Ape Skull to Release Fly Camel Fly in May

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ape skull

Roman trio Ape Skull are getting ready to release their second album for Heavy Psych SoundsFly Camel Fly. The record follows their 2013 self-titled debut through the same label, and Ape Skull are already gearing up to hit the road in Germany and Switzerland for a tour surrounding the May 8 arrival. Warm-toned and thick on boogie, the band’s latest will be pressed to limited red or black vinyl as well as CD, with more details to come.

They’ll make a stop at the Go Down fest in Berlin on May 15 as well. Details from the PR wire:

ape skull fly camel fly

Heavy Psych Sounds Records is happy to announce the release of the new album of: ***APE SKULL***

Ape Skull was formed in 2008. A trio consisting of Pierpaolo Pastorelli (bass), Fulvio Cartacci (guitar) and Giuliano Padroni (vocals-drums). The first, self titled, album (Ape Skull) comes out in 2013 by Heavy Psych Sounds and it includes eight original tracks and a cover of ‘I Got No Time’ by Orange Peel. The record is published as vinyl as well as a CD and its reviews appear in many magazines and websites dedicated to Rock music.

Following two European tours and dedicated Rock festivals, together with performances alongside excellent groups from the Stoner, Hard Rock and Psychedelic Rock circuits, the band is now ready to bring on tour the second chapter:

“FLY CAMEL FLY” a new “but old” great record, 9 brand new awesome Retro, Vintage Rock songs, for Fuzz addicted, Rhythmic and Funky sounds mixed to 70s Hard Rock tunes, with a pinch of Garage, Blues and Acid Rock.

The new album will be released May 8 in 200 Ltd Red Vinyl, black vinyl cd and digital.

The band will be also on tour in Europe from May 8 to 16.

08/05/2015 CH Luzern-Bruch Bros
09/05/2015 CH Ins-Schuxenhaus
10/05/2015 CH Basel-Roxy tba
11/05/2015 CH La Chaux du fonds tba
12/05/2015 CH St Gallen-Rumpeltum
13/05/2015 DE Augsburg-Blue Box Skate Park
14/05/2015 DE Halle- Hühner Manhattan
15/05/2015 DE Berlin-Tiefgrund “GO DOWN FEST”
16/05/2015 CH Olten-Coq d’Or


Ape Skull, “So Deep”

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The Obelisk Radio Adds: XII Boar, Deadpeach, Suzukiton, Torpor and Monsternaut

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the obelisk radio

Once again it’s been a couple weeks since I was last able to do a round of radio adds. But I have a good excuse! I was… uh… reviewing stuff? Well, that’s what I was doing, anyway. Anyhow, I’m way backed up on stuff to join the server, so for at least the next couple weeks it seems reasonable to expect regular adds while I get caught up. By then I’m sure I’ll be behind again, because somehow that’s how it works. Anyway, point is that as usual, a lot more was added to the server this afternoon than appears here, so make sure you check the Playlist and Updates page for the full list. Most of it is pretty new as well, so you might stumble on something you didn’t know was out. Could happen. Alright, let’s do this.

The Obelisk Radio adds for March 20, 2015:

XII Boar, Pitworthy

xii boar pitworthy

Before “Sharpshooter,” the opening track of their debut full-length, Pitworthy, actually starts, Hampshire, UK, trio XII Boar are introduced by a ring announcer in full arena-echo style. Somebody is about to get their ass kicked. That mentality tells you a lot about where the three-piece of guitarist/vocalist Tommy Hardrocks, bassist/vocalist Adam “Baddog” Thomas and drummer David Wilbraham are coming from on the 10-track outing, rife with heavy, Southern-style boogie presented with weighted burl whether it’s a slower groove like “Crushing the P” or a thrasher like “Chicken Hawk.” Side A caps with the title-track, a seven-minute Southern metal highlight, but the real party is at the end of the record’s second half, when the 11-minute “Quint” takes hold in a raucous fury of rhythmic thrust, seafaring tales and off-the-wall soloing. It is a riotous debut after a few promising EPs, and if nothing else, XII Boar make it clear that if anyone’s going to get their ass kicked, it won’t be the band. Their dudely growls and whisky this-or-that might be too much for some, but there’s no denying these guys sound like they’re having a blast, and that energy proves infectious throughout their first album. XII Boar on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

