Deadsmoke Sign to Heavy Psych Sounds

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Italian three-piece newcomers Deadsmoke make a fitting complement to the already-announced early 2016 release list for Heavy Psych Sounds, whose expanding roster over the course of this year has made it one of the most up and coming heavy rock imprints in the US or Europe, even if the albums are just starting to materialize from the likes of Ape Machine and Isaak. The momentum will continue in Feb. 2016 with Banquet and Duel, and in March, it’s Holy Grove and Deadsmoke, who’ll be making their self-titled debut late in the month.

A teaser trailer has been posted for the record that’s basically just 50 seconds of a riff, but it says plenty about the band’s mindset and tonal density, and about the largesse of groove that will be on offer at least somewhere on the album when it arrives. Other details, presumably, are forthcoming, but here’s the announcement from the label, who can’t seem to let a week or two slip by these days without adding a new band to the roster:

deadsmoke heavy psych sounds

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS RECORDS is stoked to announce a new band in the roster: *** Deadsmoke ***

Deadsmoke is a doom sludge Italian band sounding like deep entombed amplifiers and downtuned monolithic guitars scraping the soil down to the core of the sphere. Slow hypnotic not-harmonic cadences refresh the eternal need of isolation and the atavistic fear of nothingness. Sub lowered frequencies corrode the one last trace of human cognition, apprehension and judgment. Your soul already burned, smoke is what remains.

They already played at the mighty Duna Jam last summer and you will have the chance to see the band live at the HPS Fest Vol 2 in Rome December 12-2016!

Deadsmoke are:
Maurice: Drums
Matteo: Guitars
Gianmaria: Bass

HPS Records will release the Debut Selftitled album “Deadsmoke” late march 2016 in vinyl,cd and digital. European Tour to follow!

Be a fly on the wall while Deadsmoke prepares material for their new album, due out in spring 2016 on Heavy Psych Sounds…

Deadsmoke, Self-titled album teaser

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Beesus Post New Video for “Stonerslam”

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I’m a little bit sad to report, but “Stonerslam” is not, in fact, the latest pay-per-view special for professional wrestling. While that would invariably be the laziest bout of physical prowess ever within the realm of sports entertainment, “Stonerslam” is instead the new single and video from Rome-based heavy rockers Beesus, who will release their debut album, The Rise of Beesus, on Dec. 17 through Goodfellas Distribuzione and New Sonic Records. The song itself is quick, not much over three minutes, but it’s enough time for the band to give some idea of where they’re coming from sound-wise.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the stonerly arts play a significant role in their aesthetic. “Stonerslam” bounces on thick riffing and effects-laden vocals, but ultimately has a sans-frills punkishness underneath. The sheer fact that the track is so structurally barebones speaks to it. I keep waiting for them to break into a spaced-out jam or something like that — and they might at some point on The Rise of Beesus, I haven’t heard the record yet — but instead, they plow through a couple verses and cut out. What they do with that stripped-down edge over the course of the LP remains to be seen, but as a quick sample of their wares, they’ve chosen their video track well.

In the video we see Beesus recording, hanging out around somebody’s very nice looking pool, goofing off, and of course, playing live. If the clip is your introduction to them as it has been mine, you’ll find them reveling in some familiar sonic terrain but with no shortage of charm.

They’re on tour in Europe to lead off the New Year. Dates and more background follow the video below. Enjoy:

Beesus, “Stonerslam” official video

Noisy fuzz metal quartet BEESUS releases new video for “Stonerslam”; on tour across Europe this winter.

In anticipation of the album release next month, Italian super fuzz-laden rock quartet BEESUS is unveiling a first excerpt today with their first video “Stonerslam”. Their juggernaut debut “The Rise Of Beesus” will see the day this December 17th on Goodfellas and New Sonic Records.

The “Stonerslam” video features outtakes of the band’s summer recording sessions at World Recording Studio in Roma.

