guttural vocals, psychedelic rhythms and classic rock’n’roll-worshipping riffs. On top of their two full-lengths and seven EPs, GURT have been relentlessly touring the UK and Europe, sharing the stage with the likes of Weedeater, Red Fang, Eyehategod, Black Tusk, Valient Thorr, Cough. In their own right way, they have cast their hypnotic savagery to the crowds of Bloodstock, Desertfest, Riffolution (UK) as well as Stonerhead (Salzburg) and 2019’s Monospace Fest (Paris)

GURT are:
Gareth Kelly – Vocals
Bill Jacobs – Drums
David Blakemore – Bass
Rich Williams – Guitar

Gurt, “Jazz Cabbage” official video

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Trippy Wicked Release Lost Single “Hark at You” from Movin’ On Sessions

Posted in Whathaveyou on May 10th, 2019 by JJ Koczan

trippy wicked

London’s Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight continue their celebration of the 10th anniversary for 2009’s debut full-length, Movin’ On (review here), by releasing another yet-unheard track from those sessions. How many songs did they record that didn’t make the album? I don’t know, but “Hart at You” is the second one released behind “Evil” (posted here), which they put out last month. “Hark at You” has a bit of the sleaze that “Southern” from the album accomplished, but is noisier and more of a banger in terms of tempo. Like its predecessor, it’s a fun cut and kind of a hidden gem that could just as easily have wound up on the record. Seems to me they’re building an EP one song at a time here, but if these tracks all wind up collected at some point or other, this is still a cool way to unveil them so that each gets properly highlighted.

Dig it:

trippy wicked hark at you

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their album “Movin On” TRIPPY WICKED & THE COSMIC CHILDREN OF THE KNIGHT have just released “Hark At You”.

Drummer Chris West commented “Hark at You was a song we were often playing live around the time of Movin On. I don’t remember if we’d already decided not to include it on the album by the time we were mixing but we treated the mix a little different to most of the others. It’s mostly mono guitar on the track with extra guitar/stereo stuff happening during the slower parts. The drums are also slightly off to one side to make a bit of room in the mix. For me at the time it seemed a little too rough sounding, but listening to it now I love how raw and gnarly it is.”

Listen to the track here:

The early years of Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight are a mix of lineup changes, demos, gigs to empty rooms and stylistic development. Throughout that time the constants of founding members Pete Holland (guitar, vocals) and Chris West (drums), a DIY ethic, and a gut feeling they were onto something worth pursuing remained true. Early 2019 saw the reformation of the ‘not quite original but longest serving lineup’ of Holland and West with later addition bassist Dicky King. (West having previously quit the band in 2013 before his return.)

Along with the announcement of the lineup change, Trippy Wicked also noted they are writing their third full length album and will return to playing live after a two-year break.

Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight, “Hark at You”

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Bright Curse Stream New Album Time of the Healer in its Entirety; Out Tomorrow on Ripple Music

Posted in audiObelisk on May 9th, 2019 by JJ Koczan

bright curse

Bright Curse make their return with Time of the Healer tomorrow, May 10, through Ripple Music — almost three years to the day after their 2016 debut, Before the Shore (review here) was released. The time between has been eventful for the band to say the least. The label that put out the first outing, which was preceded by their 2013 self-titled EP (review here), was HeviSike Records, which unceremoniously folded thereafter amidst all kinds of shadiness accusations on the part of multiple parties. Also certainly relevant, Bright Curse are essentially a different band now than they were three years ago, with founding guitarist/vocalist Romain Daut revamping the lineup and moving from a trio to a four-piece now comprised of himself along with guitarist Tommy Foster, bassist Sammy Deveille and drummer Mark Buckwell. Unsurprisingly, there’s been an according shift in sound that’s evident throughout Time of the Healer as relates to Before the Shore, taking on a more weighted tonality — two guitars’ll do that — while exploring progressive textures of funk and jazz early on opener “Smoke of the Past” with start-stops and Peruvian flute.