Deadpeach, Old Fuzz Generation

deadpeach old fuzz generation

Underrated Italian fuzz rockers Deadpeach initially released the debut EP, Old Fuzz Generation, in 2004 on what was apparently severely limited vinyl. Then a three-song 7″, Old Fuzz Generation now sees a digital reissue as a four-track release with the three-minute “Spain ’87” added on to the end. All told, it’s still under 10 minutes long with all four cuts taken together, but while brief, there’s enough fuzzy rush to hearken back to a time when European heavy rock was less concerned with either psychedelic freeform jamming or sounding like it’s 1972, and that the thickened-out, sped-up punk of “Americano” (1:50) needed no frills to get its point across, tapping influences from NebulaFu Manchu and Kyuss even while quoting Bob Marley in the lyrics and expressing what was a pervasive anti-American sentiment throughout Europe following the US invasion of Iraq. Good times. Not really, but good fuzz, and twice as interesting when one considers how European heavy was on the verge of a multi-faceted explosion 11 years ago and Deadpeach were tapping into a similar classic heavy ethic as the likes of Demon Cleaner, earlier Dozer and their countrymen in OJM. A quick but satisfying stoner burst. Deadpeach on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

Suzukiton, Suzukiton II

suzukiton suzukiton ii

Making their home in the fertile heavy ground of Richmond, Virginia, the instrumental four-piece Suzukiton made their debut a decade ago on Crucial Blast with Service Repair Handbook, a collection of distinctly Southern but still varied rockers that found a cult following at the time. Kind of a surprise to find that 10 years later, the four-piece of guitarists Todd Naumann and David Boyd (Twisted Tower Dire), bassist William Rose and drummer Bryan Cox (ex-Axehandle and Alabama Thunderpussy) would return with the self-released Suzukiton II, but the intervening time has done little to dull their potency, shredding leads cutting through tight rhythms in tones bordering between heavy rock and metal, a chugger like “Death of a Mule” no more out of place than a prog-metal stomper like “Ronin.” Closer “Todd II” would seem a direct sequel to “Todd Song” from the first album, but its eight-minute course feels more than duly expanded from the prior release. Thoughtful in its progressions and well-plotted within its individual pieces, Suzukiton II is nothing if not a welcome return, and if it’s the band’s position to blindside new listeners, that suits the material well. Suzukiton on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

Torpor, From Nothing Comes Everything

torpor from nothing comes everything

Immediate points to UK atmospheric sludgers Torpor (also stylized in all-caps) for opening their Head of Crom and Black Bow Records debut LP, From Nothing Comes Everything, with “From this Time,” the longest song on the album. Follow-up points for the actual weight of the damn thing. Dense, post-metallic claustrophobia is undercut by trades between spoken or otherwise clearheaded shouts and vicious screams, the foursome of standalone vocalist Nats Spada, guitarist/vocalist Jon Taylor, bassist Lauren Mason and drummer Simon Mason successfully avoiding stylistic cliche throughout the six-track release while executing lethal builds and thunder-toned push. “Surrender to the Light” is as effective for its melody as its chug, the obscure interlude “The Wake” rumbles and growls ferociously, and “As Waves Crash” demonstrates a powerful blend of post-hardcore and doom, from which “Abandon” departs only momentarily, delving into a minimalist midsection before rounding out with a maddening payoff. Nine-minute closer “Everything We Left Behind” might as well be made of skull fragments and burst eardrums, its heft giving way gradually to deconstructed ambience and a finale of abrasive noise. Torpor‘s first is brutal, fierce and terrifying most of all for how solidified and assured the band sounds in their aesthetic — how at home they are in the churning chaos they’ve made. Torpor on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp, at Head of Crom, Black Bow Records.