BEESUS was formed in 2010 in Roma by five young men whose minds were filled with dreams, psychotropic substances, as well as sonic material like The Jesus Lizard, The Doors, Alice In Chains, Electric Wizard… More than just being a group of friends playing music, they had musical ideas, words to declare and a vision to share. Quickly turning into a four-piece, they released their first demo in 2011, played a few gigs along with heavy psych acts such as Myroors, Mars Red Sky, 1000Mods, Morkobot, then eventually went into a hiatus until the year 2015.

Their debut album entitled “The Rise Of Beesus” was recorded live and encapsulates within nine songs what this one of a kind outfit is all about: blending the noisy crunchy flavor of 90’s heaviest alt-metal outfits like The Melvins or Mudhoney up to date, while coating it with a thick hazy thundercloud of fuzzed-out riffs.

BEESUS Debut album “The Rise Of Beesus”
Out December 17th on Goodfellas and New Sonic Records
Pre-orders start December 7th, 2015

Catch BEESUS on their European tour this winter:
Join the official tour FB event
07.01 – Parma (Ita) Circolo Arci MU
08.01 – Switzerland TBA
09.01 – Montpellier (Fr) Up & Down
10.01 – Toulouse (Fr) TBA
11.01 – Zaragoza (Sp) Sala Credence
12.01 – Madrìd (Sp) Funhouse Musicbar
13.01- Portugal / Spain TBA
14.01 – Bordeaux (Fr) L’Antidote
15.01 – Paris (Fr) Le Piccolo
16.01 – La Louvrìere (Be) Cafè Des Arts
17.01 – Diest (Be) Jeugdhuis Tijl
18.01 – Germany TBA
19.01 – Halle (De) TBA
20.01 – Dresden (De) Ost-Pol
21.01 – Liepzig (De) TBA
22.01 – Wien (AT) Cafe Carina
23.01 – Bozen (Ita) PMK
24.01 – Austria TBA
25.01 – TBA
26.01 – Ins (Ch) Schuxenhaus
27.01 – Basel (Ch) Swarze Erle
28.01 – Olten (Ch) Coq D’Or
29.01 – Luzern (Ch) The Bruch Bros
30.01 – Salzburg (At) Mark
31.01 – Italy TBA
12.02 – Roma (Ita) Zoobar

Touis – Vocals
Pootchie – Guitar & Vocals
Mutt – Bass & Vocals
Mudd – Drums & Vocals

Beesus on Thee Facebooks

Goodfellas Distribuzione

Goodfellas Distribuzione on Thee Facebooks

New Sonic Records on Thee Facebooks

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Isaak’s Sermonize Due Dec. 11; “Fountainhead” Lyric Video Posted

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Not much has changed since the last time news came through about Isaak‘s new album, Sermonize, at least conceptually. The album is still coming out under the wire in 2015 on vinyl through Heavy Psych Sounds, and it will still be out on CD early next year through Small Stone. What’s changed is the release date for the LP version is now Dec. 11 and the Italian heavy-hitting four-piece have posted a lyric video for the track “Fountainhead” from the outing, which will be their third under the Isaak moniker following 2012’s The Longer the Beard, the Harder the Sound (streamed here).

Still, that’s enough of a difference to make me want to post about the record again. You’d almost think I was interested maybe in giving it an extra plug because, having listened to it, I’ve determined it’s pretty cool. Ramble on, conspiracy theorist. Either way, they get bonus points for covering Kyuss‘ “Yeah.”

The PR wire had this to say about it:

isaak sermonize

ISAAK: Genova’s badass rockers to unleash new LP “Sermonize” on Heavy Psych Sounds

If you like your rawk badass, heavy and hairy, then you’ll probably exult about the great return of Italy’s raddest stoner rockers ISAAK. With their second album to date, the Genova-based four piece is up to no good, so don’t expect to be treated cautiously: “Sermonize” is set to break down the front door this December 11.

“If you cross Genova’s narrow streets looking at people in the eyes, and reach the port and the sea, then you will understand our sound”. Leaning against their van ready for the next show, this is how ISAAK introduce theirselves in a few words. Just like their straight, powerful and uncompromising music.

