Deadpeach Post Video for “Traffic” (NSFW); Vinyl Sale on Now

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Look, I’m just a caveman. It seems like maybe it’s been a while since Italian heavy psych rockers Deadpeach posted the video below for this track from their 2014 album, Aurum (review here), but I happen to think it’s never too late to correct an oversight — I’ve gone back into posts and fixed typos half a decade old, if you want proof — so if you want to put the “Traffic” video under the heading of ‘better than never,’ that’s cool by me. The timing actually works out decently well for the clip to come to my attention, since Deadpeach have a vinyl sale going on now for Aurum and their other two full-lengths through their Bandcamp, about which you can read more below.

As for “Traffic” itself, as someone who’s spent a good deal of 2016 sitting in it, I can safely say the song and its video are both a decidedly more pleasant experience than the name might convey. The clip is taken from public domain art footage, but there’s still nudity, so it gets the NSFW tag above — someone walking by your desk, say, might not have the same aesthetic or contextual appreciation — but even if you click play and listen to the track while doing something else, its instrumental flow is worth digging into for sure and makes the process easier through natural tones and a fluid, subdued psychedelic push. Deadpeach, it seems, aren’t so much issuing challenges as invitations. Dress casual. Come as you are.

It’s that kind of party, which I guess makes me fashionably late in getting it posted.

Dig into “Traffic” below, and please enjoy:

Deadpeach, “Traffic” official video

The video was filmed in Milan at the Museum of the 900, where there are exhibited works ranging from: Futurism, Metaphysical, Transavanguardia. The images of the ‘streap tease’ are stock image of Videos and music of Deadpeach.

Album “Psycle” on PICTURE DISK artwork by Malleus
Album “2” on red vinyl artwork by Loreprod
Album “Aurum” on trasparent ‘peach’ color artwork by Epicproblems

Instead of 62 € you will pay 50 euro. You will also receive the code of the 3 albums for unlimited streaming of the album via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC and more. You will receive immediately the code of album Aurum, the codes of the other two albums will be included in the package with vinyl. For free you will also receive the code of the EP ‘old fuzz generation.”

Deadpeach on Bandcamp

Deadpeach website

Deadpeach on Thee Facebooks

Deadpeach on Twitter

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Giöbia Sign to Heavy Psych Sounds Booking

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This one makes sense. Italian imprint and booking agency Heavy Psych Sounds — founded and run by Gabriele Fiori of Roman trios Black Rainbows and Killer Boogie — is among the foremost ambassadors of his country’s heavy underground. In the meantime, Milan’s Giöbia have emerged as a powerhouse of spaced-out groove, their fourth and most recent long-player, Magnifier (review here), having come out via Sulatron Records last year to the thrill of lysergic braincell-miners worldwide. Pairing the two up to put the band on the road? Yeah, again, that makes sense.

I’d expect an announcement of a Giöbia European — or at very least Italian — tour to follow shortly behind this one that brings the band onto the Heavy Psych Sounds booking roster. So far as I know, they’ll still be releasing through Sulatron — which is run by Dave “Sula Bassana” Schmidt of Electric MoonZone Six, etc. — but there’s never been anything wrong with keeping more than one kind of the right company, so cheers to the band. Maybe a new release in 2017 as well? We’ll see.

Here’s what Heavy Psych Sounds had to say about all of it:


HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records & Booking is really thrilled to announce that Giöbia started to be part of the booking roster!

So from today for any gig inquire please write to:

Giöbia has been one of the most influential psychedelic bands in Italy over the last years. Seduced by the lysergic side of the ‘60s, by exotic mantras and the evocative power of space-rock, Giöbia is a band from Milano, Italy with many facets and one only faith, that is to turn every encounter with sound into a psychedelic experience.

The band counts four members: leader Bazu (vocals and string instruments), Saffo (organ, violin, vocals), Detrji (bass) and Betta (drums) and their name – Giöbia – comes from an ancient pre-christian festivity celebrated in Northern Italy when a big straw puppet resembling a witch is burnt as a propitiatory ritual towards the forces of nature.

Giöbia, Magnifier (2015)

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The Clamps Sign to Heavy Psych Sounds; Blend, Shake, Swallow Due Jan. 2017

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Even as the label’s reach continues to grow, Heavy Psych Sounds keeps one foot firmly planted in its native Italian underground. In Jan. 2017, it will release the second full-length from Bergamo speed-rocking three-piece The Clamps, who, formerly aligned with countryman imprint Go Down Records, issued their debut, Deadly Kick for a Fat Fucker, in 2013. The new album is titled Blend, Shake, Swallow, presumably in reference to the band’s preferred method of consuming protein powders — I don’t know that, but it’s the world I want to live in — and though no audio has surfaced from it yet, you can find the artwork around if you’re not up to your quota yet today on cartoon tits. They’re never hard to find.