Monsternaut, Monsternaut

monsternut monsternaut

If the art wasn’t clue enough, Monsternaut‘s Monsternaut EP is a stoner rock record. Its motor revs in opener “Dog Town” and doesn’t let up until it hits the slowdown in closer “Black Horizon,” which wraps the Kerava, Finland, trio’s 18-minute debut outing with a fitting show of swing, choice basslines and nod-worthy fuckall. There’s plenty about the five tracks that will prove familiar to listeners who may have seen a record with an El Camino (admittedly, a gorgeous one) on the cover before, but there’s a next-generation freshness in Monsternaut‘s barebones, unabashed heavy rock approach, and cuts like “Back for More” and “Mountain Doom” prove deceptively catchy while also tapping tonal satisfaction in the guitar, bass and drums — Jani Kuusela‘s snare and kick landing no less heavy than Tuomas Heiskanen‘s riffs or Perttu Härkönen‘s low end — and the thud of “Caravan” and the straightforward, unpretentious vibe of all the tracks suits a presentation of genre that offers an edge of individuality while immediately doing more than just aping the band’s stylistic forebear(d)s. In heft, mood and songwriting, it’s a more than solid showcase of a progression underway. Monsternaut on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

As previously noted, this is just a fraction of the stuff that joined the server today — one-third, if you want to be more specific about that fraction. To check out everything else or to see what’s been played today and for probably way further back than you’re interested in knowing, check out the Obelisk Radio Playlist and Updates page. Hope you find something good from it.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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Black Rainbows Stream Hawkdope in its Entirety

Posted in audiObelisk on March 9th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

black rainbows

Italian trio Black Rainbows will release their fourth album, Hawkdope, on March 14 (March 17 US). Aside from being one of the best titles for a record I’ve heard so far this year, Hawkdope also represents the latest stage in the Rome-based three-piece’s ongoing evolution. With dirt-caked fuzz tone, they continue to proliferate the catchy hooks and stoner vibes they’ve tossed around since their 2008 debut, Twilight in the Desert, but as with 2010’s Carmina Diablo, their 2012 breakthrough Supermothafuzzalicious!! (review here), 2013’s Holy Moon EP (discussed here) and last year’s split with NaamWhite Hills and The Flying Eyes (review here), they seem to be figuring out new methods with each release, and as much as songs like “Killer Killer Fuzz,” “No Fuel No Fun” and “Hypnotize My Soul with Rock and Roll” would seem to tell their own story, Black Rainbows stewed up their best blend of driving riffs and Nebula-style heavy psychedelia on Hawkdope – released through guitarist/vocalist Gabriele Fiori‘s Heavy Psych Sounds imprint — proving again that they never move from one project to the next without learning something along the way. Whether it’s the bluesy swirl they jam out in album closer “The Cosmic Picker” or the 90-second acoustic bounce of “Waiting for the Sun,” Hawkdope is rife with these lessons and a richer listening experience for them.

Fiore leads the charge with the launch riff of opener “The Prophet,” but bassist Dario Iocca and drummer Alberto Croce aren’t far behind, and immediately, Hawkdope makes an impression with its intelligent, classically-styled structure and rampant flow. Tones are consistent — and fuzzed way out — but are put to varied use. “The Prophet” and subsequent “Wolf Eyes” are straightforward enough and offer a kind of heavy boogie with currents of underlying psych weirdness in samples, effects, etc., that Black Rainbows have come to do very well, but with the title-track, the trio move further into space rock sprawl, a slower tempo and more cosmic vibe spreading out like lava over the course of the song’s nine minutes. There is no arguing with it, and whoever sold Fiore that Echoplex was doing us all a favor. black rainbows hawkdopeVibe oozes from the speakers as his nodding riff shifts into this or that jam, breaking into jazzy noodling and effects runs in the second half while Iocca‘s bassline carries the track forward, Croce building toward a resurgence that serves as the apex. “No Fuel No Fun” is rawer in comparison, but sets itself out with motoring low-end and a “doh-doh-doh” break in its chorus. The turn to “Hypnotize My Soul with Rock and Roll” is immediate, and the centerpiece of the CD somehow manages to up the fuzz quotient from the preceding tracks, which is no small feat. Classic stoner rock ensues as Fiore brings forward a ’70s style strut in the chorus without sounding retro or losing Hawkdope‘s distinct thickness as solo and riff intertwine, one layered over the other, a cascade of effects at the ready to finish out.