Born from the ashes of Italian heavy rock four-piece Gandhi’s Gunn, it didn’t take long before ISAAK signed a worldwide deal on US label Small Stone Records, who reissued their ass-kicking debut “The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound” in June 2013. Inspired by the big ass riffages and raw energy of leading heavy rock outfits such as Clutch, Orange Goblin or Torche, ISAAK have the knack for assembling the heaviest-sounding licks with a rip-roaring attitude that can only make you raise a fist up in the air while rocking out in the pit.

With a freshly signed deal on Heavy Psych Sounds Records, ISAAK are set to release their sophomore album “Sermonize” for a vinyl release, followed by a CD release in the beginning of 2016 on Small Stone Records.

ISAAK – New album “Sermonize” – VINYL RELEASE ONLY
Out this November 27th on Heavy Psych Sounds
Pre-orders from November 13th at this location

1. Whore Horse
2. The Peak
3. Fountainhead
4. Almonds & Glasses
5. Soar
6. Showdown
7. Yeah (Kyuss)
8. Lucifer’s Roar (White Ash)
9. Lesson N.1
10. The Frown Reloaded
11. The Phil S. Theorem
12. Sermonize

Giacomo H Boeddu – Vocals
Andrea Tabbi De Bernardi – Drums & Vocals
Francesco Raimondi – Guitars
Gabriele Carta – Bass

Isaak, “Fountainhead” lyric video

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Varego Release New Single “Phantasma” this Month

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The forthcoming “Phantasma” single from Italian post-sludgers Varego will not be their first collaboration with Billy Anderson. Rather, Anderson — whose production CV is second to none in heavy — has mixed and mastered everything the Genoa outfit have done to date, from their 2012 debut, Tumultum to the next year’s follow-up EP, Blindness of the Sun. Varego have been largely out of commission since that shorter offering, but the five-piece make a return with the new single, the B-side for which will be a remix of “Secrets Untold” from the last EP by Argonauta Records labelmates Shabda.

No audio yet, but the release is due at the end of the month, so it can’t be far now. Info follows as sent along the PR wire:


VAREGO: new single and collaboration with SHABDA

Italian Post Prog Metallers VAREGO are back after two years of silence ‘till their latest “Blindness of the Sun” opus. The band is actually working to the final touches to their new 2-songs single “PHANTASMA” tentatively scheduled by the end of November. Available on bandcamp via free download, “Phantasma” will feature a very new song of the band, mixed and mastered by legendary producer BILLY ANDERSON (Sleep, Weedeater, among many others), and the remix of the old song “Secrets Untold” cared by Drone Doom outfit SHABDA, transforming Varego heavy sound into an antithetic texture of reiterations and droning surround.

VAREGO say: “Yes, we’ve been probably too much under the radar recently, but this will be a significant come back for us in two years, that we want to celebrate with a new song that more than ever features all our influences (think of Melvins, Neurosis, Voivod and King Crimson, all together, yes!). Or, if it looks too much pretentious, just call it WEIRD METAL!”.

“PHANTASMA” free download single will be available tentatively by the end of November via ARGONAUTA Records bandcamp page:

More info to follow soon.

Varego, Blindness of the Sun (2013)

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Return from the Grave Stream Three(p) in Full

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return from the grave

Italian four-piece Return from the Grave play a few tricks on their latest release. Following two full-lengths, 2012’s The Rebirth from the Last Breath and 2014’s Gates of Nowhere, the Venice-based riffers present Three(p), their quizzically but suitably named third outing, comprising three tracks that work to set a deceptive breadth. You’re about ankle deep into opener and 9:35 longest cut “Timelessness” when just before about three and a half minutes in, the band hit the brakes on the full-drive fuzz they’ve thus far proffered in order to set the foundation for a linear, atmospheric psych build that will play out over the remainder of the song. Not exactly like the verses before were lacking a sense of spaciousness, but it’s a particularly sharp turn to enact as they seemed to be building so much forward momentum, and the fact that they manage to efficiently reestablish a flow adds depth to what seems at first to be a relatively straight-ahead affair.