Announcement of the signing follows, including a teaser of tour dates to come. Dig it:


The Clamps – Blend, Shake, Swallow (Heavy Psych Sounds)

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records & Booking is stoked to announce a new band signing: THE CLAMPS

The Clamps band was born Bergamo in 2012, when Ben, former guitar and vocal of the Winter of Souls, and Bely, former bass and vocal of the Jolly Power, began jamming together to make some rock’n’roll. They soon got the right groove and the heavy dirty sound they had in mind; the only thing missing was a drummer to beat hard and rough on the drums. Few weeks later, Marcy, former drummer of the Hypnotic Hysteria, joined the band. The line-up was done, essential and powerful. Fat guitars, distortions, screams, hard beats on the drums: tons of ideas came out, and riffs soon turned into songs.

The Clamps were ready to share the stage with bands such as Hookers, El Camaro, The Sewergrooves, Valient Thorr, Los Fuocos, Gonzales, Nashville pussy, Wild eyes, and more, and in summer 2013 entered the studio to record their first album DEADLY KICK FOR A FAT FUCKER, twelve tracks of a vicious fat sound squeezing stoner, speedrock, punk and rock’n’roll. The future is still to be written. Stay tuned and rock on!

The second album BLEND, SHAKE, SWALLOW is out in January 2017 for HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS RECORDS.

The Clamps will hit the road soon to promote the new album ..stay tuned!

The Clamps, “Let’s Go to Destroy”

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Psychedelic Witchcraft Announce Magick Rites and Spells Due Jan. 27

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Seems like about half the tracks on Psychedelic Witchcraft‘s upcoming release, Magick Rites and Spells, are new. That Sam Gopal cover was released I believe with the reissue of their Black Magic Man EP (review here), from whence a goodly portion of these songs also originate. There are, nonetheless, a few new ones, including a take on Blue Öyster Cult‘s “Godzilla” and the original “Come a Little Closer,” for which the band also have a new video (if you’re sensitive to flashing lights, watch out). I’d be interested to know when they were recorded.

Part of the reason why is because several of the members of Psychedelic Witchcraft, including vocalist Virignia Monti seem to have moved onto other projects in the last couple months, which kind of had me questioning the status of the band. I guess we’ll see how it all shakes out in 2017. Magick Rites and Spells is out Jan. 27 on Soulseller Records.

From the PR wire:


PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT – “Magick Rites and Spells” details revealed – New video available

Following last year’s debut album “The Vision”, Italian occult-doom-rockers PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT now return with “Magick Rites and Spells”, which will be released via Soulseller Records on 27th January 2017 on digipack-CD, limited gatefold LP and digitally.

The first part of “Magick Rites and Spells” offers new and exclusive tracks that were not included on the debut though had an important meaning to the band, while the second part features the band’s first EP that blends perfectly with the first half concerning sounds, atmosphere and magick.

A video for the track “Come A Little Closer” is now available. Feel the bluesy atmosphere, without ever missing the energy of rock and roll. Feel the spell!

1. Come A Little Closer (exclusive to this release)
2. Godzilla (Blue Öyster Cult cover, exclusive to this release)
3. Set Me Free (Re-recording, exclusive to this release)
4. Wicked Dream (Re-recording, exclusive to this release)
5. The Dark Lord (originally performed by Sam Gopal with Lemmy)
6. Angela (taken from the Black Magic Man EP)
7. Lying On Iron (taken from the Black Magic Man EP)
8. Black Magic Man (taken from the Black Magic Man EP)
9. Slave Of Grief (taken from the Black Magic Man EP)

Psychedelic Witchcraft, “Come a Little Closer” official video

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Magnet to Release Feel Your Fire in Jan. on Soulseller Records

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It would seem that the members of Psychedelic Witchcraft work pretty quickly, both as a unit and on their own. Newcomer heavy rockers Magnet feature in their ranks bassist Riccardo Giuffrè of that band — here serving on guitar/vocals — and though the title of the opener from their debut album, Feel the Fire, the rather foreboding “Buried Alive with Thee,” might give one cultish impressions, the only demons Magnet are conjuring would seem to be the demons of boogie. Don’t get me wrong, those are still demons. Just different demons. One assumes in tighter pants, maybe? I don’t know demon fashion.