I’m reasonably certain “Hypnotize My Soul with Rock and Roll” is where the sides split up for the vinyl — at least that’s the most even breaking point between the record’s two halves — but either way, by the time “Waiting for the Sun” and the ensuing “Jesusjudge” take hold, a B-side expansion of sound is underway. “Waiting for the Sun” has little in common with the Doors song sharing the title, with its acoustic guitar at the fore, keyboard-style drone, tambourine and bluesy feel, lyrics about going to Mexico, and so on, and beginning with a drum fill from Croce, “Jesusjudge” opens to a satisfying roller of a groove, leaning hard on the turns for its chorus, but carrying through to the solo and making their way through the verse and hook again unscathed, leading the way to “Killer Killer Fuzz,” about which the most fitting thing to say is perhaps “as advertised.” A sample in the back end furthers some of the psychedelic feel, but at heart, it’s a riffer and Black Rainbows obviously know it. Closing, the 6:47 “The Cosmic Picker” is reminiscent somewhat of the most laid back, cosmic feel of “Hawkdope,” but looser and jammier, if also shorter. The guitar, bass and drums push — full toned and melodically resonant — toward a blissed-out crescendo, but ultimately, the song and album cap softly, a few lines from Fiore over a quiet instrumental epilogue, though to their credit, the way the track ends, they could have just as easily kicked back into to a full-on psych jam, and hearing Hawkdope come to its end, part of me can’t help but wish they had.

They’ve become forerunners of Italian heavy rock over the last seven years, and there are few out there who’ve done as much to champion their country’s cause to the international underground, whether it’s through touring their own material, setting up shows for bands coming through Italy or the work Fiore has done with Heavy Psych Sounds, but at no point does Hawkdope seek to be evaluated on anything other than the merits of its craftsmanship. And on that standard, it more than holds up. Black Rainbows hone a sound that will be familiar and welcome to fuzz worshipers, but at the same time belonging solely to the band, and they continue to evolve and progress, chasing the perfect riff through a cosmos of distortion.

Black Rainbows will be on tour in Europe most of this Spring. Tour dates follow the full stream of the album below. Please enjoy:

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records&Booking is Stoked to announce the dates of the European Tour of Black Rainbows.

The band is going to burn the road with their upcoming last full length album “HAWKDOPE” a mix of lisergic psichedelic tunes, mixed with power fuzz space riffings.

..bring the earplugs

18/03/2015 IT Bologna-Freak Out
19/03/2015 CH Luzern-Bruch Bros
20/03/2015 DE Augsburg-Bluebox Skate Park
21/03/2015 NL Nijmegen-Plufest
22/03/2015 FR Paris-Glazart
23/03/2015 DE Siegen-Vortex
24/03/2015 DE Erfurt-Cafè Tiko
25/03/2015 DE Leipzig-Sto
26/03/2015 DE Berlin-Dustown Fest
27/03/2015 CH Olten-Coq D’or
28/03/2015 CH Winterthur-Gaswerk
29/03/2015 IT Milano-Magnolia

10/04/2015 FI Helsinki- Galactus Fest
11/04/2015 EE Tallin-Woodsock/Rockstar´s

28/04/2015 IT North Italy
29/04/2015 DE
30/04/2015 DE Nurnberg
01/05/2015 IT Bozen-Sudwerk
02/05/2015 AU Salzburg-Rockhouse
03/05/2015 CH St Gallen-Rumpeltum
04/05/2015 AU Innsbruck-PMK
05/05/2015 AU Feldkirch-Graf Hugo
06/05/2015 IT Zerobranco-Altroquando

09/05/2015 IT Rome Tba
17/05/2015 IT Livorno Tba

04/06/2015 UK Bristol-Stag & Hounds
05/06/2015 UK Northampton-The Labour Club
06/06/2015 UK Oxford-The Wheatsheaf
07/06/2015 UK Basingstoke-The Sanctuary
08/06/2015 UK London-The Macbeth