Three(p) is Return from the Grave‘s first outing to feature bassist Davide Bressan, who joins the lineup of drummer Giacomo “Jack” Secco, guitarist Luca “Sparta” Salviato and vocalist Jacopo “Semenz” Semenzato and makes his present strongly felt in inventive bass fills as “Timelessness” swirls toward its conclusion, tambourine and return from the grave three(p)layers of guitar forward in the mix on top of the steady low end. “Soul’s Grime” continues to expand the aesthetic foundation that “Timelessness” set out, this time with a shorter push — no break to a jam — but a more doomly feel, Semenzato backing himself with a few echoing growls to further the titular grime. The groove is still heavy rock at its heart, and the tones are still duly fuzzed, but the angle of approach has shifted, and the end product is just as much headbang fodder as it is nod. By the time “Sough” comes on to close out at 7:46, the feeling is that Return from the Grave could and might go pretty much anywhere within a heavy sphere.

That widened explanation suits them, and “Sough” does not disappoint. Floydian progressivism taking hold with Semenzato as a kind of echoing carnival-master at the core of its first half before a slow, massive rolling groove takes hold and, somehow, builds itself to a point where Return from the Grave can make its tempo swing to finish out under a fiery lead from Salviato and some especially righteous fuzz corresponding. But for the consistency of the production and the unifying aspect of tones and vocals, one might put on Three(p) and think it was a compilation of different bands, but Return from the Grave skillfully tie the material together, exploring swath of influences in heavy rock, psych and doom without losing themselves in the process or directly impersonating one sound or another. That overarching clarity through what proves to be a nuanced style is one of the EP’s greater strengths, but that’s not to discount the quality of a hook like “Soul’s Grime” or the fluidity that “Timelessness” hones in its second half, both of which demonstrate that there’s more to their songcraft than mere trickery.

I have the pleasure today of hosting Three(p) for a full stream, and you can find it followed by some recording info and buy links on the player below. Please enjoy:

A year after our last full length ‘Gates of Nowhere’, we’re back with other three songs, an infernal concept representing all our musical influences, an EP we think to be a big step forward for the band itself.

Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Spazio 55, Treviso, Italy by Andrea Condotta on August 2015

New CD ep out on noble Digisleeve edition limited to 300 copies. Sensational Epic Heavy Doom with massive Stoner Rock approach.

Return from the Grave on Thee Facebooks

Return from the Grave on Bandcamp

Argonauta Records

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Black Capricorn Release Ira Dei EP for One Week Only

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black capricorn

If you’re thinking maybe a new EP from Italian doomsters Black Capricorn might be your cup of tea, chalice of vino, glass of sambuca, whatever it might be, then you’re probably going to want to jump on Ira Dei while the jumpin’s good. The trio (live four-piece) will have the three tracks of Ira Dei posted for one week — from yesterday — and then that’s it. Word from the band is that “Evil Horde of Lucifer,” “Zeernebooch” and “The Mammoth March to Alnitak” might be used again at some point for a physically-pressed split or as part of a full-length album, but as far as this EP in this form goes, it’s out for a couple days and then gone. One and done.

Ira Dei is one of two releases Black Capricorn have had out this year, the other being a limited split single with Bretus. Their third full-length, Cult of Black Friars, came out last year on Stone Stallion Rex, and continued their roll-groove take on the traditions of doom, and the new tracks, from the chant-style layered vocals of “Evil Horde of Lucifer” to the feedback swells in “Zeernebooch,” furthers their intricate but thoroughly doomed approach another step.

The idea is to fund their next European run, so if it helps to think of it as a Kickstarter or whatever crowdfunding deal we’re namechecking these days, then fine. Release info and links follow, so have at it:

black capricorn ira dei

IRA DEI ep is available from today and for ONLY 1 week on digital download ONLY!!!