Across that 11-minute leadoff and two other extended pieces in “Shadows” and the title-track paired as the closing duo with the shorter “Laura” (5:36) and “Une Virée” (3:03) between, Bright Curse find a method of delivery that is at once heavy and spacious without relying too much on effects or echo to make it happen. The mix is natural even as lead guitar emerges at the fore, and they’re able to shift tempo and volume naturally as “Smoke of the Past” progresses, leading to a closing funk jam that moves directly into the blues guitar intro to “Laura,” which works on a linear build toward a trumpet-topped rolling payoff — life is full of surprises; sometimes that surprise is a trumpet — and gives way to its own transitional stretch at the end, letting the French-language (Daut is a France-to-London-to-France transplant) spoken word and quiet guitar and percussion add a jazzy feel that builds off that of “Smoke of the Past” without echoing it directly. A hazy groove ensues until what might be abright curse time of the healer manipulated sample of dogs barking leads the way into “Shadows” and the accordingly bluesy pulse that thrives at its outset.

That transition, which is also presumably where side A ends and side B begins, is particularly interesting since it speaks to Time of the Healer working on more of a linear pattern, intended to be taken as an unbroken entirety. The extended runtimes of some of its tracks speak to a change in mindset as well — Bright Curse have written their share of longer songs, but never before hit the 10-minute mark — and if the intention is that Time of the Healer‘s tracks should be read as pieces of a whole work, movements within something larger, then that sensibility is duly accomplished in the finished product of the album itself. The flow of “Shadows” with its bluesy and grungy nod and brighter lead coming forward like that of “Smoke of the Past” before it doesn’t hurt either in that regard, as Daut‘s vocals lead a transition into more bottom-heavy nod at about seven minutes in. They finish “Shadows” with a slow march and an obscured sludgy clip that’s not really identifiable. When the closer ensues a few seconds later, it’s with a funky rhythm and a full sense of summary for what the album that shares its name has had on offer. There are two departure jams — one with trumpet (hello again) and one more spacious of quiet guitar ambience and percussion and between and after them, Bright Curse get as heavy as they’ve ever gotten, winding up at the finish for one last hit answered by string sounds also of unknown origin.

The message there could hardly be clearer in that Bright Curse, as they’ve done all along here, provide the next song’s intro, only there’s no next song to follow. Bright Curse are saying they’re not done, and frankly, I believe it. If having their label pulled out from under them and completely remaking the band didn’t kill them, I’m not sure anything other than a self-imposed “okay that’s it” can do so. All the better they never got to that point, though, as Time of the Healer shows the ongoing will toward creative growth in its arrangements and general reach that has been a defining factor in the band’s expressive searching, and one hopes that, with such turbulence behind them and this record as the result, they’re able to move forward from here and continue that sonic expansion into parts yet unknown. Time of the Healer does this boldly.

I’m thrilled today to host the premiere of the full album ahead of its proper release tomorrow on Ripple. Please find it below and enjoy:

Romain Daut on Time of the Healer:

It has been an adventure to record and release Time of The Healer. A lot has changed since our last album Before The Shore.

With the departure of Zach and Max, former drummer and bass player, and the whole mess with HeviSike, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to carry on, then I realised that not playing music was not working for me, so I started writing new material, not really knowing if it would get released or not…

Then Sammy offered to come back in the band (He is one of the first 3) and Mark from Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters was up for it too. So we started working, and then recorded the whole thing. I had a daughter, moved back to France.

Everything Bright Curse related takes more time and money, but when you are motivated, it doesn’t matter…

Ripple offered to release the album and I am really happy to work with them now.

Bright Curse is:
Romain Daut: Guitar, Flute, Vocals 
Sammy Deveille: Bass, Double Bass 
Mark Buckwell: Drums, Percussions 
Tommy Foster: Additional guitarsDylan Jones: Trumpet on “Laura” and “Time of The Healer”
Produced By Romain Daut and JB Pilon 
Recorded and Mixed at Buffalo Studio (London UK) 
Mastered at Audiosiege Portland. 