01/08/2015 GR Drama-Fuzztastic Fest

HEY AMERICAN DUDES!! pre order for HAWKDOPE in US available now from this link!!http://www.allthatisheavy.com/searchresults.asp?Search=Hawkdope

Black Rainbows on Thee Facebooks

Black Rainbows on Twitter

Heavy Psych Sounds

Heavy Psych Sounds on Bandcamp

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On Wax: Sweet Times Vol. 2 Four-Way Split

Posted in On Wax on March 4th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster


If nothing else, the second installment in Who Can You Trust? RecordsSweet Times 7″ series is an efficient use of space. Perhaps even more than its predecessor, which also included four bands, it squeezes seemingly disparate takes on heavy rock onto two sides of what might come across as a sampler for busy heads on the go were it not for the fact that you need a turntable to listen to it. Still, an impressive feat, and all the more when one considers the ground it covers, from the sweet ’70s melodies of Brooklyn’s The Golden Grass to Italian psych-garage rockers Sultan Bathery on side A, and from the sweet classic punk of New York’s Metalleg to the doom-tease-into-Motörhead-jolt of Gorilla. All told, it’s done in under 10 minutes, depending on how fast you flip the platter, and gives a brief glance at some of what each band has to offer. sweet-times-vol-2-front-coverPlus, it comes with 3-D glasses! Because the future!

Yes, the artwork of the 7″, which is pressed in an edition of 500 copies (black vinyl) and comes in thick card stock, is colored so that the included class-style blue and red 3-D glasses make it pop out. Likely you don’t need me to tell you that’s awesome — all the more so because it actually includes the glasses — but even more of a draw are the four songs themselves. The Golden Grass lead off with “All You Have Grown” (premiered here), which at just over three minutes is actually the longest inclusion here. The trio don’t need anymore time than that to establish a resonant, bright melody and a hook, and while the track seems to end cold in comparison to some of what appeared on their 2014 self-titled debut (review here), one can hardly fault them, particularly in context of sharing the side with Sultan Bathery, whose handclap-inclusive “15 Minutes” is a fuzz-drenched rhythmic joy of primal proto-heavy. No time for frills, but a buzzsaw solo carries to side A’s sudden finish with just a second of tape hiss left over for good measure.

I feel like my hand is barely off the turntable arm before Metalleg‘s “Chained” is over. At just 74 seconds, it’s a warm-toned Ramones-style chorus the three-piece — who no doubt by now are tired of being compared to the Ramones — have crafted, and they quickly showcase a grasp for the affinity early punk showed for pop before pop-punk became a commercial force. The tone is warm and sweet-times-vol-2-side-bnatural, raw but not necessarily aggressive, which is all the better for Gorilla, who finish out Sweet Times Vol. 2 with “Three Squealer” by tossing off a measure of a riff spawned from the same muck that birthed “Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes” before they gleefully pull the rug from under it and, after a couple stick-clicks, hit into the aforementioned Motörhead-style rush. Given where they’re coming from, one would expect little wasted space in “Three Squealer” and Gorilla comply ably, ending the release with one last hook and genre crossover that, somehow, fits just as well as the donations from The Golden GrassSultan Bathery, and Metalleg.

Maybe part of what makes it work is that it’s done so soon, but I’m not inclined to argue either way. Who Can You Trust? Records has already issued a follow-up to Sweet Times Vol. 2 that includes Death AlleyWild HoneyPastor and Sonic Love Affair, so they’re keeping true to the form here in working at a speedy pace. It certainly serves the bands well, so I see no reason why it shouldn’t do the same for the label.

VA, Sweet Times Vol. 2 (2014)

The Golden Grass on Thee Facebooks

Sultan Bathery on The Facebooks

Metalleg on Thee Facebooks

Gorilla on Thee Facebooks

Who Can You Trust? Records’ BigCartel store

Who Can You Trust? Records on Bandcamp

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Isaak Touring Spain and Portugal this Month

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 4th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster


Who the hell doesn’t want to take some time off and go spend eight days kicking around Spain and Portugal? I can’t really fault Italian heavy rocking foursome Isaak for pausing work on their next record in order to tour the Iberian Peninsula later this month, nor would I attempt to try. They’ve done plenty of touring throughout Europe, but seriously, what, they’re going to regret going to Barcelona as Spring is starting to kick in? Somehow I doubt it.

