High Reeper Announce Self-Titled LP Details; Preorders Now Available

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high reeper

March 16 will serve as the official issue date for High Reeper‘s self-titled debut album through Heavy Psych Sounds. Initially self-released, the nine-track High Reeper (review here) has been given new cover art and preorders are available as of today for those who like to be ahead of the game. March is a while out yet, so there’s still no audio made public from the outing — it was up on Bandcamp for the initial release, of course, but has been removed in advance of this new incarnation — but you can pretty much expect that will come soon, and I’ll be interested to see if High Reeper end up touring at home or abroad, what with Heavy Psych Sounds‘ booking arm so often active and whatnot.

Album details from the PR wire:

high reeper high reeper

Philly stoner rockers HIGH REEPER unveil details for debut album “High Reeper” on Heavy Psych Sounds!

Philly-based stoner rockers HIGH REEPER have announced the release of their self-titled debut album on March 16th via Heavy Psych Sounds.

HIGH REEPER’s self titled debut is an unapologetic punch in the face for fans of early ‘70s proto-metal. The sound and smell of leather, weed, boozing, gambling and death permeate the record from start to finish. Nine tracks that run from uptempo straight-ahead rock, to slowed down, heavy, early doom. With a rhythm section throwing down grooves that are deeper than the darkest abyss and guitars big enough to put a hole in your chest, the record’s final hits just as hard as its opening track. Vocals soar above guitars with laser-like precision, while delivering a direct hit to your soul. Produced, engineered and mixed by bass player Shane Trimble at TTR studios in Philadelphia as well as his home studio Delwood sound in Delaware, the sound is laced with old school elements while still maintaining the focus of a modern-sounding release. Recorded in the fall of 2017, “High Reeper” is meant to be played loud and to be played often!

HIGH REEPER debut album “High Reeper”
Out March 16th on Heavy Psych Sounds
Presale start December 8th here

1. Die Slow
2. Chrome Hammer
3. Soul Taker
4. High Reeper
5. Reeper Deadly Reeper
6. Weed & Speed
7. Double Down And Let It Ride
8. Black Leather (Chose Us)
9. Friend Of Death

High Reeper is:
Pat Daly
Zach Thomas
Andrew Price
Napz Mosley
Shane Trimble


High Reeper, “Soul Taker” live at Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia

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Black Rainbows to Release New Album in 2018

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I don’t know the name of it yet, and I haven’t heard it yet I’m sad to say, but I did know this news about the next Black Rainbows long-player was imminent, and that’s because I wrote the band’s biography that you see below. About the experience I’ll say simply that it was a pleasure, as the Roman trio have legitimately become forerunners of an Italian scene they’ve helped build on multiple levels, whether it’s the influence of the band itself or the tireless work that frontman Gabriele Fiori puts in with his Heavy Psych Sounds record label and booking company, festival, and so on. For a group that does so much and still puts out such quality material, a two-paragraph bio seems like a small enough thing to donate to the cause.

Black Rainbows‘ new record will be out, of course via Heavy Psych Sounds, in 2018, and I hear it’s got a bit of a fiercer take than one found on 2016’s Stellar Prophecy (review here). I look forward to finding out just what I might mean by that.

Here’s that bio as circled back through the PR wire. Hopefully more to come on this one soon:

black rainbows

BLACK RAINBOWS are back !!!

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records & Booking is really proud to announce the coming back of the band BLACK RAINBOWS

Two years after their last outing and after a couple of great tours the Roma rockers Black Rainbows are back with a new drummer and an incredible record coming out in spring via Heavy Psych Sounds!!!

Since the release of their debut album, Twilight in the Desert, in 2007, Roma rockers Black Rainbows have become one of the most essential acts in Europe’s heavy underground. As the spearhead of an entire movement of Italian bands, They’ve issued five full-lengths to-date and are on the precipice of their sixth in 2018, with founding guitarist/vocalist Gabriele Fiori and bassist Giuseppe Guglielmino welcoming new drummer Fillippo Ragazzoni to the fold for the first time.

Across albums like 2010’s Carmina Diablo (recently reissued), 2011’s Supermotherfuzzalicious!!, 2015’s Hawkdope and 2016’s Stellar Prophecy, Black Rainbows’ sound has oozed between classic ‘90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe totally tripped-out and all its own. By bringing Ragazzoni on board, the riffs have gotten tighter and are fuzzed as ever, and two years after their last outing, Black Rainbows enter 2018 refreshed and with well-earned veteran status resulting from countless tours, festival appearances, and their track record of absolutely unstoppable energy.