1. Evil Horde of Lucifer
2. Zeernebooch
3. The Mammoth March to Alnitak

We do this record in order to collect some money for the next year european tour.

After one week this link will be deleted, we wish to use these songs for further release (split, ep) on physical format.

It would be very helpful for our band if you want to share this link:

Thank you all!

Black Capricorn, Ira Dei EP (2015)

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Humulus Stream Electric Walrus EP in Full

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This coming weekend, Italian three-piece Humulus will perform as part of the Keep it Low festival in Munich, sharing a stage with Fever DogFatso Jetson and Belzebong, among others. To coincide, the Bergamo trio have a new EP called Electric Walrus that’s available as of today that marks their first release since their 2012 self-titled debut came out on Go Down Records, and their first outing with guitarist/vocalist Andrea Van Cleef in the band alongside bassist Giorgio Bonacorsi and drummer Massimiliano Boventi. That’s a big change in itself, but the change in the band’s dynamic goes even further, the three-track/22-minute outing positioning Humulus in more of a heavy psychedelic/desert rocking vein than did the beery sludge riffs of the debut, and listening to “Red Star, Winter Orbit,” the opener and longest cut at 12:00 (immediate points), it’s hard not to come away with a sense of just how much the scope has expanded.

Clearly intended in its structure toward a vinyl release, Electric Walrus pairs “Red Star, Winter Orbit” with what would be a side B comprised of “Maud and the Black Moon” and “Glider,” both of which check in at just under five minutes. Each represents something of a turn in vibe within the sort of stylistic umbrella overhead of heavy fuzz, desert atmosphere and psychedelic flourish. The first track, for example, is completely instrumental. It unfolds along a natural-but-plotted course in the vein of Causa Sui or Samsara Blues Experiment, and impresses not only with its runtime, but in the fact that Humulus keep it together for the duration and move so smoothly between peaks and valleys, humulus electric walrusmoving late into a section held together by the bassline and featuring big-sky-at-night guitar echo that, even after 12 minutes of the track as a whole, seems to end too soon. There’s a turn almost right away as “Maud and the Black Moon” starts, since the tones change and the song sounds more like Mark Lanegan fronting spacier Fatso Jetson, the vocals of Van Cleef impressing with a reverby presence that sits well over a post-grunge progression that departs its march at the midsection but picks up again to finish with a decent bit of rhythmic momentum.

And while the soft guitar opening of “Glider” is enough on first listen to make one think that maybe the increase in activity was a fluke and Humulus are going to close out the EP with another excursion into Colour Haze-y instrumental exploration — not that there’s anything wrong with that, because there isn’t — about 30 seconds in, they kick into a Truckfighters-style fuzz-rocker, and Van Cleef‘s voice seems no less suited to that than he was to the slower “Maud and the Black Moon.” “Glider” proves to be the most memorable hook of Electric Walrus — the appeal of which extends well beyond its frickin’ awesome title — but the crux of the short release is more about how much ground Humulus cover in the included three songs and how fluid they seem to be shifting between one style or another, trading off ambience for rhythmic drive and emerging from the other side a cohesive-sounding whole.

It’s an impressive feat, particularly for a group with a new frontman making essentially a second debut, and I’m thrilled to be able to host the tracks for streaming in time with the EP’s release and their appearance at Keep it Low. Please find Humulus‘ Electric Walrus on the player below, and enjoy:

Humulus are a heavy-stoner power trio from Brescia/Bergamo (Italy), formed in 2009. Their first self titled album is released by Go Down Records in december 2012. The ten tracks of this first work fully reflect the stoner attitude of the band and their aggressive sound that is best expressed during their live shows. 2013 and 2014 are truly years full of pivotal shows for Humulus career; the band shared the stage with bands like Corrosion Of Conformity, Karma To Burn, Naam and Truckfighters, and they participated also in festivals like Home Festival and Maximum Festival.