Noteworthy that Isaak say they’ll be performing material from their recent split with Mos Generator – a 12″ was released in January on Heavy Psych Sounds – since their inclusion on that split was one 15-minute psychedelic exploration they dubbed “The Choice,” and represented something of a turn from the more straightforward fare one heard on their prior Small Stone label debut, 2013’s The Longer the Beard the Harder the Sound (streamed here). Should make for an interesting blend on stage, and one can’t help but wonder how “The Choice” might influence Isaak‘s next work, which will presumably also be out on Small Stone later this year once they finish it when they get back from the tour.

The band sent this update down the PR wire, along with the tour poster by the venerable and increasingly ubiquitous David Paul Seymour:

isaak iberian tour 2015


Isaak is hitting the road again, this time for a Spain and Portugal tour. The band is having a break from recording their new album, that will be out this year via Small Stone Records.

The guys will perform their last album as well as their fresh released 12″ split shared with Mos Generator and unleashed via Heavy Psych Sound.

Tour poster made by David Paul Seymour and printed at The Giant’s Lab. Tour promoted by Red Sound Barcellona.

20/03 – BARCELONA ( Rocksound Almogavers)
21/03 – MADRID ( Sala Barracudas)
22/03 – ESTEPONA (Louie Louie)
23/03 – CALDAS DA RAINHA (tbc)
24/03 – LISBOA ( Sabotage Club)
25/03 – VIANA DO CASTELO ( BAR Kommix)
26/03 – VIGO ( Distrito 09)
27/03 – OURENSE (el sótano)
28/03 – GORLIZ ( Xurrut)


Isaak, “The Choice” from Split with Mos Generator (2015)

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Bantoriak Debut Album Weedooism Due April 13; “Lysergic Tantra” Video Posted

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 2nd, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster


I am a sucker for a rolling groove. One of those grooves that unfolds and is immediately hypnotic. The kind that you snap back to consciousness after it ends and wonder where the previous however-long just went. The kind where things like “measures” and “cycles” become irrelevant. Accordingly, with Bantoriak‘s “Lysergic Tantra,” it didn’t take all that long before I was on board.

The video (which you can see under the PR wire info below) comes from the Italian project’s forthcoming debut album, Weedooism, and while I’m not certain of the theological roots, the sound-as-spiritualist vibe comes through in the slow-motion swirl of effects on “Lysergic Tantra” and the melodic chanting that accompanies. Argonauta Records will have Weedooism out next month, and in addition to the work of Izio Orsini, who serves as the one-man core of the band, it also features guest vocal spots from Rosy of Profanal and Isaak‘s own Giacomo H. Boeddu.

If you find yourself looking for a trance-inducing roll, Orsini‘s got at least one on offer. This from the PR wire:

bantoriak weedooism

BANTORIAK: new video and cover artwork revealed

Psychedelic Doom Rock band BANTORIAK reveals the cover artwork of the forthcoming album and releases a new videoclip. The song “Lysergic Tantra” is taken from the album “Weedooism”, out April 13th 2015 on CD/DD via ARGONAUTA Records.

BANTORIAK is a project by Izio Orsini, involving other Italian musicians, that follows the one vision of an experimental work influenced by psychedelic, doom and atmospheric sound. Beyond genres, it flows as hypnotic trip from the Ganges river to the California desert, reflecting the genuine approach on the musical taste, playing entirely with 70’s vintage and handcrafted instruments. The forthcoming album, scheduled for early 2015, will feature on drums Fabio of EREMITE and guest vocals by Rosy (Profanal) and Giacomo (Isaak).