Anyway, you can dig into the shuffle and Deep Purple-style organ-ics of “Buried Alive with Thee” below. Feel the Fire will be out in Jan. 2017 on Soulseller Records, as the PR wire explains:


MAGNET – Signing with Soulseller Records – Debut Announcement – Song Premiere

Italian rockers MAGNET have signed a deal with Soulseller Records!

The band was founded in the first half of 2016, led by the bassist of Psychedelic Witchcraft, Riccardo Giuffrè, who is taking over guitars and vocals here.

Their debut album “Feel Your Fire” will be released on 27th January 2017 in several formats (digipack-CD, limited gatefold LP, digital) and promises a magical mixture of high energy 70’s blues and rock and roll. With a sound focused on energetic vocals and fast tempos, you will also be thrown in a void of slow and dreamy rhythms. It’s literally like feeling a fire!

The opening track “Buried Alive With Thee” is streaming now.

The band comments: “We’re really excited and proud to become part of the great family of Soulseller’s artists. This signing has been huge surprise for us and we can’t wait for the album to be released! We’re ready to rock!”

1. Buried Alive With Thee
2. Ouroboros
3. Light
4. Little Moon
5. Drive Me Crazy
6. Feel Your Fire
7. Satan’s Daughter
8. Magnet Caravan

Magnet is:
Riccardo Giuffrè
Jacopo Fallai
Mirko Buia
Vanni Fanfani

Magnet, “Buried Alive with Thee”

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Humulus Announce New LP Reverently Heading into Nowhere Due in 2017

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 3rd, 2016 by H.P. Taskmaster

Italian heavy rockers Humulus will release their second long-player, Reverently Heading into Nowhere, next year. It’ll be out on Oak Island Records, the emergent Bilocation Records offshoot also responsible for recent offerings from NightstalkerSwan Valley Heights and Spaceslug. No date determined as yet, but if you told me it was Spring 2017, I’d believe it. Following up last year’s Electric Walrus EP (review here), the band spent this past Halloween weekend holed up in IndieBox Music Hall in their native Brescia to put the album to tape, even bringing in Monkey3 guitarist Boris for a guest spot, so while there’s probably still work to be done mixing or mastering, it seems like the basic tracks are finished, which, you know, is an important step.

The band sent the following background and comment along the PR wire:


Humulus is a Psych-Stoner power trio from Brescia/Bergamo (Italy), formed in 2009. Their first self titled album is released by Go Down Records in December 2012. The ten tracks of this first work fully reflect the stoner attitude of the band and their aggressive sound that is best expressed during their live shows.

In 2014 another great project, made of love and passion, sees the light: beer! Humulus produce their eponymous black stoner IPA, brewed in collaboration with ELAV Independent Brewery. In 2015, after a change in the line-up, Humulus are ready to write new songs. A 3 songs EP called “Electric Walrus EP” sees the light in October 2015. The new Ep shows the new attitude of the band: more psychedelic and more dynamic than before. The EP release is immediately followed by a series of new live shows, including the gig at the Keep It Low Festival in Munich, that confirm the tightness and power of the renewed line-up. 2016 is full of live gigs, and new songs are written and played on big and small stages.

The new LP “Reverently Heading Into Nowhere”, more psychedelic AND heavier than ever, will be out next Spring, to mark Humulus’ debut with the German label Oak Island Records.

“So… the new record is recorded at Indiebox Music Hall in Brescia,” says Massimiliano Boventi, “and all the tracks are passed into an analog tape before been mixed and mastered. These new six tracks are the spontaneous sequel of the sound of our last EP (went out last year). Humulus sound becomes more and more a mix between psychedelic dispositions and heavier doom stuffs.”

Andrea Van Cleef: guitar, voice
Giorgio Bonacorsi: bass
Massimiliano Boventi: drums

Humulus, Electric Walrus EP (2015)

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Halloween Special: Dead Witches Premiere “Mind Funeral” Video; Debut LP out Feb. 2017

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Some people are super-into Halloween, some people aren’t, but I think one thing we can all agree on is gargantuan lumbering doom riffing. Correct? Correct. Enter Dead Witches, who won’t be releasing their Heavy Psych Sounds debut album until next February, but for the Halloween-inclined, have decided to put together special preview for the record in the form of a video for the track “Mind Funeral,” which makes its premiere below. Loaded with creeped-out found and snagged footage of Ouija boards, devils, go-go dancers — Ms. Bettie Page herself even makes an appearance — and so on, it’s basically a mood piece showcasing the track, which brings together vocalist Virginia Monti of Psychedelic Witchcraft, drummer Mark Greening (With the Dead), guitarist Greg Elk and bassist Carl Geary for the first time as a complete four-piece.