Gabriele Fiori – Guitar & Vocals
Giuseppe Guglielmino – Bass
Filippo Ragazzoni – Drums


Black Rainbows, “The Red Sky Above”

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Fatso Jetson and All Souls Announce UK Dates for ‘The Desertfest Tour’

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Since the shows are presented by Desertscene, which is the same group behind the festival from whence this run takes its name, I can hardly imagine it’s a coincidence that the upcoming run for Fatso Jetson and All Souls through the UK has been branded with the Desertfest name. Could it be the festival’s next forward step is to take the show on the road? If so, there’s nothing necessarily keeping it limited to the UK — there are Desertfests in Germany, Belgium and Greece; where wouldn’t a tour called Desertfest find welcome? — but even if Desertscene does keep it to the home territory for now, it’s an interesting proposition and outcrop from Desertfest London proper, which in the meantime is putting together its strongest lineup ever for 2018.

Fatso Jetson, who share drummer Tony Tornay with All Souls, head abroad in support of their excellent 2016 album, Idle Hands (review here). The self-titled debut from All Souls won’t be out until Feb. 9 (info here), so they’ll be heralding the release to come a couple weeks ahead of its arrival. Who knows, maybe they’ll have copies on the merch table. That’s always fun.

Desertscene posted the following:

fatso jetson all souls desertfest tour

FATSO JETSON & ALL SOULS – The Desertfest UK Tour

Desertscene, in association with Brooklyn Brewery, are proud to announce The Desertfest Tour. The six date tour, featuring desert rock legends Fatso Jetson and their drummer, Tony Tornay’s new project, All Souls, will be criss-crossing the UK between the 23rd and 28th of January.

Founded in 1994 by Yawning Man’s Mario and Larry Lalli, alongside Tony Tornay, Fatso Jetson were one of those few special bands at the very epicentre of the desert and stoner rock movements. With Yawning Man having already laid the foundations years earlier, and bands such as Kyuss beginning to build upon them, Fatso Jetson couldn’t have been birthed at a more perfect time.

Forming their new band on those long after hours sessions in the Lalli cousins’ bar, Rhythm & Brews, Fatso Jetson came to life. Whilst a similar core with their previous work was undeniable, the band set themselves apart from the pure desert rock of what came before by injecting elements of punk and surf. The rough around the edges tradition carried over into their first release Stinky Little Gods, but the pure sunshine was partially obscured by hints of a more uneasy vibe; that bit heavier, that bit darker and that bit louder.

Over two decades later, Fatso Jetson’s place in stoner rock canon is earned via their impressive back catalogue, which includes the must listen Power of Three and 2016’s phenomenal Idle Hands. We couldn’t be more excited to be teaming up with them for a UK tour.

They’ll be joined on all dates by All Souls, a relatively new project from FJ’s drummer Tony Tornay. With a self described mission statement of blending Pixies inspired hooks and QotSA style riffs with a reverence to 80’s darkwave, All Souls should be a perfect accompaniment for the tour. So make sure you don’t miss out when this tour rolls through your neck of the woods. Book your tickets today.

Jan. 23rd: Northern Guitars, Leeds
Jan. 24th: Nice And Sleezy, Glasgow
Jan. 25th: The Phoenix, Coventry
Jan. 26th: The Black Heart, London
Jan. 27th: Rebellion, Manchester
Jan. 28th: The Lanes, Bristol


Fatso Jetson, Idle Hands (2016)

All Souls, “Never Know”

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Killer Boogie: Acid Cream Preorders Available Now; Album out March 9

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killer boogie

I don’t know about you, but I’m way down to check out a Killer Boogie song called ‘The Day of the Melted Ice Cream.’ Usually when a band posts the tracklisting of their album it’s like, a cute pun or two, some silly title that’s maybe trying to be dark, the standard stuff. I fee like ‘The Day of the Melted Ice Cream’ takes my anticipation of the Roma trio’s second long-player to a different level. Now not only do I want to hear the album, but I want to hear that song. I gotta know what that one sounds like.

Acid Cream is the title of the full-length and preorders are up as of today via Heavy Psych Sounds, which will have the proper release out on March 9. I know I said as much when the record’s existence was first announced here a little over a week ago, but on the off-chance you slept on hearing Killer Boogie‘s first platter, 2015’s Detroit (review here), you should take a couple minutes sometime between now and March to get yourself on board. Pure, classic-style heavy psych rock. It was awesome. Can’t wait to hear how they follow it up.

From the PR wire:

killer boogie acid cream

Superfuzz trio KILLER BOOGIE share all details about upcoming new album “Acid Cream” on Heavy Psych Sounds!

