Hellsingland Underground Premiere “Carnival Beyond the Hills” Video; A Hundred Years is Nothing out Aug. 30

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Swedish classic-style progressive hippie rockers Hellsingland Underground will release their new album, A Hundred Years is Nothing, through Wild Kingdom on Aug. 30. The first image conjured by the band’s fifth record comes courtesy of lead track (and lead single) “Carnival Beyond the Hills,” and it’s a description of bureaucrats behind computers in a colorless world, “where nothing changes.” Contrasting this, of course, is the carnival beyond the hills, which is a place where the freaks let loose and there’s color and I guess nobody has a job which sounds pretty sweet. Throughout A Hundred Years is Nothing, in songs like “The Blessing/The Curse,” “Criminal Summer,” “I Win You Lose I Guess,” and “Pig Farm,” the band dig into updated ’60s folk and modern jam rock, a country twang that feels inherited from The Grateful Dead popping up now and again alongside BeatlesRolling Stones, Pink Floyd and sundry other influences, conjuring (mostly) a bright sound that sends out hopeful vibes in thoughtful arrangements of lap steel, piano, as well as the usual guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Even as the record is critical of square living, it’s not at all nasty about it.

Rather — and here its position as the opening track is all the more important — “Carnival Beyond the Hills” is an open invitation. It’s right there in the chorus: “There’s a carnival beyond those hills/You can meet me there.” Not sure there’s a plainer hellsingland underground a hundred years is nothingway to say it than that. And the rest of A Hundred Years is Nothing lives up to the task of that initial invite, essentially becoming the carnival itself. Is there really a carnival beyond the hills? I think anytime anyone’s ever gone over the hills, they’ve either not come back to tell anyone about it or just found more capitalism waiting for them there, but there’s a near-endless supply of hills to choose from, so maybe just haven’t found the right one yet. If only — and this sounds sarcastic, but I genuinely mean it — we had a winged psychedelic frog to act as our guide on this journey, we might actually get someplace. Or at least stop fucking each other over and shooting each other. I’d happily settle for that at this point.

There are 11 tracks on A Hundred Years is Nothing and Hellsingland Underground‘s explorations are by no means limited to what one might commonly think of as being heavy, but “Carnival Beyond the Hills” paints an interesting picture, and in the case of the video, literally so, as vocalist Charlie Granberg provided the art and animated the thing to give it (again, mostly) an extra-classic feel. They’ve got the vibe down, to be sure. Whether or not you want to accept their invitation will of course be up to you, but for what it’s worth, I can’t see any reason not to. Beats arguing about bullshit on the internet.

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Hellsingland Underground, “Carnival Beyond the Hills” official video premiere

Hellsingland Underground on “Carnival Beyond the Hills”:

Carnival Beyond The Hills is a song is about feeling surrounded by idiots, forever searching for your flock and about never giving up. It is pretty representative for the new sound of the whole album. The video is handpainted stop motion lyric video made by singer Charlie Granberg.

Buy A Hundred Years is Nothing: https://smarturl.it/hu-a-hundred-years
Follow Hellsingland Underground on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2RFbitT

Idea, visual concept, animation & editing by Charlie Granberg.

The Swedish sextet Hellsingland Underground is back with their fifth full length studio album called “A Hundred Years Is Nothing”, due to release on August 30. On August 9, the first single “Carnival Beyond The Hills” is released together with a lyric video. The sound on this album is a big step forward for the band, both sound- and songwriting wise. You can still sense their early day folk and blues influences, but you’ll also hear echoes of Pink Floyd, Queen and The Doors.

Mini-moogs, mellotron and acoustic guitars has been added into a perfect mix of great personal lyrics, and some of the finest songwriting to ever come from a Swedish rock band. “A Hundred Years Is Nothing” is their strongest album to date, no doubt.

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