For more infos:

Bantoriak, “Lysergic Tantra” official video

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Black Rainbows Post Video for “The Prophet”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on February 20th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

black rainbows

Can’t help but wonder while watching Italian trio Black Rainbows‘ new video for the song “The Prophet” from their forthcoming LP Hawkdope if the castle they’re playing in front of is the same one where guitarist/vocalist Gabriele Fiori had intended to stage the inaugural Totem Psych Fest last year before being stymied by inclement weather. To put it lightly, there are a few castles/expansive villas around the area outside of Rome, so it’s not like it would be impossible for it to be two places, but one has to wonder how many of them would be cool with having bands hang around, set up stages, shoot a video, etc. Black Rainbows‘ 2013 video for “The Hunter” was also shot among ruins, and while the aerial view of this location makes me think it’s a different spot entirely, it’s entirely feasible they just went around the other side or something. Castles have a reputation for being pretty big.

Wherever they are, Black Rainbows are tearing ass around some fuzzy riffs with “The Prophet” — which, by amazing coincidence, is also featured in the latest podcast — and if you haven’t yet heard a slice of Hawkdope, there’s a good chance it’ll pique your interest. Never shy as regards road time, Fiori, bassist Dario Iocca and drummer Alberto Croce have an extensive European tour planned to coincide with the album’s arrival March 17 on Heavy Psych Sounds, and you can find those dates under the clip below, courtesy of the PR wire:

Black Rainbows, “The Prophet” official video

black rainbows hawkdope tour

Heavy Psych Sounds is proud to announce that the new music video, “The Prophet.” The track is off of the upcoming Black Rainbows’ album, Hawkdope, set for March 17th, 2015 street date. Pre-sales are live now at heavypsychsounds.com.

Black Rainbows European Tour Itinerary (all dates subject to change, check with venues to confirm):
March 2015
06/03/2015 It Rome-Init Club “HAWKDOPE Release Party”
18/03/2015 IT Bologna-Freak Out
19/03/2015 CH Luzern-Bruch Bros
20/03/2015 DE Augsburg-Bluebox Skate Park
21/03/2015 NL Nijmegen-Plufest
22/03/2015 FR Paris-Glazart
23/03/2015 DE Siegen-Vortex
24/03/2015 DE Erfurt-Cafè Tiko
25/03/2015 DE Leipzig-Sto
26/03/2015 DE Berlin-Dustown Fest
27/03/2015 CH Olten-Coq D’or
28/03/2015 CH Winterthur-Gaswerk
29/03/2015 IT Milano-Magnolia
April 2015
10/04/2015 FI Helsinki- Galactus Fest
11/04/2015 EE Tallin-Woodsock/Rockstar’s
28/04/2015 IT North Italy
29/04/2015 DE
30/04/2015 DE Nurnberg
May 2015
01/05/2015 IT Bozen-Sudwerk
02/05/2015 AU Salzburg-Rockhouse
03/05/2015 CH St Gallen-Rumpeltum
04/05/2015 AU Innsbruck-PMK
05/05/2015 AU Feldkirch-Graf Hugo
06/05/2015 IT Zerobranco-Altroquando
June 2015
04/06/2015 UK
05/06/2015 UK
06/06/2015 UK Oxford
07/06/2015 UK
08/06/2015 UK London-The Macbeth
August 2015
01/08/2015 GR Drama-Fuzztastic Fest

Black Rainbows on Thee Facebooks

Black Rainbows website

Heavy Psych Sounds

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Ufomammut Announce First-Ever North American Tour

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 18th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

Well, we had advance warning back in December, so it was only a matter of time before Italian cosmic doom megaliths Ufomammut announced their first round of North American tour dates. By the time they hit these shores in May, their new album, Ecate, will have been out for more than a month on Neurot Recordings, and as they make their way around the US and into Canada, they’ll be joined by Usnea and making a stop off at Maryland Deathfest to put in an appearance there shortly after what I’ve no doubt will become a legendary gig at the Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn for both band and venue.

Fresh off the PR wire:


UFOMAMMUT: First North American Tour Announced Including Support From Usnea; Fourth Ecate Making-Of Episode Released

With the details of their upcoming seventh studio full-length album, Ecate, having been recently unveiled, Italian mystical doom trio, UFOMAMMUT, finally announces their official first-ever tour of North America today, something diehard fans of this colossal outfit have been awaiting anxiously for years.