Italian powerfuzz trio KILLER BOOGIE, unveil the juicy details and artwork for their sophomore full-length “Acid Cream”, coming out March 9th on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

“Acid Cream” marks the fuzzy comeback of KILLER BOOGIE, with Gabriele Fiori, Luigi Costanzo and new bassist Nicola Cosentino on board for this 11-track long trip. Inspired by the craziness of the late 60s-70s, with a pinch of proto-punk and proto-metal feeling to make it sound even more unique, “Acid Cream” is filled with riffs that will please all Fuzz & Big Muff lovers! Vocals have both a vintage melodic touch and an aggressive punch. Fast and heavy songs get mixed with catchy and happy ones. From shorter and straightforward tunes to some with long and changing parts, the trio provides the listener an intoxicating rock’n’roll experience following the footsteps of MC5 and Cream.

“Acid Cream” was recorded in the summer of 2017 and mixed in the fall, includes new riffs and grooves together with a bunch of exclusive and previously unreleased live songs. All the tasty licks, the raw sounds and light-hearted atmospheres are perfectly depicted by the trippy artwork of Swedish artist Robin Gnista. “Acid Cream” will see a limited Clear Blue and Black vinyl, and will also be available on CD and digital format. Pre-orders will start on December 1st on Heavy Psych Sounds website.

KILLER BOOGIE New album “Acid Cream”
Out March 9th on Heavy Psych Sounds
CD & vinyl pre-order start December 1st here

1. Superpusher ’69
2. Escape From Reality
3. Atomic Race
4. Am I Daemon
5. Let The Birds Fly
6. Dino-Sour
7. Brother In Time
8. Mississippi
9. The Black Widow
10. The Day Of The Melted Ice Cream
11. I Wanna A Woman Like You

Fuzz, fuzz, fuzz! KILLER BOOGIE is a ‘retrofuzzriffprotopunkacidblues’ band well versed in ’70s riff making, a great machine of the rock’n’roll scene adept of mixing bluesy frequencies with extremely fuzzy, psych-laden sounds. Think about a huge party with Blue Cheer, The Stooges, MC5 and Cactus, and you’ll get the deal. The band is formed by Gabriele Fiori (Black Rainbows) on guitars and vocals, Luigi Costanzo on drums and bassist Nicola Cosentino, who joined the band in early 2017 for the recording of their upcoming new album. Their 2015 debut album “Detroit” received a lot of praise that has led the band to play Desertfest Berlin and the mighty Duna Jam.

After they released a juicy split EP with label mates Golden Grass, Banquet and Wild Eyes, KILLER BOOGIE started writing their new album in the spring of 2017, in order to release it early 2018 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

Gabriele – Vocals & Guitar
Nicola Cosentino – Bass
Luigi Costanzo – Drums


Killer Boogie, “Eight Ball”

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Nick Oliveri: Preorders for N.O. Hits at All Vol. 4 Start Dec. 5

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 28th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

Though it’s barely been a month since the release of Nick Oliveri‘s N.O. Hits at All Vol. 3 (review here), the former Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age bassist has set a Feb. 23 issue date for the next and final installment in what’s apparently a four-part series. Preorders are set to begin on Dec. 5 through Heavy Psych Sounds, the Italian imprint that’s put out each of the collections over the course of this year, and the last one will boast tracks from Oliveri‘s acoustic incarnation, his solo band The Uncontrollable, and The Dwarves, among others.

One can only wonder when the limited edition comp boxed set might be set to land. Haven’t heard anything about one in the works, but it seems like a prime opportunity for such a thing, even if they only make a couple. Something to chew on.

And while we’re chewing:

nick oliveri no hits at all 4

Heavy Psych Sounds to issue the final episode of NICK OLIVERI’s “N.O. Hits At All” series this February 23rd!

Here it is, folks! The last episode of the “N.O. Hits At All” compilations, that put together the very best as well as some exclusive, unreleased tracks from NICK OLIVERI’s numerous projects and collaborations over 20 years of career. It will land on February 23rd through HPS Records.

Following the successful issuing of his “N.O. Hits At All Vol.1”, “N.O. Hits At All Vol.2” and “N.O. Hits At All Vol. 3” compiling rare an unreleased songs from his numerous projects and collaborations over the past 25 years (QOTSA, Dwarves, Kyuss Lives!, Death Acoustic, Winnebago Deal, Royale Deamons with Wino and Joey Castillo…), NICK OLIVERI returns next February 23rd with the final episode of the series, comprising tracks by The Dwarves, Death Acoustic, Rattlin’ Bones and Loading Data!