And hey, pedigree is great, don’t get me wrong, and with Greening and Monti involved, Dead Witches have some. But that’s only going to get you so far without something distinct to offer, and that’s where it seems even smarter to me that the band and label would unveil “Mind Funeral” so early, regardless of the candy-quotient on the day, since it shows immediately that the band is looking to adapt familiar rolling-doom tenets to serve their own malevolent purposes. Their style is purported to be in league with cult rock, and we’ll see how that plays out across the album, but even taken on the level of its raw riffing and rhythmic lurch, “Mind Funeral” intrigues and makes me curious to hear what else they might have in store when their first full-length shows up, suitably enough in the deadest part of winter.

No word on a title yet for the LP, but there are a couple other song samples out there on the YouTubes if you’re inclined to follow the link below. In the meantime, delve into the clip for “Mind Funeral” here, and please, enjoy.

UPDATE 10/31:

Dead Witches announced this weekend that Greg Elk has passed away. No word yet on how this will affect the album release plans or the future of the band, but on behalf of myself and this site, condolences to Elk‘s friends, family and bandmates. Here is their statement:

Greg we still can’t believe you are gone. We will never forget the time you spent with us, the music that we made together and your incredible talent and sweet soul, that always had words of love for everyone, always ready to be better, always there for the band no matter what. You said to us once “thank you guys for this amazing experience”

Thank you Greg for everything
You are loved
And you will be missed forever
The music that we shared is there and is going last forever for us

Goodbye mate! See you on the other side!

Dead Witches, “Mind Funeral” official video

Halloween exclusive showing of Dead Witches’ “MIND FUNERAL”, taken off their upcoming debut album coming out in February on Heavy Psych Sounds. Haunting vocals, heavy riffs, fuzzed bass, savage drumming: Dead Witches will take you to another world, a world of darkness. Beware as the dead witches are coming to take your souls!”

Former member of Electric Wizard drummer Mark Greening (also of Ramesses, With The Dead) and vocalist Virginia Monti (Psychedelic Witchcraft) joined forces to found the heaviest occult psych superbeast to see the light this year, taking the shape of DEAD WITCHES.

Beware as the witches are coming to take your soul.

Virginia Monti – Vocals
Mark Greening – Drums
Carl Geary – Bass
Greg Elk – Guitar

Dead Witches on Thee Facebooks

Dead Witches on YouTube

Heavy Psych Sounds website

Heavy Psych Sounds on Thee Facebooks

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Lee Van Cleef to Release Holy Smoke Vinyl Nov. 25

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I gotta tell you, I never wanted there to be a band called Yul Brynner so badly in my entire life, just so they could go on tour with Lee Van Cleef and do a poster for every single show in a Spaghetti Western theme. As it stands, I suppose Lee Van Cleef could probably pull that one off on their own and get away with it. The newcomer Napoli four-piece are streaming their debut album, Holy Smoke, in its echoed-out mostly-instrumental heavy psych spaciousness below — if it wasn’t already on Bandcamp, I’d have asked to do a stream with a review, make no mistake — and Berlin-based White Dwarf Records will have a vinyl edition out on Nov. 25. No word on a tour to support, never mind posters, but for a group who’ve been around less than a year and are already putting their first LP out, I’d say they’ve got plenty enough to go on as they get started.

Italy’s emergence as a major player in the European heavy underground continues. Don’t be surprised if Lee Van Cleef start popping up in festival lineups for 2017.

This from the PR wire:


LEE VAN CLEEF – Holy Smoke (WHD 007)

The project LEE VAN CLEEF was born as a joke at the end of 2015 and is the result of long jam sessions between Marco Adamo, guitarist (La polvere di Bodélé), Guido Minervini, drum (Efesto, Lamarck) and Pietro La Tegola, bass (Whiskeycold Winter). Influenced by bands like Earthless, Black Bombaim, Harsh Toke (to name a few) The first work “Holy Smoke” was recorded mixed and mastered in the Godfather studio of Naples. The artwork was done by Robin Gnista.

Limited edition of 150 copies on purple marbled 180 gram vinyl! Inside-out-cover, including download card!

Limited edition of 350 copies on black 180 gram vinyl! Inside-out-cover, including download card!

1. Heckle Yuppies 07:27 min.
2. Banshee 13:18 min.
3. Hell Malo 05:12 min.
4. Mah?na 08:27 min.
5. Towelie 07:11 min.

Label: White Dwarf
Release: 25.11.2016

Marco Adamo (Guitar)
Pietro Trinità La Tegola (Bass)
Guido Minervini (Drums)

Lee Van Cleef, Holy Smoke (2016)

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