Bright Curse on Thee Facebooks

Bright Curse website

Bright Curse on Bandcamp

Ripple Music on Thee Facebooks

Ripple Music on Bandcamp

Ripple Music website

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Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight Post “Evil” from Movin’ On Sessions

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 18th, 2019 by JJ Koczan

trippy wicked

With an opening riff that channels Phantom of the Opera, Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight dig back into their past to unveil “Evil.” It’s not a Willie Dixon cover, which was my first thought — you might recall Cactus‘ version of that song on Restrictions, among many others — but the seven-minute piece comes from the sessions of 2009’s debut full-length, Movin’ On (review here), and in honor of the record’s 10th anniversary and the recently announced reformation of that lineup, they will post a series of lost tracks from that era. There are three of them and “Evil” is the first. The next, I’m sure, will be posted as soon as this goes live — because that’s how good my timing usually is in terms of making sure I’m constantly behind on everything — but until then, you can enjoy “Evil” at the bottom of this post. Nostalgia achieved, gents.

And that’s a quick 10 years.

From the PR wire:

trippy wicked evil

Trippy Wicked release previously unreleased track “Evil” from Movin On recording sessions

Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight recently announced original drummer Chris West is back in the band after a five-year departure. Given that the band also announced they were writing new material, you would be forgiven for asking why they are now releasing material from a decade ago.

Well, October 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of the band’s debut album, Movin On. During the recording session at Chuckalumba Studios (most noted for being the studio Electric Wizard recorded Dopethrone and Let Us Pray), Trippy Wicked recorded some songs that either didn’t get an official release or have never been heard.

To mark the anniversary Trippy Wicked are releasing these songs as singles and the first of these comes in the form of “Evil’. The song had appeared on an earlier demo but this version gets the full ‘blown out amps committed to tape’ treatment that Chuckalumba does so well.

Singer Pete Holland commented on the inspiration behind “Evil”:
“Evil is about the oppression from forces that try to dictate how you should live your life, and trying to break that train of thought to be free to imagine the life you want.”

Listen to the song on all major platforms here:

Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight, “Evil”

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Orange Goblin Announce US Dates Starting Aug. 27

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 5th, 2019 by JJ Koczan


Okay, got your calendar marked yet? Got a place to crash if you need one? Well, doesn’t matter. You can figure that out later. The point is Orange Goblin are coming to the US supporting their righteous 2018 offering, The Wolf Bites Back (review here), and they’re doing six shows, and that’s probably it for the entire album cycle. And while you’ve got your leather-bound day-planner out, you might want to make a note to yourself to send a thank you card to Muddy Roots Fest in Tennessee, because if they weren’t bringing the band over to play, the tour probably wouldn’t be happening at all, so really they’re just doing everyone a favor. So yeah, thanks Muddy Roots.

New York, Chicago, Muddy Roots, Dallas, Austin and Los Angeles. That’s it. They’re giving everyone plenty of times to get their lives in order and make showing-up happen. Frankly, if these shows don’t sell out, it’s a sad day in America.

From the PR wire:

orange goblin tour

Orange Goblin Announces U.S. Tour Dates

UK Heavy Metal Titans to Play Exclusive Live Shows in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and more this Summer

Orange Goblin, the heavy hitting British metal band that has inspired a generation of up-and-coming rock acts has announced summer U.S. headlining tour dates. The week-long set of exclusive live shows will kick off on August 27 in New York City and will include a performance as part of the 2019 Muddy Roots Festival on August 30, where the respected group will share the stage with MC50, Off!, and more.

Orange Goblin continues to tour in support of its most recent album, ‘The Wolf Bites Back’, the band’s ninth studio release. Support on the Orange Goblin tour will come from a slew of today’s best underground rock acts including The Skull, Mothership, Wo Fat and Black Cobra.

“We haven’t been able to tour the US since 2014 so it’s been a long 5 years, but we are excited to be coming back this year for a select few dates,” says vocalist Ben Ward. “We have gathered an amazing array of supports for this special tour and we can’t wait to bring the Orange Goblin thunder back to our rabid US fan base! Grab your tickets ASAP as these will be the most insane, wild and memorable shows we have done in the US, drawing on our full back catalog of material spanning the bands whole career! Let’s have it America, Orange fuckin’ Goblin is back!”