In 2014 another great love of the band sees the light: beer! Humulus produced for 2014 their eponymous black stoner IPA, brewed in collaboration with ELAV Indipendent Brewery. Humulus sound is just like that: a combination of fat and fuzzy guitars, heavy riffs…and a lot of beer!

In 2015, after a change of formation, Humulus recorded their new EP called Electric Walrus EP.

Humulus on Thee Facebooks

Humulus on Bandcamp

Keep it Low on Thee Facebooks

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Ufomammut Embark on European Tour

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ufomammut (Photo by Andrea Tomas Prato)

What’s that you say? Only posting Ufomammut dates as an excuse to nerd out over the Malleus poster, marvel at the thought of seeing them play with Suma and pine about how good they were when I saw them in Brooklyn this past May? I resent the suggestion! Okay, no I don’t, but (1:) that poster is frickin’ rad, and “rad” isn’t a word I break out every day, and (2:) they were so gosh darn good this Spring that I feel like even though it was two seasons ago my ears are still ringing from it. They just completely out-doomed the room. And it was a pretty doomy room.

Awesome. Two needless rhymes in one paragraph. Calling it now — this is the post of the day.

Point is…. that Ufomammut continue to support their 2015 cosmos-basher Ecate (review here), which was released through Neurot Recordings, and that doing so only continues to make them stronger, like the Quickening, except instead of cutting someone’s head off, you put in grueling hours of work and waiting on tour and play for like 80 minutes and then get back to selling merch. So maybe not the Quickening. Did I mention how good they were in May?

The PR wire saves my rambling ass:

ufomammut euro tour poster

Ufomammut on the road in support of their latest album Ecate

Italy’s psychedelic doom masters, Ufomammut, are currently touring in support of their latest album Ecate. On the road for the whole of October, the band have already visited France and shall be performing in the UK and Ireland this week before heading to the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and more.

The majestic trio are known to put on a mind-bending live show, with their skilled interlacing of heavy textures, hypnotic tones and striking visual imagery. Such elements build upon each other, until they forge an all-consuming universe for the listener to lose themselves in. Ecate truly showcases Ufomammut’s mesmerising ability to do this. Here are the remaining tour dates:-


05. Audio – Glasgow (UK)
06. Voodoo – Belfast (UK)
07. Grand Social – Dublin (IRL)
08. Soup Kitchen – Manchester (UK)
09. Islington Academy – London (UK) w/ Jex Thoth
10. Baroeg – Rotterdam (NL)
11. Desert Fest – Antwerp (BE)
13. Loppen – Copenhagen (DK) w/ Suma
14. SofieHof – Jonkoping (SWE) w/ Suma
16. Korjaamo – Helsinki (FIN) w/ Suma
17. Lutakko – Jyväskylä (FIN) w/ Suma
18. Klubi – Tampere (FIN) w/ Suma
20. Geronimo’s – Stockholm (SWE) w/ Suma
21. Blitz – Oslo (NOR) w/ Suma
22. Babel – Malmö (SWE) w/ Suma
23. Marx – Hamburg (DE)
24. Into the Void – Leuwaarden (NL)
25. Underground – Cologne (DE)
27. Bi Nuu – Berlin (DE)
28. Firley – Wroclaw (PL)
29. Ut connewitz – Leipzig (DE)
31. Bauhof – Pettenbach (A)

11. Traffic – Roma (IT)
12. Alchemica Club – Bologna (IT)

This tour comes on the back of a great year for the band. Following Ecate’s spring release, which was brought to you by Neurosis’ Neurot Recordings, in conjunction with the band’s own Supernatural Cat Records, the band toured Europe which included appearances at both of this year’s Desertfest events in London and Berlin. Not to be stopped, the band then embarked on their first North American tour which saw their debut at Maryland Deathfest.

Orders for Ecate including limited edition vinyl, CD, shirt, and bundle deals are available. In North America stop by the Neurot Recordings store and internationally click to Supernatural Cat’s store.

Ufomammut, Live at Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, May 19, 2015

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