“N.O. Hits At All Vol.3” will see a black/colored vinyl, CD and digital release. Pre-orders for the physica copies will start on December 5th on HPS Records website.

NICK OLIVERI “N.O. Hits At All Vol. 4”
Out February 23rd on Heavy Psych Sounds
Pre-orders available from December 5th here

1. “WALK ON” (written by The Uncontrollable)
2. “IDENTIFY, ISOLATE, MANIPULATE” (written by biblical proof of UFOs)
3. “ENDLESS VACATION” (written by Ramones and performed by DEATH ACOUSTIC)
4. “HANGING LOW” (written By Loading Data)

1. “FUCK YOU UP AND GET HIGH” (written by The Dwarves)
2. “SUPER HERO” (written by He Who Can Not Be Named)
3. “DONT BELIEVE” (written by Rattlin’ Bones)
4. “SUSY IS A HEADBANGER” (written by Ramones)


Nick Oliveri, “Endless Vacation” live

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High Reeper Sign to Heavy Psych Sounds; Debut Album out Early 2018

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 24th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

Philly’s High Reeper have signed to Heavy Psych Sounds and will release their debut full-length through the Italian imprint early next year. Since the tracks have been pulled down from Bandcamp and YouTube since the record was reviewed here a couple months back, I’m going to assume the debut in question is the same self-titled offering the band had put out themselves earlier this year, which was marked out by cuts like “Friend of Death,” “Weed and Speed” and “Soul Taker,” a live version of which you can watch at the bottom of this post. I don’t have confirmation that it’s the same record and not something else entirely, so don’t go quoting me on that, but it makes sense in terms of timing and on the general principle of those songs having kicked ass that Heavy Psych Sounds would step in to put them out.

The PR wire doesn’t really go into much detail on the subject, but here’s what I’ve got to work from:

high reeper

Philadelphia stoner rockers HIGH REEPER to release debut album through Heavy Psych Sounds next year!

Heavy Psych Sounds Records is stoked to announce the signing of Philly-based stoner doom rockers HIGH REEPER, for the release of their debut album in the beginning of 2018 on the label.

Formed in 2016, HIGH REEPER is made up of Zach Thomas, Napz Mosley, Andrew Price, Pat Daly and Shane Trimble. Originally started as a studio band, it rapidly became apparent that these songs were meant to be heard live and loud. The band made their debut in the Philly stoner rock scene in early 2017 with success, which was followed up by the recording of their self-titled debut in May.

With a sound deeply rooted in modern stoner rock, while still giving a nod to the earliest Sabbath records, HIGH REEPER’s first offering is driven by pounding rhythms, thick guitars and soaring, screeching vocals. Running from uptempo straightforward rock to slowed-down, heavy, early doom, with a rhythm section throwing down grooves that are deeper than the darkest abyss and guitars big enough to put a hole in your chest, HIGH REEPER is meant to be played loud and on repeat!

High Reeper is:
Pat Daly
Zach Thomas
Andrew Price
Napz Mosley
Shane Trimble


High Reeper, “Soul Taker” live at Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia

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Killer Boogie Announce Second LP out Early 2018

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 21st, 2017 by JJ Koczan

It hasn’t been that long since Italian fuzz trio Killer Boogie made their debut via Heavy Psych Sounds with 2015’s Detroit (review here), and they’ve certainly managed to keep busy since then, including four non-album cuts on a four-way split with The Golden Grass, Wild Eyes SF and Banquet (review here) in 2016, as well as the song “Eight Ball” in the Heavy Psych Sounds Sampler Volume II (discussed here) earlier this year. They also played Desertfest Berlin this past April. So, you know, not lacking or anything. They didn’t put out the first record and disappear.

Still, I think especially if you heard Detroit at all, the prospect of a second Killer Boogie long-player should be one for the 2018 most anticipated list. I’d expect a bit of growth within the band’s classic-minded sound, but hope they can retain the kinetic sensibility of the first outing, which seemed to shove listeners through its course in a way that left heads spinning when it was over.

Looking forward to finding out where this one goes, and hopefully I’ll have more to come before its arrival:

killer boogie

Italian fuzzers KILLER BOOGIE coming back with a new album!!!

Heavy Psych Sounds Records & Booking is really proud to announce the coming back of the italian power retrofuzzriffprotopunkacidblues trio Killer Boogie!

The band is ready with the sophomore album that will be released early 2018 via Heavy Psych Sounds.

More info coming soon!

Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz!!! Killer Boogie is a band well versed in the making of ’70s riff making; a new machine in the retro ’n’ roll scene adept at mixing bluesy frequencies into an extremely fuzzy sound with psychedelic shades.The band is formed by Gabriele Fiori on guitars and vocals, Luigi Costanzo on drums and new bassist Nicola Cosentino who joined the band for the new album in early 2017. Their debut album “Detroit” in early 2015 surprisely recieved much attention and great feedbacks, that bring the band to play at Desert Fest Berlin and Duna Jam. After a split with other cool bands of the scene as Golden Grass, Banquet and Wild Eyes the band wrote a wonderful sophomore album in the spring 2017 and recorded in the summer, and will be released early 2018 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records.


Killer Boogie, “Eight Ball”

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Avon Announce Details for Dave’s Dungeon; Album out Feb. 23; Preorders Tomorrow

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Oh, the radness. Sheer desert radness. If you want a sonic touchstone for Avon‘s Heavy Psych Sounds debut and second album overall, Dave’s Dungeon, I might at least on first impression point you to the bouncing desert jangle of Fatso Jetson‘s work in the ’90s when it comes to opener “Yello” or the rush of the sub-three-minute “Red Barn,” but that doesn’t at all account for the flute-laden acoustic psych of “Hero with a Gun,” the hypnotic repetitions of “Space Native” (are those sampled seagulls I hear?) or the classic ’60s element that James Childs‘ British-accented vocals brings to the material overall.

I’m still making my way through the record as I write this, and it’s not out until Feb. 23, so there’s plenty of time for a proper review to take shape, but by way of an early heads up, I’m digging the hell out of it so far, the songwriting and performance is top notch and this one has the chance to be a real gem. So keep an eye out. Preorders start tomorrow.

The PR wire brings cover art and some more background on the tracks. Dig it:

avon dave's dungeon

Desert rock trio AVON share details about second album “Dave’s Dungeon” to be released on Heavy Psych Sounds!

California-based heavy rock trio AVON (with ex-Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age drummer Alfredo Hernandez) unveil all details about their upcoming sophomore album on HPS Records in February 2018.

AVON is heavy rock trio formed in California by Alfredo Hernández (former Kyuss, QOTSA), James Childs (Airbus, Little Villains) and Charles Pasarell (Waxy). Their heavy desert rock is psychedelic, raw, melodic and meaningful. Their musical bond comes from years of playing in their respective bands often together in California’s desert cities, Los Angeles and on many European tours.

Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by James Childs, “Dave’s Dungeon” boldly follows debut LP “Mad Marco”, and showcases the band’s evolution towards more rawness, defiance and certainly packing a punch. The group is on fire! “Yello” kicks off the album clearly showing the band’s roots in punk rock delivered with an “in your face” clarity. Meanwhile, “Terraformations settles you into a machine-like “robot rock” ride, telling stories of human conquest and immediately providing the listener with classic Hernandez drumming and Childs’ distinctive guitar style, bound with solid bass riffing from Pasarell. Next in line is a more in-your-face yet personal punk track about gigging at the “Red Barn”, a famous venue in the Californian desert. “Hero with a Gun” shows the band’s talent for dreamy instrumentation, melody and production, conjuring thoughts of California on the big screen.

“Mace Face” is a pure heavy rock Avon standard that will delightfully punch its way through your heart! Side two explodes with “P51”, killer Maiden-style shredding and harmonics giving a frenzied picture of the classic American fighter aircraft. Kicking back in the desert with “Space Native” and realizing how big and lost one can feel, only to snap right back to reality with “On Fire”, agreeing to disagree in a nod to some schoolboy led heroes. “Dungeon Dave” obviously refers to the album title, and represents a very special, almost utopic place for the band when they were on tour in Europe. The album comes to a close with just three words: “Was ist Los?”, performed with their unmistakeable space rock style that will surely be a classic Avon mantra, simply meaning – what is wrong?

“Dave’s Dungeon” will be issued on LTD Solid Yellow vinyl, Black vinyl, CD and digital formats. Vinyl and CD pre-orders will be available from November 17th on Heavy Psych Sounds website.

AVON New album “Dave’s Dungeon”
Out February 23rd on Heavy Psych Sounds
Pre-orders start November 17th HERE

1. Yello
2. Terraformations
3. Red barn
4. Hero With A Gun
5. Mace Face
6. P51
7. Space Native
8. On Fire
9. Dungeon Dave
10. Was Ist Los?

AVON are:
James Childs – Vocals/Guitar
Charles Pasarell – Bass
Alfredo Hernandez – Drums


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