Orange Goblin US tour dates:
August 27 New York, NY Gramcery Theatre (w/ The Skull)
August 29 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall (w/ The Skull)
August 30 Cookeville, TN June Bug Boogie Ranch (as part of Muddy Roots Festival)
August 31 Dallas, TX Gas Monkey (w/ The Skull, Mothership, Wo Fat)
September 1 Austin, TX Come and Take It Live (w/ The Skull, Mothership)
September 2 Los Angeles, CA Regent Theatre (w/ Black Cobra)

Orange Goblin UK/Europe live dates:
06.04 – Faster & Louder Fest, Eindhoven, Netherlands
11.05 – HRH Road Trip, Ibiza, Spain
18.05 – Manorfest, Keighley, UK
23.06 – Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium
29.06 – Full Force Festival, Ferropolis, Germany
05.07 – Oltrasuoni Festival, Dro, Italy
06.07 – Traffic Club, Rome, Italy
07.07 – Cueva Club, Cagliari, Sardinia
28.09 – HRH Doom V Stoner IV, Sheffield, UK

In addition to vocalist Ben Ward, Orange Goblin features Joe Hoare (guitar), Martyn Millard (bass) and Chris Turner (drums).

Orange Goblin, Live in Moscow, March 29, 2019

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Bright Curse Set May 10 Release for Time of the Healer; New Song Streaming

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 28th, 2019 by JJ Koczan

bright curse

Bright Curse aren’t screwing around. They could do the teaser thing, and I think there is one out there, but the first track they’re unveiling from their upcoming second album is 10 minutes long, and that’s gotta be a substantial portion of the five-track LP from whence it comes. Now signed to Ripple after the clusterfuckness that befell them as regards their former outlet HeviSike Records, they’ll follow-up 2016’s Before the Shore (review here) and their 2013 self-titled debut EP (review here) with Time of the Healer on May 10, and “Shadows” demonstrates a scope that goes well beyond its extended runtime. I doubt it’s speaking to the entirety of what the record has to offer, but it certainly represents how far Bright Curse have come well and makes for an immersive listen. I look forward to hearing how it ties in with the rest of the release.

Art and info from the PR wire:

bright curse time of the healer

BRIGHT CURSE: Heavy Psych Rockers Return with New Album on RIPPLE MUSIC | Stream and share new song ‘SHADOWS’

Time of the Healer by Bright Curse is officially released 10th May 2019 on Ripple Music

Formed in London in 2012 out of the expatriated ashes of French psychedelic rock band Soul Manifest, heavy psych trio Bright Curse is a band that requires no introduction for anyone that has kept a close ear to the underground in recent years.

Following the release of their self-titled EP in 2013, their debut album Before the Shore (2016) not only showcased the band’s remarkable song writing talents, it proved itself be a hard rock sleeper hit you simply couldn’t ignore. Well known for riffing epic spectrums of dark/light through extended jams and out-and-out doom, the band established themselves on the road, hitting festival stages at Hellfest, DesertFest Berlin and Keep it Low, and touring across Europe with fellow Londoner doom merchants, Elephant Tree.

With the dissolution of their former label, HeviSike Records, last year, the band has since teamed up with chief purveyors of riff-driven heaviness, US label Ripple Music, to ready the release of new album, Time of the Healer this May.

“Working with Ripple is just gonna be rad. Having a label that really cares for its bands, that motivation will make the difference,” explains frontman/guitarist Romain Daut.

Of the upcoming album, he adds, “It’s a come-back to a doomier version of Bright Curse, more like the first EP. The songs are a bit longer and more developed, each relates a story, and all of them work together to create some kind of tale. I didn’t want to just have another heavy album, so we added some exotic instruments and I think it serves the story really well.”

Time of the Healer by Bright Curse is officially released on 10th May 2019 on Ripple Music and can be pre-ordered here at

Romain Daut – Guitar, Peruvian Flute, Vocals
Sammy Deveille – Bass, Double bass
Tommy Foster – Guitar, Guitar and more Guitar.
Mark Buckwell – Drums, Percussions

1. Smoke of The Past
2. Laura
3. Une Virêe
4. Shadows
5. Time of The Healer

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