Now more than fifteen years into their time together as UFOMAMMUT, the band’s only prior US outings were two live shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco in 2009 in conjunction with their crushing Idolum LP. Since Idolum, the band’s popularity has grown exponentially, through the magic of their Eve LP, their signing with Neurosis’ label, Neurot Recordings for the 2012 release of their two-part ORO LP, and their following 2013-released XV DVD through their own Supernatural Cat Records. The desire to witness the outfit crafting its psychedelic and decimating craft in the flesh has become nearly overwhelming for stateside fans, but a shift in the tides this Spring will bring a major change as the trio invades American soil for their first-ever widespread US tour in the months ahead.

Initiated by their anticipated performance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest with lablemates Yob, Neurosis and countless others, UFOMAMMUT’s month-long North America Spring 2015 tour has now been declared. The trek will begin in Chicago on May 13th, with Relapse Records’ crushing Portland, Oregon-based cosmic sludge quartet, Usnea, providing direct support for the entire tour, which comes to a close in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 13th, including two shows in Canada. The trek will be preceded by a European tour alongside the UK’s Conan, consuming the latter half of April and including appearances at both of this year’s Desertfest events in London and Berlin.

Today also sees the release of the fourth video episode into the making-of UFOMAMMUT’s new album, Ecate, set for North American release on March 31st through Neurot Recordings. On the follow-up to their acclaimed ORO album, the trio takes a confident step forward with their craft, orchestrating atmospheric processions that take the six songs on the album to places as-of-yet uncharted, the only guide being that of Ecate, the three-sided goddess who moves between the realms of the living, the dead, and the gods. The latest installment showcases the layering of the dense guitar tones, as always with sound wizard Lorenzo Stecconi, for these sessions using his mobile studio at SOMS “Il Progresso” in Sarezzano, Italy.

Watch Ecate’s guitars become realized with episode four RIGHT HERE.

Catch up on the recording of the drums, bass and more with part 1, part 2 and part 3 as well.

UFOMAMMUT Ecate European Tour Dates:
4/04/2015 e20 Underground – Montecchio Maggiore IT
4/10/2015 Bloom – Mezzago IT
4/18/2015 Impetus festival – Delemont CH
4/19/2015 Glazart – Paris FR w/ Conan
4/21/2015 Forum – Bielefeld DE w/Conan
4/22/2015 Schlachthof – Wiesbaden DE w/ Conan
4/23/2015 Feierwerk – Munich DE w/ Conan
4/24/2015 Desertfest – Berlin DE w/ Conan
4/25/2015 AB – Brussels BE w/ Conan
4/26/2015 Desertfest – London UK w/ Conan
4/28/2015 Vortex – Siegen DE w/ Conan
4/29/2015 Kellerclub – Stuttgart DE
4/30/2015 Weekender Club – Innsbruck AT

UFOMAMMUT North America Spring 2015 w/ Usnea:
5/13/2015 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
5/14/2015 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
5/15/2015 Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
5/16/2015 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
5/17/2015 Le Ritz – Montreal, QC
5/19/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
5/20/2015 Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA
5/21/2015 Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD [no Usnea]
5/22/2015 King’s – Raleigh, NC
5/23/2015 Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA
5/25/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
5/26/2015 Walter’s – Houston, TX
5/27/2015 Red 7 – Austin, TX
5/29/2015 Sister – Albuquerque, NM
5/30/2015 Flycatcher – Tucson, AZ
5/31/2015 Complex – Los Angeles, CA
6/02/2015 Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
6/03/2015 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA
6/04/2015 Press Club – Sacramento, CA
6/05/2015 WOW Hall – Eugene, OR [no Usnea]
6/06/2015 Rotture – Portland, OR
6/07/2015 Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
6/08/2015 Neurolux – Boise, ID
6/09/2015 Bar Deluxe – Salt Lake City, UT
6/10/2015 Hi-Dive – Denver, CO
6/12/2015 Turf Club – St Paul, MN
6/13/2015 Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI


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